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How to Make an Interesting Fiverr Gigs – Fiverr.com Jerk

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How to Make an Interesting Fiverr Gigs - Fiverr.com Jerk

Fiverr players must always think how to make gigs fiverr interesting, gigs design is determining the success of the gigs itself, I see a lot of gigs that are less fit, so the result is very little, the following we will discuss How to make interesting fiverr gigs.

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1st: Note the gig title
Title is very important for the success of our gig, this is because what our potential buyers are looking at is our title gig, title must be clear, and can directly describe what we will offer, besides title as much as possible can describe how our professional level.

2nd: Gig Description
Furthermore, in the description section, this section is to explain more of our titles, how our work, our experience and so on, so this description should be able to reflect further our seriousness on our gig, and of course must offer a very clear on Prospective buyer.

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3rd: Gig Photos (Offer proofs)
The biggest part seen by the prospective buyer is a photo of our gig, as much as possible we show the results of our work by using our gig photos, and in one of the better picture if the processed gig work, for example with our picture in front of PC and so on.

There are still some more How to make an interesting fiverr gigs, later we discuss in another article..

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5 Mind Blowing Ways to Promote CPA Offers And Make Money


How to promote cpa offers, affiliate products on facebook, twitter, Promoting cpa offers on youtube videos. Try this little guide and you’ll surely hit the top.

5 Mind Blowing Ways to Promote CPA Offers And Make Money

With cpa offers, it comes with many styles 😀 from purchasing products, taking survey, email submit and many more. Let use email as a sample here.

How To Make Money With CPA Marketing – Beginner Guide To CPA

Create a CPA player, offer email submit sometimes becomes a fun option. The choice can be SOI or DOI. SOI means Single Opt-In while DOI is Double Opt-In, meaning after entering email, visitor must confirm by clicking link sent to email. Which one is more convert? Many affiliates say SOI is better, but I’ve felt the taste of DOI too.

Promoting on Youtube

How to promote cpa offers on youtube?, This is quite simple and easy, all you have to do is create an interesting video, have a good ranking and traffic or you can also Join Venture with someone who already has videos with good rankings and traffic. Put your affiliate links in the description with something that interests the visitor, not as innocent and as simple as “Get Free Ipad” Well, believe it not, it will not work. You can also add captions, subtitles or bubbles to videos so visitors will know if there is something interesting in your video description. Using descriptions, subtitles or bubbles to show users that you have great offers for them in the video description.

Put Offers links on blog

This method is the most common, namely by utilizing blog either directly or indirectly.The direct means, someone deliberately took one or several offers for review and then the results poured into the blog. While the indirect way is usually by putting offers banners beside blog sidebar that coincidentally match the blog topic.

Using PPC Networks

Many PPC networks like 7Search, Ask.com, Business.com or equivalent networks are perfect for email submits. The problem is you have to have good volume and quality. Most PPC Networks have poor quality, but if you can find good quality, you can grow bigger. People need to be careful because the secondary PPC network is a lot of clicks fraud him. Many people have made ROI 200% consistent with email submits on lower tier networks. All you have to do is create an ad that attracts attention and chooses the right keywords. You do not need to advertise with 100 keywords on Google Adwords. Simply test some keywords and use the most important keywords. Split test between freebie keywords like “get a free ipad” and keywords related to iPad. Use clear, simple, to the point and no grammatical ad text! Make clear goals in the two lines you use. Use a smaller set of keywords, do not use 100 keywords.

5. Build a portal

The first time I knew that the big sites on the internet also became affilate to most cpa marketing websites when looking for book reviews. Some news and entertainment portals that I know turn out to include cpa offers links in their posts. As in the case of a reviewing, I do not know whether the commission earned will be the author’s right or the owner of the site.


Yes, I once said that Facebook is a really not-so-great place to promote email submissions and, in particular, Facebook hates affiliates. But actually you are not directly promoting email submit. In fact you will build something bigger, i.e fan page! You can use a free way, by asking your friends and other friends to join and use viral marketing after some time. Or you can advertise on Facebook when you create a page, make sure you target well, you will not create a very general page like; Mobile phones.

Create a more specific like an actor, especially a lesser-known or celeb actor with a small scale. Use interesting images, bid CPM and use a simple line of advertising. Determine the Scale and optimize. Once you get enough fans, at least 1000 plus and you can generate at least $ 300 from them, post a link on the wall that contains a “free offer” for fans of xyz actors. Point your viewer to a special page or tab with the offer. Pay attention to your home page by deleting bad posts from the haters. Always Bid CPM. And point your viewer to a special page or tab with the offer.

Media.net Earnings, CPC and CPM rates, Best Niche Keywords


Media.net Earnings, CPC and CPM rates, Best Niche Keywords

4 Highest Paying Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2017

Why Media.Net?
Media.net. The Yahoo Bing contextual ads network partnered with Media.net advertising network. The RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions) of Media.net is high which made it a best competitor to Adsense. The major advantage is that the advertisements served by Media.net are showing relevancy to the niche.

New to Media.net powered by: Yahoo Bing!; Check this out.
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 Media.net CPM Rate
Media.net earning bid based on CPC (Cost per Click) , CPM (Cost per Impression) , CPA (Cost per Action) and most of all RPM (Revenue per Impression). Media.net become most popular for advertisers and thousands of ad publishers within few years and makes satisfying best place in advertising and ad publishing through online services.

Media.net is not bad than you think, In order to make more money on Media.net you need to increase your site/blog impressions, plus search enginehigh paying keywords, create a content with much more advertisers, Place 3 to 4 types of ad units in every site page, to increase the rate of your RPM/CPM – Revenue Per Impressions/Cost Per Impressions.

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Media.net High Paying CPM Rate Keywords
Select the high paying niche keywords to become successful in Media.net Adnetwork
*.A dvertising
*. Car Loan
*. Health Insurance
*. Mortgage
*. Credit Loan

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Medianet.com High CPM Countries
US $0.92
Brazil – $0,23
Netherlands – $0,70
United Kingdom – $0,82
Italy – $1.22
Finland – $0,41
United Arab Emirates – $0,22
Ireland – $0,27
Germany – $0,93
France – $0,82
Sweden – $0,57
Austria – $0,91
Spain – $0,76
Norway – $0,86
Denmark – $0,64
Argentina – $0,20
Belgium – $0,80
South Africa – $0,25
Switzerland – $0,99
Japan – $0,49
Singapore – $0,35
Malaysia – $0,29
Philippines – $0,22
India – $0,15
Indonesia -$0,13
Thailand – $0,13
Korea – $0,29

How to Get Real 1,000 Free Twitter Followers Daily


How to Get Real 1,000 Free Twitter Followers Daily

About Twitter
Twitter ( / ˈ t w ɪ t ər /) is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets,” restricted to 140 characters. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. Users access Twitter through its website interface, SMS or a mobile device app. Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco, California, United States, and has more than 25 offices around the world.

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 Twitter Traffic Analysis
*. Estimated Monthly Visitors: 313,000,000+
*. Percentage of Total Internet Users Visiting Monthly: 9.0%

Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform, with a user base of over a billion people. Over a third of those members are active users.
Its most defining characteristic is the signature length limit on posts – restricted to 140 characters, although photos and links are no longer counted toward this tight cap.

The average Twitter user is also among the youngest – with a large plurality, 37%, under age 29.

Reportedly, 24% of adult men and 21% of adult women use Twitter, based on a “Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms” study conducted by Pew Research Center.

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To get free twitter followers, follow each website address links bellow and allow to read your twitter datas, note: your password will never been display or hijacked. Your account is free.


Check your total followers now and you’ll be amaze. Your twitter account might locked after some hour, quickly verify your mobile number and change your password and retry again till you reach 100,000k followers 😀

How to Build a Creative Twitter Ad Campaign


How to Build a Creative Twitter Ad Campaign

You must have known well if twitter can be a powerful marketing or promotion tool if done correctly well, want to know the secret? The secret is to use twitter instead of selling but to communicate and provide value and benefits for follower, you must remember that good promotion is not plasticity like promotion.

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 Indeed this twitter become one of the most widely used social media by the people in various countries, perhaps it is very good place to advert your products and make sales.

Here’s how to use twitter campaigns;

1. Choose Twitter ID
Choose twitter ID carefully, create a twitter account related to the name of your business or company, it will be like this http://twitter.com/karlexpert, shorter better Because of RTs, but an interesting ID is better than short because it is easy to remember.

2. Setting Haader
The new Twitter heder feature allows you to add header images to your Twitter profile. The trick is very easy, click the settings continue to click design then upload your image. The recommended dimension is 1200×600 and the maximum file size is 5MB.

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 3. Add website address
The business or company web url in twitter profile, so that visitors who want to know more about your business or service can visit your web.

4. Promotion
Promote your twitter by posting twitter links on websites, blogs, email signatures, forum comments, blog comments, etc.

5. Use Original Names
People tend to prefer to connect with others rather than to machines, brands or brands. Showing yourself as a human will make your promotion effort much easier.

6. Use Hastags
Promote with #Hashtags – Use the # symbol in front of a keyword to add your tweets to a tweet stream that uses the same # hashtag. This is one powerful enough way to make your twitter account even more popular.

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7. Connect with people
Connect with people who have interests that are similar or related to your business.

8. Follow Famous Twitter User
Follow the famous twitter account that is related or similar to your business type, retwet them to get attention. If you deal with them and help them, they will also help you, maybe not all but surely there are some people who are willing.

9. Use Management Tools
Use twitter management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage multiple twitter accounts & schedule status updates.

10. Special offer for follower
Increase sales using twitter by providing special offers or coupons to the follower. One way to do this is to provide a special offer for anyone who retweeted one of your tweets.

Twitter is originally a social media micro bloggging, so if you want a promotion using twiter, it’s good do not always twet about promotion merely, this will make bored follower, so interspersed tweet promote you with tweet personal, tweet motivas and tweet tips useful.

Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Some Factor SEO Strategy We Failed-Frankly,I also still lay about SEO and until now I still learn how to optimize. SEO can not be learned quickly and the results can not be felt instantly, all need a process, let alone plus Google”s ever-changing algorithm, SEO is always complicated to apply.

Lately I feel there are some irregularities in some blogs that I manage including KarlExpert. The strangeness is none other than a significant decrease in SERP on search engine google, and make the traffic and earnings on money site dropped drastically.

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After I dig information related SEO techniques 2017 and experiment from several blogs to find the cause of changes that occur on google search engine. From some information as well as the fact that the actual SEO strategy is still very effective and reliable but there are some that need to be addressed and modified. We need to know that the strategy is done too blindly, brutal can make the optimization plan becomes messy and bad for our website.

Well, Here are some of the factors why SEO strategy that we apply does not work or even provide effects that are not good for the website:

1. Website Content Too Poor And Weak
Title, HTML, and blog URL address are all useful for building SEO blog values, but search engines also consider the textual content of a page when determining how it ranks. So I suggest, every page on the blog should be on the topic discussed and relevant, unique and informative that supports the keywords we are targeting. Blogs should be seen as an authority on the topic we present. The more specific, more helpful and more user friendly our contents are, the more likely it is to appear in the SERP. Not only about backlinks that are many but more than that. This is the reality that often occurs in the era of google panda algorithm and google penguin !. What now happens is that google bot also sees and judges website quality. Quality content must we have to win and steal the attention of google.

Best 20+ Highest Seo Tools to Increase Blog Traffic

2. Old SEO Techniques
Just with changing google search engine algorithm from time to time we are in demand to always up-to-date, because that SEO tactics are also changed from time to time tailored to the algorithm changes search engine. Therefore if we want to do SEO campaign must pay attention to the change of search engine algorithm that uptodate because if we do not uptodate can be bad impact on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) website.

3. Wrong And Too Hard In Choosing a Niche
Choosing the wrong and overly difficult niches is a risk to our business, as it will certainly be against other competitors who may already be very famous for the niche. You will compete with large websites and may already have a well-known brand that is already trusted by search engines, maybe you feel ready to compete but this will be something that makes you frustrated, and you should be ready with it.

4. Keyword Too Narrow
Keyword is the most important part in SEO. Keyword should be used to make your blog more relevant and search engine friendly. Keywords should also be used to direct people to our blog. Ideally, the keywords we use should be the most sought after, relevant and appropriate to the content. To focus on nice is very good to apply, but focus keyword (Keyword) is too narrow and rarely in search of people then maybe our website will get a little traffic. Therefore we must expand the keywords on our website.

5. Building Backlinks Wrongly
SEO (search engine optimization) is always associated with backlinks and it is definitely building backlinks is a recommended obligation to support the activities of SEO, but in the panda and penguin algorithm, it turns out we are not advisable to build backlinks with the old way at will. To build a healthy backlink, it would be nice to pay attention first from quality backlinks and as much as possible should look natural.

6. You Are Not Using Social Media
I believe that almost everyone has a social media account, such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus, and others. If you have a website but do not have one social media account, I think this is a big mistake “really too! If you are doing SEO campaigns and think you can win SEO competition without using social media, then I can say that you are fooling yourself!

Free 1,000 .Edu .Gov Do-Follow Backlinks High PR

7. SEO Requires Old Processes
The implementation of SEO is good and Optimal in blogs have a strong impact on our blog traffic and ranking. The results are usually obtained after going through some process that takes time to implement it and also takes time to be recognized by Seach Engine. There is no definite time when our SEO campaign will show results, but I say that the right effort and patience is a must do by a webmaster and there is no shortcut or trick to make this happen faster. Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords we use, search trends and other SEO optimization that we apply. So for the best results, learn SEO, apply, and then be patient to see results.

If we have no knowledge about SEO. Succeed or not, if the target that we have achieved as expected. The point should be hard work and consistent learning Some Factors SEO Strategy We have much to learn about this SEO. We can learn it auto with help of google. Every time we understand, we try to rewrite what we understand, so that what we learn can be stored strongly in the brain. Thank you!

40+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO In 2017


40+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO In 2017

List of Social Bookmarking For SEO Blog-Social bookmarking site is one way to find the easiest backlink.

According to Wikipedia, Sosbook and or Social bookmarking is a method for internet users to organize, store, manage, and search for resource markers available online. Social bookmarking can have a positive impact on blogs, because social bookmarking also plays an important role in optimizing SEO. So it can help our site in increasing traffic.

How to Get 1,000 Daily Unique Visitors to Your Blog

The positive effects of social bookmarking for news sites, blogs, and other websites are amazingly good. Social Bookmark can introduce the site to others with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site, and quality backlinks.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks to Boost Search Rankings

Some social bookmarking sites like Propeller.com use the NoFollow attribute. But do not let NoFollow”s usage fool you, search engines that look beyond the links, enter from social bookmarking sites to measure the value to the search index. External meta-data is generated through user generated descriptions, tags, titles and categories that are highly valued by search engines, as in the same philosophy as backlinks, descriptive content about websites defined by users of those sites unrelated to marketing or coding of those sites, Is very powerful in measuring the importance and relevance of the content and tags used on the site.

The Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Of the many benefits we get from optimizing the dofollow social bookmarking functions among others.

The Benefits of Social Bookmarking

1. Increase Visitor Traffic Blog
How to increase traffic? Just as we already know social bookmarking has many members and many are also online, thus most likely they see submit our article and curious then they visit our blog, now that”s where our visitors get traffic.

2 Tips to Find Quality Backlinks Easily

2. Getting Backlinks
Simple logic is when we plant a seed then we will grow into shoots and then bear fruit and fruit we can pick. Meaning social bookmarking provides land for us to plant our blog link URL. Thereby automatically backling the quality will go to our blog-website, so the traffic was coming. Luckily right ?.

3. Increase Blog Rank and Fast in SERP Index
With the number of backlinks we plant on various social bookmarking sites then most likely increase traffic that culminate in search engine optimization that quickly mengideks our related articles.

Of course very profitable is not it ?, If we optimize the social bookmarking site, therefore immediately submit your blog-website articles on social bookmarking in order to increase your blog traffic.

Well talking about social bookmarking or slang SosBok, this time I want to share a list or a list of social bookmarking sites that exist in the virtual nature, both from within and outside the country. All sosbok list below I get from various sources, from search engine itself and also from the results and the contestants SEO.

List Site Sosbook

http://bookmarkindonesia.com/ https://www.kancyl.com/ http://sosbook.temveoraig.web.id/ http://www.muliabookmark.com/ http://bookmark.software-indo.com/ http://fylko.net/ http://socialbookmarking- indonesia.blogspot.co.id/ http://socialbookmarkingindonesia.org/ http://www.klofo.com/ http://sosbok.net/ http://proxy-site.info/ http://capek.info/ http://creditgroupghana.com/ http://tribratamedia.com/ http://idsosbook.com/ http://lensa.info/ http://www.telusur.me/ http://infoku.co/ http://bisik.us/ http://halodunia.net/ http://www.muliabookmark.com/ http://www.sewamobilsolorental.com/

List of Sosbook Sites Outside

http://www.socialbookmarkingeasy.com/ http://www.aktwall.com/ http://slashdot.org/ http://www.stumbleupon.com/ http://www.delicious.com/ http://newsle.com/ https://www.diigo.com/ http://www.newsvine.com/ http://blinklist.com/ http://www.pinterest.com/ http://blogmarks.net/ http://www.social-bookmarking.net/ http://www.bibsonomy.org http://reddit.com http://faistapart.ca http://folkd.com

How to use social bookmarking is easy, just cpoy url post or url homepage then paste into fields already available, then make also categories and tags and descriptions according to the instructions already listed there, then click submit and tungu result You will get traffic. Take advantage of also social bookmarking to make new posts to be easily indexed search engine, how it works the same submit url post then go to the webmaster and resend sitemap, Sitemap and refresh, by sending a sitemap bearti signal in the form of your url in social bookmark already read by bot Search engines and the results will be in the index in a short timeUse the terms and conditions that have been made by the manager of social bookmarking sites to keep us safe away from the word violations, thus expected traffic to our blogs to crawl up. A List of Social Bookmarking For SEO Blog and may be useful.

SEO Jerk | A-z SEO Premium Guide For Beginners


Search engine optimization right? The competitive seo word, Internet dragging? Leave it today, mourn over it tomorrow!. Quick take this simple logic article into consideration :D.
Let move…

search engine optimization tips

Complete List of SEO Terms In Blog World

For me and other newbie who want to learn internet marketing especially on Search Engine Optimation (SEO), can be very difficult when not understanding the meaning and meaning of some terms in SEO itself. This glossary can be a basic guide for beginner bloggers, as well as “refresh” insight into SEO for those already familiar with important terms in the world of blogging and website content design.

To make it easier you can press CTRL + F key on the keyboard, then type what word you are looking for.

Here is the list of terms.

Alt Text
An alternative text that has a function to tell search engines about an image. Alt text has an important role to bring your blog or website in google image.

What is SEO? How Does it Works ?

Anchor Text
A text or text contained on a blog page or website, where the text in it there is a link that can be clicked and leads to a page.

Blackhat SEO
Search engine optimization techniques are conflicting guidelines on google. This technique can usually rank a website or blog quickly, but when google update algorithm certainly the website or blog will be exposed to a penalty.

Broken Link
Links that are in a blog or website that has been invalid or damaged.

A process when Googlebot finds new content on your website or blog then the content will be added to get indexed by Google.

Domain Authority
A metric used by MOZ to be able to predict how strong a domain name is. In general, domain authorities have their own calculations such as the number of external links that go to the domain, the age of the domain, the amount of content indexed google, and others.

Link Juice
This word is popularized by an Expert SEO Expert namely Greg Boser. According to him, link juice is a link contained in a website, where the link has a role when improving the website that we are optimizing. The link juice benchmark itself can be seen from how popular the website where we store the link.

Google Dance
Google dance is an algorithm created by google to rearrange websites or blogs that are in SERP. So do not be surprised if your website suddenly down, the number of visitors and do not directly to the judge if your website is penalized.

Google Pagerank
Google pagerank is a metric value given to a website, where the value has meaning about how important your website is according to Google”s point of view.

Google Panda
A google algorithm name is created in order to display a blog or website quality, has original content and not copy-paste results. In essence, this one algorithm is more emphasis on the quality of content that you create on the website or blog.

Google Penguin
An algorithm designed by Google to penalize web or blog proven to violate rules to manipulate SERP. Examples are excessive link building, keyword stuffing, cloacking, and much more.

Google Sandbox
A penalty or punishment given by google to a web page, by way of lowering the ranking of the page position in SERP, This obviously will be very harmful to you because it will not get traffic with keywords you have ever optimization.

Google analytics
Google services to measure and analyze user visits to your website.

Page Authority
Is a metric calculation results issued by Moz to assess how well a website page. These calculations are closely related to the ranking of websites on the search page. As for the indicator of the calculation of the metric is the calculation of incoming links, the value of MozRank, MozTrust, and still other factors.

Redirect 301
This is a technique that is quite often used by SEO activists. The purpose of the use of this technique is to keep the middle URL in the optimization is not exposed to a penalty from google. In general, a 301 redirect is permanently redirecting the old URL to a new URL or URL A to URL B, where about 90-99% link juice from the original URL will be redirected to the new URL.

Reciprocal links
Link exchanges made by two websites where the function in order to obtain a favorable traffic between the two sides.

Serp is an abbreviation of search engine results page or simple say that is the search engine page.

Social Bookmark
A website commonly used to manage, store, and share URLs that are considered important.

Whitehat SEO
Search engine optimization techniques that conform to google”s guidelines.

Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is a term used to measure how many users only visit ONE page of our website. Bounce rate is measured in percent. The lower the value, the better a website. For example bounce rate of this website is 75% meaning if there are 100 visitors, there are 75 people who directly leave the website without opening another article. Websites are considered qualified if bounche rate is below 50%.

Other Common Terms in the SEO World

    – Keyword Research is the process of finding the right keywords to target that is having a high search with the lowest possible trade. Keyword Research is the earliest part of seo and can greatly affect your rank results later. If you choose keywords that are medium to top competition but your blog is still relatively new, this is a very big mistake. This will result in your blog”s high rank opportunities in Search Engines almost non-existent due to overly strong competition.

    – Keyword Planner is one tool owned by google that helps us do keyword research.

    – Competitors are our competitors in pursuing targeted keywords Exact match types are keyword search types that will display keywords in the title without adding other keywords, these results are the most relevant and frequently used bloggers for keyword research.

    – Monthly searches is the number of monthly searches on a keyword.

Term In Offpage SEO

    – PBN – Private Blog Network; PBN or private blog network is a collection of blogs own-owned website whose goal is to provide backlinks to the main blog in an effort to improve the ranking of these blogs on Search Engines.

    – Dofollow is a type of link whose point will be forwarded by google to the page referenced.

    – Nofollow is the opposite of Dofollow, ie google will not forward its page points to the referenced page.

    – Link Building is the process to build backlinks that will be directed to your blog.

    – Backlink is a term where links or links from other blogs that lead to our blog.

    – Footprint is a footnote that you enter into google search query to search for blogs to be used as a place to plant backlinks.

    – Keywords or keywords are the main words emphasized in a page.

    – Outbound links are outbound links that exist on a page to another page. In looking for backlinks, you should plant backlinks in place of minimal Outbound links.

    – Social Bookmark is a site that allows us to publish and share our articles.

    – Blog Comment is a technique to find backlinks by commenting on other people”s sites.

    – One Way Backlink is a one way backlink like doing backlink from blog comment.

    – Link baiting is a backlink that we can for free because there are bloggers who voluntarily put our link on his blog.

Term In Onpage SEO

    – Title Tag is the code that governs the page title display in the browser tab section, usually this code is placed under code.

    – Crawl is a google process to crawl a site, the more often the site is crawled by google, the better the blog in the eyes of google.

    – Meta Description is a meta that displays the text of the description phrase on the google search page.

    – Relevance is the relevant level or similarity of a site determined by google as a determinant of Search Engine rankings.

    – Permalink is the url that exists after the homepage url, e.g http://www.karlexpert.com/p/about-us.html, the red is the permalink.

    – Authority is the determination to the authority of a site according to google, the more authoruty the site then the better according to google.

    – Page Authority is the authority of a site page.

    – Domain Authority is the authority of a site domain.

    – Heading Tag is the tagging of the text to tell this text the most important, more important, less important, and so on.

    – Bold is a bold text of optimized keyword text.

    – Alt Tag is giving alt to the picture to tell google the name of an image, because google itself can not crawl the image.

    – Long Tail Keyword is a long keyword that works so that we more easily rank high on google because of less competition level.

15 Off-Page & On-Page Strategies – SEO Cheat Sheet

Term In Blackhat SEO

    – Hidden Text is a technique to hide the actual link, usually the color will be equated with the background color.

    – Cloacking is a technique to make search engines display results that are not the same or different from the results seen by readers or visitors. This technique is the most severe punishment if known by google, ie de-index.

    – Stacking keywords is putting a lot of keywords in one page so that keywords can be digested by google search engine.

    – Link spam is to plant backlinks in any place, this includes blackhat because according to google will reduce the convenience of a website page.

SEO Terms In Google Algorithm

    – Sandbox is the time it takes a site to seek trust back to google because it has lost trust and disappeared from google index page.

    – Honeymoon is a term to describe a website that can be directly on one google page in a few moments, and if not optimized correctly, its position may change.

Due to the writer”s limitations, apologize if anything has not been mentioned. Hopefully this articles “Complete List of SEO Terms In Blog World” help you gain little ?.

Here are more to read:
10 On-Page SEO Factors Your Blog is Probably Missing

What is On Page SEO Optimization and Off Page SEO?

SEO Secrets: How to Measure Blog Traffic Based Keywords

Basic Search Engine Optimization Principles


Basic Search Engine Optimization Principles For Beginners

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is a process done to influence search engines (Search Engine) raises a website in its search results, the more often a site in Search Engine results the more Visitor who sees a content and the content in A website coming from a search engine.

15 Off-Page & On-Page Strategies – SEO Cheat Sheet

basic seo principles for beginners

Search engines are generating a website that is not of origin, so they have several reasons why a website appears in the first order of search engines, one of the reasons is the continuous optimization by website owners of the search engines.

In the world of blogging today, especially for publishers and bloggers required knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, the websites that have buddy for the next task is to register your blogs to Google search engine or others. Before registering the websites that have been created; Now the question is what is search engine optimization, the workings and functions of a search engine.

10 On-Page SEO Factors Your Blog is Probably Missing

Understanding Search Engines
Web search engine or better known as the term websearch engine is a computer program designed to find information available in the virtual world. Unlike the case with web directories (such as dmoz.org) done by humans to group an information page based on existing criteria, web search engines collect available information automatically.

How Search Engines Work
The web search engine works by storing almost any web page information, taken directly from the www. These pages are taken automatically. The contents of each page are then analyzed to determine how to index them (for example, the words he takes away from titles, subheads, or special held called meta tags).

What is On-Page SEO Optimization and Off-Page SEO?

The data on the web page is stored in an index database for display in the intercept. Some search engines, like Google, store all or part of the source page (called cache) as well as information about the web page itself. When a user visits a search engine and enters a query, typically by entering a keyword, the machine searches the index and provides a list of the mainwebs that best fit their criteria, usually with a brief summary of the title of the document and sometimes some of the text.

Other search engines that use real-time processes, such as Orase, do not use the index in its workings. The information required by the machine is only collected if there is a new search. When compared to index-based systems used by machines like Google, this real-time system excels in some things like information is always up-to-date, (almost) no broken links, and fewer system resources are needed (Google uses nearly 100,000 computers , Orase is just one.).

What is SEO? And Why do I Need it ?

Usefulness and how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The usefulness and the way of doing SEO is solely to get Visitor – pure visitor traffic from search engines, without visitors of a website is meaningless, it can be said that a product fails. It is important to do SEO for the success of a website, especially if you are a Publisher google adsense ads or other PPC, without doing SEO adsense ads may be on your blog will only be a display that does not produce anything.

Seo Technique There 2
SEO techniques are divided into two kinds of ways, namely SEO On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

1. SEO ON PAGE is seo optimization that is nailed in a blog, If you want your page relevant, then make sure the keywords you seek are on.

    *. Content
    *. Title TAG
    *. URL & description article
    *. Heading tag (hl, h2, h3, and so on …)

2. SEO OFF PAGE is seo optimization is done outside the page of a blog, in Offpage SEO there is a name backlink and anchor text. ANCHOR TEXT This is the text that looks when will click a link. This also includes an important factor in Offpage SEO because Anchor Text can not escape from backlinks. Google is judging your site to be relevant to a particular keyword (e.g you created an article on: “Green Coffee”) when there is a high PR page about Green Coffee linking to your site, with anchor text In the form of “Green Coffee”.

Improving SEO on your website can be done also in the way below;

    *. Choose quality content
    *. Find relevant links
    *. Insert the site into the directory
    *. Added a sitemap
    *. Extend the article to 2500 words.

Use an SEO template

CHECK: 63+ SEO Ready Blogger Templates 2017 Mobile Friendly

Now many outstanding templates are seo friendly and ready to use to decorate a blog or web. For its own online store there is Premium Template and also free with design that is not less interesting. The most important thing is the ok design, full features and also web loading is not too heavy.

After understanding what it seo is complete, maybe you should practice it directly in blog or website. Hopefully explanation about Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) existing above can add to your insight about the world of blogging.

On Page SEO – Everything You Need to Know (Ultimate Guide)


seo onpage optimization

Onpage SEO Optimization

The development of web development continues to increase along with the rapid growth of internet users in the world. This encourages internet users to come down enliven the group scene in everywhere, they do not want to just be a spectator. Because it is in the digital age is now arguably a blog is a necessity for everyone, at least a personal blog.

If you already has a blog, both personal and other types of blogs. Of course you will wants your blog indexed properly in search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Because as we know that users of search engine sites is the greatest potential visitors or so-called organic traffic. Where blogs are on the first page of search engines will be the arrival of abundant traffic. This is what makes the bloggers competing to optimize his blog.

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Understanding SEO On-Page

On Page SEO technique is the use of SEO techniques that are done internally in the blog page. SEO On Page is one of the search engine optimization techniques to improve the position of your site in search rankings so it can occupy the best position. Implementation of seo onpage optimization can be done directly within the site such as publishing or writing content with respect to keyword placement and keyword density and meta tags.

Onpage SEO technique is an optimization effort that is done on the attributes in a blog page/website. The purpose of onpage SEO optimization is to increase the value of blogs/websites in the eyes of search engine robot algorithms. Substance that is for search engines can be better in indexing and crawling every page structure blogs.

Optimizing On-page SEO

To get SERP on the first page is one of the desires of all website owners or blogs. Onpage SEO Optimization is very popular and must be known by the blog owner, especially for those of you who are just starting to learn blogging other than how to write content and blog design. We need to know the attributes to optimize seo onpage. there are innumerable start from making anchor link that go to our article page, create alt image, create header tag and many more.

Doing seo optimization on-page is not difficult. Understand this article step by step and make sure you apply it correctly in order to get maximum results that effect alexa rank can be more streamlined (not due to diet ….!).

What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization?

1. Original Content (Creating quality content)
One of the efforts to be done in optimizing SEO on page is with quality content. How do you characterize quality content? Actually quality content is content that contains useful article articles with words not too long nor too short and easy to understand. The point is to make the article for readers not for search engines, the article means that my friend tried to dikuasi first and the article in the sense of useful for others. Create unique and interesting content of at least 400-500 words (do not be stingy writing articles) with regard to keyword placement and density because unique and original content is highly favored by search engines.

2. Page Title And Article Title (Tittle tag optimization)
The title of the page is the name of our blog and usually this attribute marked with H1 attribute is very important to say to robot text that this blog have brand or name, if we ignore this attribute of course for txt robot will be confused determine our blog is searchable, my suggestion Name a blog that is sought after by internet users to easily find our blog.

The title of the article is the second template attribute after the title attribute of the page, this attribute is usually marked with h2 for blogspot and also h2 used for sidebar title, for wordpress usually use h1, for this case I will discuss next time why the use of H1 is used for the title of the article in WordPress, so in conclusion these tags are used for the importance of data for robot taxt.

Best 20+ Highest Seo Tools to Increase Blog Traffic

Tittle or title is very important in an article, because generally the search engine search is the title of the page or the title of the article before reading the article buddy as a whole. When making the title of the article should my friend insert keywords in the viewfinder on the article. For example my friend will discuss about how to create a blog. The key word is how to create a blog, the title of the article you can create; How to create a blog on the latest blogspot. So like the example above there is keyword insertion in the article title. Also note also the tittle tag on the is usually located in the sub blog title buddy replace the blog title with the name of your blog. Create a page title that is also an interesting and unique post title that reflects the content of the entire content by placing the target keyword in it.

3. Description (Create a meta description in the article)
Meta description is a description or description of the articles discussed on your blog, it aims to inform visitors that what are the discussions on the article you created. Buddy can make it by clicking the description of search on the right side of the post page, pal content of at least 150 characters. And when creating the meta description insert also the keywords in your article. The description of the page is a brief description of the article that is written and should be descriptive up to 150 characters and unique for each page.

5 Off Page SEO Technique to Skyrocket Your Website to Google Font Page

4. Format (Writing On Articles)
A page needs to be formatted correctly. Think of it like a report that needs to have headings (h1) and subtitles (h2). An important part of the report highlighted in bold, underlined or italicized it will provide a powerful approach for search engines.

5. Images (Add images to Articles)
Images are also a component in on-page SEO optimization and make an important contribution. With the image on the article, it will further clarify the discussion on your blog. To note here is when installing images on your article do not forget to add tag attributes (Alt Tag) and alt tags on the image as the description of the image to be more SEO friendly.

6. Permalink And Internal Link (Put internal link on article)
What is an internal link? Internal links is a link that leads to another blog articles. So that makes it easier for visitors to view and read other articles of mate, so visitors will linger on your blog and that”s good for improving blog position in search engine. Internal links are links that point to your articles that others have related topics. The search engine spider will follow all the links they find so that all pages will be indexed quickly. With this technique will also increase page view blog. Permalink is the URL of every page and must be less than 255 characters.

3 Free SEO Tools to Boost Website Search Ranking

7. Breadcrumb
A breadcrumb is also important for all pages of your blog because this attribute that will record our pages and breadcumb by google or other search engine is highly recommended for the markup data.

8. Sitemap page
One option in the main menu should have a sitemap page. This is an html file that represents the structure of your site. Visit the sitemappada page of this blog to see an example.

9. Site loading speed
It also contributes in terms of seo on page optimization.

Well that”s some basic techniques that become the reference in doing Onpage SEO Optimization that must be my friend understand. If you have completed all the points above then the blog is quite seo friendly in terms of onpage. All you have to do is to keep you from installing unnecessary widgets and do not forget to create quality articles for your blog preferably Google and Apply Off-page SEO Optimization.

Its ok here. Drop your queries bellow and i”ll glad to share my little knowledge with you.

Thanks for taking time to read this 😀 .

9 Easy Steps to Boost WordPress Speed Performance


8 Easy Steps to Boost WordPress Speed Performance

Increase WordPress speed with eight easy ways. Although WordPress is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use CMS as a blogging platform compared to others, but we WordPress is not the solution for you who need speed in terms of performance.

Why Should I Use WordPress to Create a Website?

This is probably due to the fact that WordPress is built with more consideration of usability than performance or speed.

Today, speed and performance are king when we talk about SEO and to embrace users.

The current user will leave the website when he waits too long when opening a website, at least they will leave if within 9 seconds the website has not been open yet.

In addition, SEO issues are also very important, Google includes the speed of the website as one of the criteria of assessment and ranking of the website.

You can search for “page load time impact” in Google, then you will find a lot of reasons why a website should be fast.

But you should not read everything because later you can be confused, simply focus on how to speed up your own blog is enough. In this case a blog created with WordPress.

How to Increase WordPress Speed

Lots of plugins that can help us to speed up website loading, all can be used for free.

1. Media Optimization
Unoptimized images are one of the biggest causes and the longest loading time of a website, while also spending website bandwidth. The solution to this problem is quite simple by installing the plugin and running a bulk optimization on all the existing images and thumbnails.
How to Create a Free Website Using WordPress.com

There are some WordPress plugins that you can use for this, one of them is Imagfy. This plugin requires you to register and generate an API Key, but the free package only processes images as much as 50Mb per month. This is actually enough for a small-to-medium class website. Another popular plugin for this problem is WP SmushIt.

2. Lazy Load Image
In addition to optimizing the image (size), you should not load the image before they are really needed. So when opening the website page, the display image on the main screen only, the image below, the new will appear when the scroll do not load first at the beginning, but only after the user scroll the image loaded.

Lazy Load plugin allows you to load images only when the user scrolls until the image is in position. This saves the initial load time and bandwidth of users who do not scroll.

3. Minify & Merge Javascript & CSS
One of the most important factors in terms of website performance is the number of requests made to the server as well as the size of the source files loaded by the browser. One solution to improving this is to combine all Javascript (JS) files and all CSS files and minimize their size.

For example, when your previous website required 5 different JS files, and 3 CSS files, then merge all the JS files, and then combine the CSS files, so the files loaded only 2 are 1 JS combined files, and 1 combined CSS file. This will reduce the demand to the server, thus saving load time.

    Plugins like Fast Velocity Minify and WP Super Minify can do that.

Also move the Javascript file to the end of the page by placing it immediately before the [/body] tag, this will reduce the loading time of the website.

4. Analyze your WordPress Plugin.
Probably good when we know that WordPress has a large collection of plugins available, but it does make us stuck to install various plugins that are not actually made for optimization, this will certainly degrade the performance of the website. P3 Profiles help you to analyze how much time these plugins take when opening web pages.

How to Start a WordPress Blog & Make Money 2017

5. Database Optimization
WP Optimiz helps to keep the database clean and optimized without having to work too complicated and does not require skill and knowledge about MySQL. Just one click will clear up unnecessary data (like post revisions, old drafts, spam comments, etc.), besides this plugin also performs like your MySQL table to make your databases more streamlined so it”s not heavy on queries.

6. Cache Website Content
Server and browser caching are very important for website performance, especially if the content is mostly static (unchanged). For server caching, you can use WP Super Cache because of its easy user and configuration. W3 Total Cache is also very popular in this regard.

In addition to the cache server, it is also important to increase the browser cache. Far Future Expiry Header is a simple and efficient plugin that automatically adds header expires to files and images with little settings on .httaccess on your website.

7. Accelerate PHP with OPCache
OPCache is basically a cache for your PHP code. It will make your code run faster by storing the already compiled code in the cache as well, rather than changing the file or clearing the cache, it will not require any further compilation on subsequent execution.

To install you just need to follow this tutorial and then check your installation status using OPCache Status script.

How to Create a WordPress Landing Page

8. Use CloudFlare
Last but not least, use Cloudflare.
The services they provide are free for personal sites (starting at a $20/month price for professional users) and include;

    *. DDoS Protection
    *. Global CDN
    *. Shared SSL
    *. Files Cache and Minification
    *. Analytics
    *. Firewall
    *. Mobile Subdomain Redirect
    *. As well as other features

9. Use Good Hosting
To support all the above tools and plugins required quality hosting is good too. You will not be able to speed up website loading if still using a slow hosting, often down, and so forth.

It is recommended to use VPS for your website, rather than having to jostle with other websites in a Shared Hosting.

Those are some ways you can apply to your WordPress website, the use of the plugin is quite easy to do, in a few hours you will finish doing everything, and speed up your WordPress website.

If you find better ways, you can let us know in the comments field. Good luck..

How to Get Free $500 Gift Cards | Amazon, Itunes, Walmart, Visa


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free gift card - www.karlexpert.com

How will you feel getting paid just by performing simple tricks ? Playing games, search for games, watching video online, e.t.c? Well, here i’ll introduce swagbucks and how to earn free gift card daily.

READ ALSO: Useful Ways to Make Money Blogging For Beginners

About Swagbucks
Swagbucks is the web’s most popular rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from Paypal. Swagbucks has already paid out over $187,829,183 in cash and free gift cards. Put cash back in your wallet. Join for free today.

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Ways to Earn
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Free Gift Cards

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Swagbucks reward our members with free gift cards and cash for the everyday things they already do online.

Earn Points
Shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, and find great deals to earn points.

Get Free Gift Cards
Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get cash back from PayPal.

Join Swagbucks Here

Follow the links and signup and start getting free gift cards in zero time. Share the links with friends and earn more.

50+ Free Do-follow Web 2.0 Sites List 2017 High PR


50+ Free Do-follow Web 2.0 Sites List 2017

List of Web 2.0 Sites To Find Backlinks Web 2.0 is to be a source for backlink hunters to get quality back links. How to get it can be spelled out easy, depending on the point of view of each. Create a dummy blog using Web 2.0, after that fill the article in it maximum there are 2 links only leads to blogs that will be optimized, at the beginning and at the end of the article. Next find a high quality backlink for the dummy blog.

The main goal is none other than to make the website more popular in the eyes of search engines, especially google. Blogs or websites that have quality backlinks usually get more attention on search engines for already-targeted keywords. In addition to content, backlinks become a very powerful determinant factor in Google’s algorithm. Many newbies who do not know the trick to get backlinks without having to spam in place of people. Well this way can be applied to support the needs of websites and blogs to be more popular in search engines.

Here I give list of Web 2.0 sites that can be utilized to get quality backlinks;

Maybe this is all I can share about List of Web 2.0 Sites To Find Backlinks, and there are so many Web List Listings Web 2.0 besides above, my suggestion, choose who really have been auctioned (existed for a long time), such as WordPress or Blogger, and never get tired to make lots of free Web 2.0 Free (hopefully keep free).

Congratulations to make Web 2.0 and see you at Google front page. Thank you and hope it is useful.

The Importance of Backlinks for SEO


The Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Backlink Functions for website SEO

Nowadays all webmasters already understand that if they want to get high targeted traffic to their website then they should start building links for it. But the thing that still makes some people wonder is why should they do it Or how they will do it. When you understand how a reputable search engine like Google in ranking your website then it will be more clear why you should build links.

5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Google Ranking in 2017

Why backlinks are so important to your site is highly related to how search engines analyze the quality of your site. Google and other search engines want to provide users with more relevant search results and from high quality websites for each service.

But the problem is the ability to do so. Where in order to determine which sites should be ranked in a particular position depends heavily on computer algorithms, unfortunately your computer can not identify the quality of a website.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks to Boost Search Rankings

Because computers do not have a site ranking method based on quality and other factors. Therefore the solution is to check the backlinks owned by the website. Backlink means links from other websites to your website.

The logic is a site that has many backlinks considered the best sites because it may be the website is a reference or a source of information for other major websites. Such websites certainly deserve a higher ranking than other websites. Webmasters are now very aware of this, and they are trying to get more positive links to their website so that their rankings can rise in the eyes of search engines so that the possibility to visit is greater. That is why building links is very important to do if you want to bring more visitor traffic to your website.

What is On Page SEO Optimization and Off Page SEO?

The reason some people in building backlinks is because search engine algorithms have been improved and will continue to be updated. Currently the total number of links is far more important than the origin of the link. The search engines are well aware that people will build backlinks and even though it creates problems for them because it is now considered a part of internet marketing. As a result they now come up with new algorithms where more valuable links are hard to come by.

Effective of Backlink Technique With Shortened URL on SEO

Backlinks obtained easily as can be obtained from comments on blogs or community forums are basically not very useful. The backlinks you need to get are those that come from text that comes from websites that are relevant to your website and have a good reputation or ranking in the eyes of search engines. This makes link building work more difficult to do when compared to the first when Google only counts the numbers only and has not taken into account where the backlink is from. In addition, the method also was able to cut the practice of manipulation of search results that used to happen.

So it’s still very important to build as many backlinks to your website, but you just have to make sure that you build it properly and in the right way.

It also indicates that the service of building backlinks is something very promising today, where they should be able to get the high quality backlinks you need.

SEO becomes very important when you are planning to get targeted visitor traffic to your site. This is the time when a link building program can make your website skyrocket. Another method you may need to think about is to use a virtual assistant to create a backlink for you.

If you prefer, please tell us what method you use to build backlinks and why you use the method. Write it in the column of a soldier yes.

TapGerine.com CPA Networks – How to Make $250 Daily


top higher paying cpa networks
Top 15 Highest Paying CPA Networks

Tapgerine is an international mobile ad tech company for publishers to monetize mobile traffic. Our aim is to create the most effective platform for monetizing and buying mobile traffic.

How to Build Massive Traffic to Your CPA and Affiliate Offers in 6 Steps

Since its establishment in 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Tapgerine has cooperated with mobile developers and ad networks, built a reputation of a trusted company with engaged dedicated account managers.

BountyCPA – How to Promote Offers and Earn Money in 2017

Tapgerine works on CPI&CPA basis supplying both incent and non-incent campaigns for iOS and Android. The platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources to ensure the necessary outreach and ROI.

The benefits offered by Tapgerine include:

• Top campaigns with highest payouts from over 200 countries.

• Dedicated affiliate managers with 24/7 support.

• In-house real-time platform.

Top 15 Highest Paying CPA Networks (Instant Approval)

• Variety of Payment Methods (Paypal, Wire Transfer, Epayments, ACH).

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• Best Coverage in Tier 1 countries!

Join TapGerine Network

TG Nework Details
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