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What is Website SEO? – Benefit of Search Engine Optimization


What is Website SEO? – Benefit of Search Engine Optimization

What is a SEO Website?

Many businesses are willing to spend money to build a website to taste the enormity of online business earning. It”s expensive to pay for attractive website pages and attract prospective buyers, oddly the number of online sales is not encouraging although potentially large. Why is that? It turns out the website promotion tactics have not run completely and therefore we need to learn and know the ins and outs of SEO website in depth.

SEO stands for word from Search Engine Optimization, a process or campaign to increase the “value” of a website to be easy to find and look natural when typing certain keywords on search engine sites (search engines) Such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Therefore a website should be given a “special blend” to be more friendly to search engine site services.

The determination of relevant and selective keywords is the key to success in an SEO campaign. Keywords are optimized to the maximum extent possible for easy viewing on search engine algorithms. According to a brief description of Google, SEO websites are judged on two basic areas of on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Both affect each other so difficult to separate.

    What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization ?

On-page SEO optimization is closely related to the elements of a website”s pages such as HTML code, textual content and images. While off-page SEO optimization is mostly closely related to Backlink, ie links or links to websites that are being optimized from other relevant websites.

Success in SEO campaigns depends on the method chosen, unfortunately there are still many people wrongly make a decision.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Method

SEO can be broadly divided into two methods namely white hat SEO and black hat SEO. So what distinguishes the two? Simply we can divide the SEO method of the website into two seo methods that are done honestly, correctly and obediently the principle, as well as seo methods are done in a haphazard manner, cheating and breaking many rules so deserve punishment.

White hat SEO relies on a variety of techniques and methods to boost the ranking of a website in search engines without breaking the rules largely set by Google. Most white hat SEO techniques include high quality content development, restructuring and optimization of HTML websites, backlink or quality links to targeted websites supported by high quality content, manual keyword research, and website optimization in terms of load speed, speed and Website security using the https or SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Meanwhile Black hat SEO rely on the weakness of search engine algorithms for a web to get high ranking. Most of the techniques and methods of Black hat SEO conflict directly with Google”s rules. Some techniques include concealment of links and text (hidden link & text), cloaking, keyword stuffing and spam links. The results of the black hat SEO method is much faster on the search engine rankings, but the effectiveness tends not to be easy to predict and the website ranking lasts only briefly. While the results of the white hat SEO method is able to be stable although somewhat gradual in the ranking process, but much more durable in the ranking. Therefore, choose white hat rather than black hat SEO.

In addition to white hat and black hat, there is still a gray hat method called as a blend of white and black without violating Google”s rules. This method is often offered by SEO companies at a much more affordable price than pure white hat due to minimal high quality campaign activities. The effect of using gray hat on a website also varies, depending on a number of factors.

Based on the brief description above, it turns out SEO has an important position on a website. Then, why online businessmen need to try it?

    On Page SEO – Everything You Need to Know (Ultimate Guide)

Benefits of Website SEO for Online Business!

Digital competition has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, but website SEO is still considered an important and effective marketing strategy. The preparation of a neat and targeted SEO strategy has many great benefits, but there are only five that have been proven to give undeniable results. What are the benefits of SEO for an online business? Here”s the translation.

    What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

1. Boost the number of visitors
Web pages that occupy the first page of search engines with specific keywords will receive more impressions and clicks from visitors. It can be concluded that the top ranking position has a positive impact on increasing the number of visitors. SEO websites that focus on tag titles along with meta descriptions that contain relevant and informative keywords will more easily appear on search engine pages than other unoptimized websites. Descriptions and tags optimized with quality content will boost the number of visitor clicks that result in quality web traffic.

2. Return Of Investment (ROI)
The great benefit of SEO is to provide quantifiable results that can be traced, whether it is for the purpose of ecommerce or not. SEO services companies are able to track every aspect of strategy implementation, ranging from increased ranking, traffic and conversions. Comprehensive analysis can view demographic information and other measures against visitors who interact with the website.

SEO services companies can also see the series of roads taken by visitors when completing a purchase on the ecommerce site. Thus can know “main keyword” to make a purchase. While on non-ecommerce sites, SEO services companies will report all valuable attributes to boost conversions while analyzing strategies.

    Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

3. Cost-Effective Marketing Campaign
SEO optimization is currently considered one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets visitors who are actively searching for products or services online. SEO optimization also greatly helps businesses save marketing costs for outbound strategies such as phone offers.

It is true that the offer via telephone is still considered an effective strategy, but the cost is much more wasteful about 61 percent compared to inbound strategies such as SEO. SEO Excellence is looking for target visitors who are actively looking for products and services, resulting in more quality traffic than other marketing strategies.

4. Increase Value “value of use” Website.
Optimization of SEO participate to make the website more easily traced by visitors through search engines. As is known, SEO Optimization aims to rearrange the architecture of sites and links (Links) so that all web pages are easier to find or search. Not only makes it easier for search engines to find sites and pages, but makes it easier for users to find information on the site.

5. Enhance Brand Awareness (Brand Awareness)
Because the top rankings generate significant impressions, the website that controls the first page tops for a particular keyword will get more traffic. The positive impact of SEO website is to boost popularity and brand awareness (brand awareness) associated with certain keywords. Generally visitors assume that sites on the first page and top positions are much more reliable than others. The more pages and content are in the highest ranking on search engines, the more visitors will see the content or similarities associated with the brand.

Building a website to increase online sales would end up in vain if not optimized through SEO optimization. Therefore, this strategy must be applied with proper and mature planning. Instead of learning it yourself, it”s much easier to trust all of the leading SEO services companies that carry a number of methods, whether it”s white hat or gray hat. So automated the company will contribute greatly to the increase of website rankings in search engines organically (naturally). The main products of this service is not limited to on page and off page optimization, but the link building (link building), development and design of quality websites and content-friendly content writing services to search engines.

What is SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO? – Definition and Differences


What is SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO? – Definition and Differences

What is SEO SEM SMM and SMO

The Internet has been viewed as a promising prospect by all businesspeople, from small, medium to large sectors. For the sake of the sales jack and get a lot of new customers, they are willing to spend to build an attractive website. But that”s just a start without a magic touch, so it needs a perfect blend of blend between SEO SEM SMM and SMO. Let”s get a closer look at the basic understanding and key benefits for a website.

A website feels “bland” without being seasoned with SEM SEO SMM and SMO. These four elements play an important role in the ranking of search engines and add value to internet users. If you do not want to waste money building a cool, flashy website, you should familiarize yourself with the basic notions of SEO optimization, SEM optimization, SMM optimization and SMO optimization.

    5 Killer Tips for Social Media Optimization (SMO Guides)
What is SEO?

SEO stands for word from Search Engine Optimization, a process or campaign to drive a website”s ranking in search engine results, whether natural or paid. SEO campaigns will run smoothly if the website embraces a variety of elements that “likable” by search engines. In addition it needs to be supported with the accuracy of keyword selection (keywords) are minimal competitors.

Winning SEO needs to conquer two basic areas to drive ranking in search results, ie on-page and off-page. On-page optimization centers on a variety of website elements that support a web page like images, textual content and HTML code. While off-page optimization is centered on spreading more backlinks, ie links (links) to the website being optimized.

In addition to on-page and off-page, there are three SEO methods that affect the ranking of search engine results are; White hat, black hat and gray hat If you want the website preferred by Google and the like, choose white hat rather than black hat. But some SEO services companies actually offer a gray hat method where the price is more affordable than white hat.

    What is CPA Marketing? (Getting Started With CPA Marketing)
What is SEM?

SEM stands for word from Search Engine Marketing is a type of internet marketing that deals with research, submit and position of a website on search engine results to increase the number of visitors, whether natural or paid. SEM is not just an ordinary SEO but it also carries a variety of important elements to get more traffic, ie keyword research, competitive analysis, paid listings and a number of services from search engines.

SEM has a wider range than SEO. If the main purpose of SEO get results. Search better in search engines, then SEM aims to get targeted visitors from search engines through link-shaped ads in search results in addition to natural searches to get targeted visitors to the website.

What is SMM?

SMM stands for word from Social Media Marketing is a free or paid method to get targeted traffic to website by relying on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google and other social media network. It can be said that SMM is an effort to jack the sale value of a website through social media, whether it is free or paid via advertising.

    CPA and Affiliate Marketing Optimization Principles

SMM is divided into two basic areas namely Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Advertising (SMA). SMO”s main objective is to increase the number of targeted traffic to websites through social activities in the virtual world such as blogging, social status updates, group discussions, social bookmarking, viral, online reputation management, polling or user ratings, feedback, sharing and usage Photo and video sharing sites.

While the main goal of SMA is increasing the number of targeted traffic a website through advertising services from social media networks. This method requires website owners to pay for promotional advertising to appear on all users” social media pages for the sake of “sales value” and follower.

Benefits of SME & SMO SEM SEO

The main goal of a business build a website is to increase sales figures as well as get closer to consumers. However, this will work in vain if it does not do SEM optimization, SEO, SMM and SMO. There are many benefits to be gained after doing SEM, SEO, SMM and SMO optimization as summarized from various sources.

    How to Get 1,000 Daily Unique Visitors to Your Blog

1. Traffic visits
SEM, SEO SMM and SMO aims to increase the number of traffic visits from targeted internet users, ranging from search engines to social media. These four methods are far more effective and cost effective than email marketing. By applying the right strategy, the website may be flooded with many visitors.

2. Website ranking
If you want a website more search engine friendly, then the method of SEM, SEO SMM and SMO is needed. Website rankings on search results for certain keywords are increasingly boosted up, even more likely to be at the top if they are perfectly applied.

3. Fast popular
The fastest way to attract the attention of internet users to want to visit the website through SEM, SEO, SMM and SMO. Cost is much more affordable and effective than offline promotion via print or email marketing. Positive impact on the website can be felt more quickly, although depending on the content, keywords and habits of Internet users.

    3 Ways to Get Unique Blog Visitors in 2017

4. Ease of analysis
SEM, SEO SMM and SMO allows website owners to analyze and track visitor habits so that it can potentially maximize keywords. Thus the owner can know the steps and strategies to be taken because more accurate data obtained.

Brand awareness
The main goal of SEM, SEO, SMM and SMO is not just to increase the traffic of the visit, but to boost brand awareness or brand awareness in the eyes of internet users. The higher the website position in the search engine or social media, the more visit the internet users to the website. This also affects sales figures.

6. Effective promotion
Mastering SEM, SEO, SMM and SMO methods makes it easy for websites to promote products, content, press releases or important information that consumers need to know as soon as possible. The combination of these four methods is so powerful that it has a big effect on the effective promotion of cheap.

    (Looking For Traffics?) 50 Ways to Drive Massive Unique Visitor Daily to Your Blog!

How important is SEO, SEM, SMM & SMO?

If you want to focus on building visitor traffic and boost sales figures, SEM, SEO, SMM & SMO optimization is required. Do not just stick to one element that tends to be monotonous. Traffic from targeted visitors not only comes from search engines, but comes directly from social media. Tasting these four elements may cost a great deal, but it”s much more effective and cheaper than any other method, right?

7 Things to Do Before Starting an Online Business


starting an online business

There are various things you should really consider before starting an online business, if you do not want your online business run aground in the middle of the road.

Running an online business is actually not much different from the procedure of running an offline business, because they both need careful planning before we take the decision to plunge in it.

However, what distinguishes both is in terms of capital, most online businesses require much less capital than offline business. In addition there are also other differences such as things that you need to prepare before starting a business, which I will explain later in detail below.

There are at least 7 things that need to be prepared by the online business before declaring to plunge into the online business, the seven things are as follows;

1. Find Business Ideas

As the saying goes “the idea is expensive” the statement is true, because there will be no word to begin without being preceded by an idea.

Ideas can be easily obtained from anywhere, including from your hobby. Suppose your hobby graphic design, why not try to open web design services or for mothers who like to cook, can try to make a blog about recipes, then monetize with your blog.

In essence, in determining a business idea, make sure that you really master it, because entrepreneurs / successful business people are those who run the business according to what they like and master.

2. Prepare Business Capital

Just like business ideas, capital can also be obtained not only from self / family, but we can also get from other people or commonly called with investors.

By applying a profit-sharing system, you can easily search for capital injections, but note that you can really convince investors to invest in your online business.

If in the end you have trouble finding capital, then it can start with a small thing first, because something big always starts from a small one.

3. Business Competition Competition

Know your business competition. The heavier the competition in the business you run, the greater the capital and energy you have to spend. By using Google AdWord, Keyword Planner, we can know the size of online business competition that is run, the way is easy, we just need to enter the keyword product that we sell, then will appear complete data about the keyword.

For more details about how to use Keyword Planner you can read the tutorial here How to Keyword Research With Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

4. Think Business Vision and Mission

Before starting a business, you should think about business vision and mission first, because this will help business people to stay focused on the goal.

I have repeatedly heard of cases of failure due to lack of focus in business, trying other businesses and forgetting the original purpose.

This is the role of vision and mission that will help the organization to always focus on the goal.

5. Pay attention to the business technique

Things of engineering in running an online business should also we understand. For example you are an online shop business, so it”s good in addition to understanding the way truejualan online You must also understand how to create an online store or related to technical matters.

Although it is not mandatory for you to know all that, but you should master the basics alone, not necessarily detailed. It is useful to reduce the cost of services that are used to hire people services.

6. Business Marketing Plan

Online business marketing can be done in many places, some are free of charge. For the free I think you already know, yap one of them is through social media.

In order to look more professional you can create a website. The website is tailor-made for your business and helps buyers to get closer and get to know the business you”re running.

Interested to create your own website without the help of website maker? Please read the guide here How to Make Website.

7 Unique and Creative Business Ideas For Students

7. Focus Quality Not Price

There is one mistake that is often forgotten by a businessman / entrepreneurs, that is they are more focused to think about how to sell goods at cheap prices rather than thinking how to improve the quality of products sold.

I say wrong because in business, we know the term loyalty. Simple example if we install cheap price but poor quality, maybe we can get many buyers, but it only happens 1x only, because some will not be satisfied with the product / service provided, this will not create repeat buying or there will be no loyalty Of visitors.

Unlike the case if you have a product with good quality, although the price is relatively more expensive, but you will get buyer loyalty, it is possible to re-purchase even did not rule out your business promoted for free, word of mouth.

As we know, where starting is not something easy, so it should be recognized that starting an online business is also not an easy thing because it takes time, effort and cost is not small.

But, I”m sure it will be sweet in time, start the online business and accept the results later or laze now and ready to receive the consequences later.

How to Create a Free Online Store Using Instagram


Many are already enjoy looking and purchase goods online through Instagram, because of its fast arrive at door step. the next day the goods have arrived at your home home.

Spelled guns cool, be in serious mood. Spelled guns sophisticated, guns no online cart system (online shopping cart feature), I use Instagram also, in fact already convert so many sales.

    How to Create a WordPress Landing Page Under 20 Minutes

Maybe it’s really a simple joy.

So, the conclusion .. for those who want to have a website for selling online, still want to make a website use hard?

Here is the solution.
The principle is we make a practical online store, simple, and effective, as well as can update on one platform but can be automatically posted on the website and some social media sites.

Ease again, simply update via HP only, you do not need PC, laptop.. enough!

Why Instagram???

    – Suitable for lazy web content updates.

    – Suitable for the * sorry * feel clueless.

    – Suitable for those who want to be practical.

Here is how to start
1. Create an account on FACEBOOK, profile type, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. If you have all, go directly to the next step.

    How to Start a WordPress Blog

2. Make a website selling (of course, who use the domain and hosting itself, then install WordPress). The tips can be read here: How to Create a Website.

3. Open an INSTAGRAM account, connect with TWITTER and FACEBOOK accounts.

4. Try a test post image products, goods selling in INSTAGRAM, and remember, click the icon twitter and facebook, so that posting can also appear in your facebook and twitter account just as you shared on instagram.

If the above steps succeed, then live how to make the posting earlier also appear on our sales website, AUTOMATIC.

With these steps, actually indirectly we also have made an online store in Instagram that contains images of our product catalog.

    How to Create a Free Website Using WordPress.com

Still want to go?

Keep listening, because the next step will be more exciting and exciting.

Bellow image is a demo showing how your products will look like.
instagram online store

How to Display Instagram Pictures on Website

To bring up the status that contains the product of sale as I mentioned earlier, this time we will use WordPress website which we have added function with Instagram plugin.

Here are the steps how to create an online store Instagram;
1. Install Instagram plugin on our WordPress-based website, named Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon.

2. Go to Instagram Feed plugin settings menu by entering Access Token along with your Instagram account ID.

3. Retrieve the shortcode to display Instagram Image in the “Display Your Feed” column. The writing is like this; [Instagram-feed]

4. Create a page using the PAGES (Add New Page) menu, then COPY & PASTE this [instagram-feed] shortcode in the text entry field. Do not forget to SAVE.

5. Make this page as home page (Home Page), by going to menu SETTINGS -> READING. In this READING SETTINGS page there is an option labeled “Front page displays” Select the A STATIC PAGE, and for the FRONT PAGE option select the page we just created. For POSTS PAGE option select another page.

Well, be it already.. sales websites that support your INSTAGRAM.

Please, be imitated and please help share if it is useful.

Good luck!

Types of Internet Marketing – Internet Marketing Strategies


internet marketing

Actually what is the definition of Internet Marketing? Easy internet marketing can be interpreted as an online marketing technique that refers to advertising and marketing efforts by using the web and email to drive sales through electronic commerce (e-commerce).

What is Internet Marketing? (Beginner”s Guide)

So, understanding internet marketing is one of the marketing techniques using online media.

Internet marketing is considered far more effective and efficient than traditional marketing, such as radio, newspaper or magazine promotions, it is because the cost of internet marketing is very cheap and to find the target (prospect) is much easier.

Type of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can be divided into several more specialized types such as web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing:

What is Inbound Marketing? [Complete Details]

1) Web Marketing
Web marketing is a marketing technique using website media. There are various examples of marketing using media websites that we often encounter on the internet, such as one example is the site affiliate marketing or sites that offer other people”s products for resale.

Characteristic of affiliate marketing site is the appearance of only 1 column, it aims to make visitors focus on the core of the article.

2) Email Marketing
Email marketing or marketing through email media may not be as popular or as popular as web marketing, but that does not mean that email marketing is not effective for capturing subscribers, the assumption is not true, because email marketing is judged by the Internet Marketer Professional as the best online promotional media.

The statement is certainly not without reason, given that email is one medium of online communication that is quite private, it means using email marketing is perfect for offering a personal or can be spelled out as exclusive offers.

What is Content Marketing? – Content Marketing Guide

3) Social Media Marketing
Social media is one example of online marketing techniques that are quite popular with the Internet Marketers today, the main reason is none other than because of the low cost of promotion, even if all done manual, then there will be no cost at all alias free (outside Internet quota costs).

The power of social media as a media campaign certainly can not be doubted, this is because the number of users of social media is too much, making it the most appropriate place to conduct online promotions.

Internet Marketing Tools

There are tens or even hundreds of tools to support internet marketing activities you do, but not all the tools you can use for free, most of which require a cost that can be spelled out not cheap.

Briefly, here are some free internet marketing tools that you can try for free.

1) Web Optimization Tools
To optimize the performance of the website, you can use some free online tools below.

    *. Open Site Explorer; Open Site Explorer (OSE) is a tool to improve your blog SEO.

    *. Google Analytic; As the name implies, this is a tool made by Google to check the activity of visitors on your blog.

    *. Google Trends; To find out what the trends in a country.

2) Email Marketing Tools
To assist you in promoting via email, please use the following online marketing tools.

    *. MailChimp; Sending hundreds of emails automatically to our subcriber.

    *. HemingWay; Online marketing tools that will help you to make attractive offers.

3) Social Management Tools
Having hundreds of social media accounts is not a hassle, right? For that please try some tools to manage your social media account.

    *. Tweepi; Provide various Twitter account automation features.

    *. HootSuite; The best tool for managing your entire Social media account.

    *. Bitly; To shorten the URL and also monitor the number of clicks.

Internet Marketing Strategy

In internet marketing business, you also have to learn about strategy in doing internet marketing, because without strategy it will be difficult for you to get the sale.

Here I give 3 examples of strategy telling in doing marketing via internet.

1) Create an Online Community
Create a community that is related to the product you are selling, for example you are selling Korean clothes, so try to create a K-Lover community or the like.

2) Conducting Surveys
From the community you can survey what products they really need.

3) Promotion
Do soft selling promotion or a smooth promotion, how to share useful information that ultimately advise readers to buy your product.

Explanation about the internet marketing business above I think is quite complete, ranging from understanding, tools to strategies in running internet marketing business I have distributed to you, if the explanation about internet marketing above is less clear, please ask your question through the comment box below.

5 Highly Effective Ways to Promote a Product Without Website


Highly Effective Ways to Promote a New Product

There are many media that we can use to market products online on the Internet, and in this article I will explore some ways of promoting products online so that your goods can sell quickly.

In total there will be 5 Online Media we will use:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. Google
5. Shop Online

Next let us discuss one by one of the five media campaign above.

How to Promote Products via Facebook

Using Facebook as a medium to market products online is the most appropriate choice, the statement is not without reason, given the number of social media users this one has reached billions of lives and in most countries alone Facebook users have reached millions of lives. This is certainly a very profitable market for those who are smart to read opportunities.

How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Google AdWords Campaign

For those of you who find it difficult in promoting products on Facebook, here I provide how to market products using Facebook to quickly sell;

    1. Create 1 Facebook account with Women”s gender

    2. Put the photos you think are beautiful

    3. Sign in – Join to the group related to your product

    4. Promote your product in the group

However, before doing this way, you should first see the rules in the group, whether to allow promotion or not, if allowed please continue, if prohibited, find another group.

How to Promote Products via Twitter

Not much different from Facebook, Twitter is also one of the best online media to market the product. Although it should be acknowledged that Twitter users are under Facebook, but that does not matter, because Twitter has its own advantages over Facebook, including the feature tweets schedule that allows us to schedule Tweets..

To use the schedule feature, you need to install Twitter application for windows 8 or alternatively you can use Twitter Client like:

    *. Twuffer
    *. FutureTweets
    *. LaterBro

The use of the three Twitter Client above is very simple, even spelled out very easy because we only need to write a tweet and then schedule when the tweet is published. More details can you directly try yourself.

How to Promote Products through Instagram

Online promotion using Instagram is perfect for you who have target, middle and upper market, because the majority of Instagram users are young people with above average economic level. Promoting products on Instagram is also quite easy, because instagram site itself has a display that accentuates the pictures, so the products we sell will be obvious.

SEO Jerk | A-z SEO Premium Guide For Beginners

Promotion of products through Instagram is fun, but hard to do especially for PC users, because as we all know, that Instagram only provides applications for mobile users, especially iOS and Android. As for desktop users should bite the fingers.

But now you do not need to bite the finger, because now has been available Instagram Client website devoted to PC users/Desktop. So you can still run all activities such as giving comments, giving love or other activities.

As far as I know there are 3 Instagram Client which is quite popular among Instagram users, the third instagram client is:

    *. PhotoDesk
    *. Pixsta
    *. Iconosquare

Of the three instagram clients above, my choice fell to Iconosquare, because in terms of appearance, Iconosquare present more modern, with a black background that does not make the eyes glare, but it also features a very complete.

How to Promote Products via Google (SEO)

Google I mean here is google.com or Google Inc.”s search engine. This way of online promotion is also commonly referred to as SEO (search engine optimization), the way of online promotion using Google media is the most I like, because our target can be more clear, clear in the sense that people who really need.

For example, we want to promote Korean clothing products, then we can create an article entitled How to Dress Korean Clothes Good and True and at the end of the article we tuck our product, that is by putting pictures about korean clothes.

How to promote online with Google media is to use AdWords. However, this way of online promotion is not free, in fact I think it”s quite expensive, although online promotion using AdWords is the most effective and efficient way of online promotion. Ad calculations in AdWords average using PPC (pay per click) the cost we spend depends on the number of clicks earned.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog (9 Quick Steps)

Other Google media that you can use to promote products online is;

    *. Google+ (social media)
    *. Blogger (blogging platform)

Unlike AdWords, using both of the above media will not cost you anything from Google, but make sure you do not spam while promoting the product.

How to Promote Products via Online Store

Online Store is the best way to market products online, because by creating an online store we not only make the media for online promotion but also able to increase credibility. Because people assume, if someone has an online store site that means he is serious in selling online.

To create an online store is actually quite easy, all you have to do is;

    1. Buy hosting
    2. Buy a domain
    3. Upload cms online shop

That”s it.

Tips on Choosing the Right Products For Cheap Online Sales

Of the five ways of online product promotion above, as I said above, my choice and at the same time be the best recommendation for you is to use Online Shop media / SEO, because this will not only generate sales are abundant but also can we use for business, for example We can sell advertising slot to Advertiser (advertiser).

I think enough of the discussion about How to Promote Online Product Promotion To Be Fast Selling, hopefully what I write this can be useful for you who want to sell products online.

Learn Internet Marketing Basics Free For Beginners


This time the Money Portal invites learn free internet marketing for beginners together. Let”s understand Internet Markting what it looks like and how.

internet marketing service

Understanding Internet Marketing is online marketing via the internet that is done by business owners or businessmen. Many people think internet marketing is selling goods online. And if it is explained very broad not just a promotion to sell. But promoting a website or blog containing tutorials or articles not just selling goods and services also included in internet marketing.

Type of Internet Marketing

In this free internet marketing study article for beginners this time, We will introduce some kind of Internet Marketing. What kind of internet marketing type is it;

Search Engine Marketing or SEM
SEM is a way of freezing online marketing (Internet Marketing) with search engine optimization using either SEO or PPC (advertise). Basically SEM is divided into two namely;

*. Search Engine Optimization or SEO
This form of marketing in our opinion is the number one goal of the internet marketing. Because SEO to aim for the website, product reviews and articles can occupy on page one even the first rank on search engines. SEO optimization is divided into two, namely OnPage SEO optimization and OffPage SEO. By using this type of pemsaran only we can get a lot of profit.

What is Content Marketing ? – Content Marketing Guide

*. Pay Per-Click or PPC
PPC is a way or marketing technique by advertising our product or website. Example advertises our webiste on Google Adwords. By using this type of Internet Marketing you can directly target with your target details. Starting from age, country, language and many others.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is a way of doing marketing that utilizes traffic in social media. Like Google +, Facebook, twitter, Line, Instagram, WhatApps and many others. How to use this type of Internet Marketing. The Money Portal has addressed the Place For Blog Promotion article.

Refferal Marketing
Refferal Marketing is a method to promote a product or service to a new consumer by providing a reference. Example if we buy the product at clickbank.com on the clientarea page there will be Affiliate Program menu. This menu is used as a marketing idea by clickbank.com to make their products more popular. Yes all will feel more confident and comfortable if we are given advice by people who we know more.

Content Marketing: A Beginner”s Guide to Content Marketing

Advantages of using referral marketing;

1. Reduce sales and marketing budgets with a focus on satisfied customers on products and services. Satisfied customers are given easy access to referring products or services to others.

2. Increase the sales cycle by generating more qualified leads (prospective customers).

3. Ensuring customer satisfaction so as to increase the number of repeat purchases (repeat orders) from customers and referrals.

4. Referral marketing generally has a high conversion rate with low customer acquisition cost.

5. Generate higher ROMI (return on marketing investment).

Email Marketing
This marketing utilizes email in promoting products or services. The company will do the marketing directly by sending a message addressed to the customer”s email address.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing is a method of marketing by improving the quality of quality content on a website so that consumers are more satisfied.

What Is Email Marketing? (10 Benefits For Online Business)

Basic Internet Marketing

If we want to start the Internet Makerting world should we know the basic Internet Marketing. In this free internet marketing learning article for beginners there are 3 things to know.

Product Research
First if we want to compete or jump in our IM world we need is what product research we will sell either in the form of goods, services and sell the knowledge we have such as creating a blog or making video (almost the same as services). Because we learn Internet Marketing means we also need to know the area of Internet Marketing itself is the internet. If we look at the type of Internet Marketing many different ways or types.

What is Inbound Marketing? [Complete Details]

Then how to research products in the world of Internet Marketing?

To research a lot of different tools. Here is a tool that is often used.

    1. Google Trend, used to find what is rising in the internet world.

    2. Google Keyword Planner, used to help research keywords or keywords what the most sought after by consumers. Not only Google Keyword Planner we can also use Keywords Everywhere.

Of the two tools above we can already start researching the products that we will market. First we search what is popular then researched again using Google Keyword Planner to be more specific. If you want more expert again you can research long keywords or commonly called long tail keyword.

Competitor Research
Once we find a product that is suitable for our market, the next step is to research competitors. To research the competitors, in this case we research the competitor”s website then the usual research SEO experts are looking at DA, PA, Backlink and many others. In a short-tailed or long-tailed article a bit explained how competitor”s research. Or you can also use semrush.com, ahrefs.com and many others.

Promotion Research Place
If we do promotion using Search Engine Marketing type or SEMwe can see point no 1 and no 2. If we promotion using kind Social Media Marketing. So we need to research for example if you want to promote on facebook yes we research difacebook, if you want to promote on twitter yes we need to research on twitter. The point of each place of promotion has its own algorithm so that research needs every place we want to use for promotion.

The essence of free internet marketing learning articles for beginnersis you can understand what iternet marketing is and how does internet marketing work. If you still do not understand you can ask the comment field. To learn internet marketing deeper and of course for free especially for beginners. May be useful.

7 Powerful Ways to Optimize SEO for Blog & Website


seo website and blog

As a blogger of course we want the best for our Blog, one of them is to be ranked 1 in Google, is not it? However, the problem is to achieve this is not an easy thing, as we all know that science or SEO Techniques no one dared to guarantee that our Blog or Website will directly skyrocket to page 1 Google.

I think that”s natural, because as far as I know SEO is not an exact science, it means you can not claim that the SEO Techniques you use the best, and also there is no guarantee that SEO techniques will continue to be the best, given Google never stops Updating their algorithm for the better.

However, while SEO is not an exact science, we can experiment to find out exactly what Google and other search engines are up to, and you can do this experiment yourself, or read other people”s experiments like Moz, and other SEO sites.

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

And here I will try to summarize How SEO is the best, a total of 7 Points I will inform to you. The seven points I mean are as follows;

    1. Backlink
    2. Interlink
    3. Robots.txt
    4. Content
    5. RSS Feeds
    6. URLs
    7. Page Speed

I”m sure some of you may be very familiar or well understood with the seven terms above, but for you who are still a little confused, then I will explain in detail to you.


What is Backlink? If interpreted literally, Backlink means Link Back, but in the world of SEO we interpret it as a link from outside the site is very powerful to improve the position of a Blog & Web in SERP.

But it should be noted, that not all Backlinks are good, just like humans, Backlinks also have bad or evil. Where if we choose the wrong Backlink bad, then the position of the blog is not increased it could potentially to go down.

Well, the question is how to distinguish good and bad links? And how to find good links? All the questions you can get the answer in the article How to Get Quality Backlink in the article about the backlink, I have thoroughly explored about how to get quality and natural backlinks in the eyes of Google.


Interlink is not much different from Backlink, the concept is the same place just place it different, where Backlink is a link that is placed outside the site, while Interlink is a link that is in the site or article.

What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization ?

I do not know how many times I said that Interlinking is Important.Because there will be 3 advantages that we can:

    *. Minimize Bounce Rate
    *. Improve Pageview
    *. Increase PA (Page Authority)

And one more Interlink can be regarded as a quality Link, because it comes from within the article, this is clearly different if we look for Backlink out there, which notabenya taste from the comments column.


For wordpress users I do not think there will be any problems with Robots.txt because there are already many plugins to manage it, but for Blogspot users like me, then we need to set Robots.txt (default) to be more SEO Friendly.

To improve robots.txt please follow the steps below:

1. Sign in Blogger dashoard, go to the blog dashboard that you want to change robots.txt.
2. Click Search Preferences, First go to Settings tab, then select or click Search Polling.
3. Enter the following code.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /?=1

A little explanation of the robots.txt syntax above, that it says disallow, it”s a command for Google”s Bot or Spider not to crawl or index the url, because if it”s indexed it might be potentially duplicate content, even if it”s not proven true But it is much better to prevent.


Content or content (articles) that SEO is containing 3 Elements, namely Text, Image and Video (optional). But that does not mean Articles that do not contain the above three elements are not SEO, not like that, but this is more like a lot better if in the article you created also included supporting such as pictures and supporting videos.

Besides the word count, and keyword density is the main factor of On-Page SEO, meaning that the number and placement of keywords is very important to rank or position the page on Google.

One thing to note is Google never ranked a site from the number of keywords in the article. This is definitely a hard slap for those of you who like to write keywords at the beginning of the paragraph, honestly it”s not necessary, and will even just make your article seem keyword stuffing that could impact Penalty from Google.

Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Quality articles are not only favored readers but also Google, please read the complete guide here: How to Create & Write SEO Articles.

RSS Feeds

Short or full feeds are actually the same when viewed in terms of SEO, but when viewed in terms of Subcribers then it will be much different, where full Feeds are preferred by subcribers rather than short ones.

However there are many factors you need to consider before deciding to use full Feeds of which are:

    *. Potential for scraping
    *. Prone in copy paste
    *. Ready if visitors switch to feeds rather than reading on blogs

All three things you should consider carefully, if you are ready then please you use RSS Feeds are full, but if not please change to short Feeds, for Blogger how to go to Dashboard > Settings> Other.


Things that look trivial but actually powerful enough to improve SEO a blog page / Web page, yes he is the URLs. Writing good URLs is one that uses keywords, and not letters or symbols like question marks and so on.

    Examples of SEO URLs;

    Examples of less SEO URLs;

Looks clear is not which is more comfortable to read? For Blogger users – Blogspot may have been spoiled with the automatic features available, but for WordPress users I hear it seems to be in the settings.

Page Speed

Page Speed or a lightweight site speed will help a Blog or Website Blog to be indexed faster on Google. But that does not mean that the index will quickly rank us up, not like that how it works, site speed may indeed not directly affect the Ranking of a blog (just the speed of indexing it). But if you”re writing a seasonal article then a fast Index will really help you to rank 1 Google, so the term before the site competitors indexed, your web or blog has been indexed first.

Blog or Website site, please visitors comfortable when accessing (not heavy) and just off the widget that is not needed (widget decoration). For consideration you can try PageSpeed Insights.

How to Maximize SEO Blog & Website that I give above, also I apply in this blog www.karlexpert.com and the results are very powerful, where some keywords with the level of competition is succeeded I submit, I think quite so of me, remember After reading do not forget to practice it.

List of Best Link Shortener Sites to Make Money in 2017


url shortner

4 Best Link Shortener Sites
Among you guys must have known what is the shortener link and its function, and vice versa there must be who do not know the intent and function of the shortener link? Conscious or not you ever find a shortener link either on social networking facebook and twitter.

Shortener Link is one way to shorten the url address (uniform resource locator). Shortener links are usually used to share url address or post to social media, especially twitter which has a little character capacity.

From the number of shortener link sites that we can use, whether you have to register or not, I collect the 4 best shortener link sites that I summarize from various sources. Here are the 4 best links shortener sites;

1. Goo.gl
Goo.gl is a google shortener link site, you simply enter the URL address you want to shorten into the box provided and it only takes a few seconds your link will change to be shorter than the original link.

If you already have a gmail account you do not need to login, whereas if you do not have a gmail account you can also shorten the link without login first.

The advantages of having a gamil account You can know the history of each URL Shorter, in detail we can also know the number of clicks every link shorter visits, this is different if you do not have a gmail account, you can not know these features.

2. Bit.ly
Bit.ly is also one of the best shortener sites that are widely used by famous sites such as albumforest, albumkings. We can link the link without having to login first but if we want to have more features you must list first.

Some of the features that we can get from bitly after registering you can find out in detail how many visitors are coming, knowing monthly daily clicks, you can also see link traffic. In addition if we have a domain and hosting itself, we can do a custom domain with our own domain. Of course, using your own domain will be much nicer and look more professional

3. Adf.ly
Adfly is a popular shortener site among bloggers, especially bloggers base on download niche such as music, video or movies. We can make shorter links with ease and of course there are other advantages that we can get from the shorter that we can get additional income.

4. Tiny Url
Tiny Url Is a site shortener that is not less than the link shortener site above, tiny url has many features and can perform domain costom as well as bitly and adfly.

These 4 sites are popular shortener sites that are often used by the sites of the shortest to shorten the link and spread on social media such as facebook and twitter as well as other website or blog.

4 Best And Reliable PTC Programs to Make $30 Daily


ptc site

4 Best And Trusted PTC Program
I want to write back about the best ptc program I had previously discussed and accidentally deleted the article that impacted some link error.

In the previous post I had to make a list of the best and trusted ptc program proven to pay, of course in the post I provide a lot of ptc list from clixsense, neobux, digadz, paidvertis, oxybuxdll. While in this post I want to give 4 ptc program which I think is good and I have prove own pay.

For those of you who want to try online business PTC and still confused which program you should follow, here is my recommendation of which I have prove myself and have scooped additional income from internet through PTC program, here are 4 pogram PTC that has been proven:

1. Clixsense
PTC program this one I think is quite promising although our income can be relatively smaller plus clixsense does not have Direct Referrals (Rental Referrals), to increase revenue we must click on ads every day, the ad will be refreshed every day every 12:00 Afternoon. In addition we do click ads we can also invite colleagues to join or promote to everyone to join clixsense, of course any referrals that we can get an additional commission with a price of about $0.07 for standard users and $0.1 for premium users, in addition we can also Playing clixgrid games, completing Tasks, Offers etc.

2. NeoBux
Neobux is a ptc program that is in great demand because it has been proven that this program pay, if the clixsense program does not have direct referral, neobux benefited we can do a referral rent and of course we also have the opportunity to increase the income to refer people to join through our referral link with Once the opportunity we get will increase.

3. 3. PaidVerts
Paidverts is a ptc program different from clixsense and neobux, to get the income we need to collect the BAP first and then we can exchange the BAP.

4. DigAdz
Digadz is a PTC program that is almost similar to Paidverts, we must collect points in advance to earn revenue, but it can also refer friends to join and increase revenue.

    *. How to list and make money with digadz.

Actually there are many PTC programs are promising and proven to pay, the 4 recommendations above is a ptc program that I still live and of course I know if the 4 programs are really proven and pay.

How to Sign Up and Make Money from Shorte.st, Free Url Shortner


shorte.st - shortest

How to Sign Up and Make Money from Shorte.st

Many ways to make money from the internet. As I’ve discussed in the previous article 4 Types of Online Business On The Internet Best.

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This time I want to re-share the way to make money almost the same as adfly. The way it works is also the same that shorten the link. So to make money from shorte.st you have to prepare a link that every visitor will be directed first to page shorte.st ads that will then be directed to the actual page.

Some say the price per click has a greater value for some countries country compared to Adfly approximately 0.57. This business will be very suitable for bloggers download such as software, games that must have multiple part files. Because more and more links will be more opportunities visited by visitors.

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Getting Started With Shorte.st

    *. First visit the site Shorte.st
    *. Once opened, click on top ‘Register’

    *. Next fill in the registration form such as email address and password you want to use.

    *. You will get a message like this. Which means you have to open an email address to activate.

    *. After opening the email and viewing the message from shorte.st, click the button (Click Here).

Now you have successfully registered Shorte.st, the next step is how to make money from Shorte.st. Here are the steps;

How to Make Money from Shorte.st

*. Prepare any links you want to shorten, then insert the link into the box as shown below and click the Shorter button.

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*. So now the link that was, will turn into a short link, copy the link
The next step is to stay promoting the link how to get visited. The more links on the shorter the more money purse coffers will be generated, with the record of more visitors as well.

How to Cash-Out or Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings at least you need a minimum of $5 earnings for Paypal and Webmoney, while Payoneer for minimum of more than $20.

*. Click Withdraw then click Set Payment Method

*. Fill out the form according to your data following with what method you want to use.

There are methods of payment that you can use which include Paypal, Payoneer, Webmoney

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*. Re-open your Email address to confirm security.

So for this article about How to Register and Get Money from Shorte.st, hopefully useful. Also read: 4 Best Link Shortener Sites

How to Create and Verify Egopay Account Easily



How to Create and Verify Egopay Account Easily

How to Create and Verify Egopay Account Easily

Easy Way to Create an Egopay Account
As in the title this time I want to discuss about how to create an Egopay account where the pope of egopay is a means of payment as well as Paypal, Payza etc.

Many advantages, use Excess Egopay like Script web with payza, Fee in order promo only 1% + $ 0.25, No dispute features such as liberty reserve, Security color every login, History activity log in detail. Well for those of you who are interested in joining Egopay, here are the steps;

*. Visit Egopay page http://egopay.com.

How to Create WebMoney Account Online for Free

*. The next step click SIGN UP.

*. Will open the registration form that you must fill in accordance with your data. At this stage, you advice to chose the registration with the account “PERSONAL”

1. AccountType; Select Personal
2. First Name; Fill in your first name
3. Last Name; Fill in your last name
4. Email Address: Fill with your Email address
5. Password; Fill the password according to your wishes (Fill using a combination of large letters and numbers)
6. Confirm Password; Re-enter your password
7. PIN Code; Enter the PIN as you wish (Note: This pin is used when you want to login and transact, so please note)
8. Confrim PIN Code; Reenter the PIN
9. Verification code; Fill in the appropriate box on the left
10. Choose Your Country: Choose your country.
11. Last click ACCEPT AND SIGN UP
*. Next check your email address to confirm the registration by clicking the link sent by Egopay to your Email address.

*. Registration is complete, the next step please login with the account you just created
*. Then enter the PIN Code you made during registration
*. It will open a new page with a form, on the form you have to fill all the complete data such as making questions and answers that are hard to guess, Address, city phone number.

*. Click Save, Registration complete.

After following the steps above you can use the accept payment with limited, therefore you can use all facilities egopay, the next step please verify first, for Egopay Verification tutorial, Continue bellow.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program and Make Money

How to Easily Verify Egopay Account

How to Easily Verify Egopay, Here I want to continue how to do Egopay Verification and of course Egopay verification way is not as difficult as Paypal Verification Method.

Thus, paypal itself requires verification using Credit Card or debit card with a logo mastercard and Visa logo cards.

Before I continue it would be nice if you have made sure you have an Egopay account and if you do not have an Egopay account please read above.

Ok some things you should prepare in making preparations to perform Egopay Verification as follows;

    *. Scan ID
    *. Scan Bank Account

After you have prepared the above steps, the next step is to login to Egopay.com account, in your dashboard page, there is a link “Get Verified”, click on it.

It will open a new page that you need to fill in like First name, Last name (Usually for names will be auto-filled according to the name you registered earlier), Document Type, and upload scan ID, continues, we will complete the verification with step 2, the next step of the contents of your address according to identity, will usually be filled automatically according to your profile at the time of registration and if not please complete as contained in the column and Upload Scan your bank account.

After filling in all the necessary data do not forget to click “Submit for verification” and wait a few days to find out whether the verification process received what was rejected.

Ok maybe enough so for this article, hopefully my article.

How to Add Donation Button in Blogspot Blog



How to Add a PayPal Donate, Donation Button in Blogger Blogspot

How to create Donate-Donate button in Blogger, This time I want to share tips how we make donation/donate button on blogger blogspot.

The existence of a donation button on the blog will provide an opportunity for blog owners to get donations and make it easier for visitors to donate donations to blog owners.

How to Create And Verify Paypal Account With MasterCard

Before I discuss the core. Perhaps you should make sure in advance whether you already have a Paypal account yet, if you do not have a paypal account please visit the previous article here. Furthermore you can also read the article Easy Paypal Verification with Payoneer.

Making a donation button Paypal is not difficult, we just need to login-login to paypal account with your email address and password, then we can set and take the script that we will put on the blog. To step-down the making of Paypal donation button following is the step;

How to create Paypal Donate button;

*. First, visit paypal.com page.

*. Next log in with your email address and password.

*. After login click Merchant Service-Merchant Service tab and select Donation-Donations.

How to create Donate-Donate button in Blogger

1. On the Service Name of the Organization (Please fill in the name you want as the blog-website name)

2. On Donate Donate is empty
3. Dadjust the look of your paypal Donate button or leave the original view only

4. At number 4, specify the type of currency you want to use

How to Recieve Funds to Your Paypal Account Anywhere

5. Specify whether you want to let donations decide their own donation or you want to arrange by determining a fixed amount

6. This stage, select your paypal account ID.

7. Next click the Create Button button

After you click the button “Create Button” will open a new page, at this stage you will get the script button donation that you made earlier. Copy the code and install it on your blog.

How to put Donation button on blog

1. Log in to your blogger account

2. In your blog dashboard choose Layout

3. Click Add Gadget then select HTML-JavaScript

4. Paste the script you just copied

5. Last Save

After following the above steps, it means making your paypal donation button is complete, then you can check on your blog. If you still have questions about making paypal donation button, please fill in the comment box below.

How to Create WebMoney Account Online for Free


21 Secret to Get Google Adsense Account Approval Quickly


The Easiest Way to Register Webmoney

Many ways to withdraw your earnings (Payment Processor) online business such as by using Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and WebMoney that I want to discuss this time with the list way.

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    *. How to Register Paypal
    *. How to Register Payza
    *. How to Register Payoneer

How to Make Money Online With Zero Capital 2017

WebMoney is one of E-Currency that is widely used as a means of payment on transactions, online business. WebMoney is domiciled in Russia and uses currency: USD = WMZ, Euro = WME, RUR = WMR.

One of the business that I have material and use the method Withdraw (WD) is shorte.st, please see the previous article How to Sign Up and Make Money from Shorte.st. Okay just how to list webmoney, here is step step;

WebMoney List Guides
*. First visit https://www.wmtransfer.com/ page

*. Click Sign Up.

*. Next you will be prompted to enter the phone number.

*. Next enter the data yourself according to identity, do not forget the email address, if you do not have email, please make first and if not know please read the article How to create a gmail email address.

*. After click Proced you will be prompted to re-check the data yourself, if it is appropriate click again Proced. You will then be prompted to enter a verification code sent to the phone number you entered earlier.

How Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense ?

*. Next create your password, do not forget to enter characters and click OK.

*. Next check your email to verify your account by clicking on the link in the email
After clicking the verification link in the email, your registration is done. So for this article about How to Most Easily Register Webmoney, hopefully this article can be useful. Do not forget to click share button below to share to your friends.

How to Write Quality Articles that are SEO & User Friendly


How to Write Quality Articles that are SEO & User Friendly

How to Create & Write Quality Articles SEO & User Friendly – and it must be useful for visitors it is easy Articles are content sought by visitors, so all we have to do is meet it so that visitors feel the content you share useful for him.

Google is very fond of such things that are concerned with the interests of visitors and serp engine next, and google do not like if you are more concerned with ranking in the SERP rather than the interests of visitors.

What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization ?

How to Create & Write Quality Articles SEO & User Friendly

To create articles that meet the standards of SEO and User Friendly, there are 7 things you should consider that ..

Installing Meta Description, Title Tag, and a good Heading Tag
Meta desription is a description of the page that appears in Search Engine, Title Tag is the title of each page that appears in 3 places that is Title Bar, Search Engine, and the one I forgot, while the Heading Tags are Heading or any important points in the article.

These 3 things are the 3 most important things in SEO, because if for example you only use Meta desription course yes indeed you still can rank, but more difficult. You only use Title Tag, yes it is difficult. But if you use these 3 things in one page, for high rank in Search Engine it will be easier even very easy.

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Determining Permalink
The Right Permalink is a url owned by every article, permalink is a permalink that has optimized keywords in it. If for example I have an article that targets the keyword How to Create a Blog, then a good example of permalink is like this: http://www.karlexpert.com.com/2017/06/how-create-blog.html. While the less good permalink is like this: http://www.karlexpert.com/2017-06/blog123.html

Giving Relevant & Optimized Image and Video
Giving Reliable Images and Videos will make your blog visitors better know the contents of the content you share. Although visitors already know the contents of your content from the title or from others, but still give the image and video can make your ranking can be higher in SERP, because these two parts including from Onpage SEO.

To optimize the article is easy, you just put the keyword in the title tag, alt tags, image name, and url image.

Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Linking to Relevant Sites and Authorities
Linking to other relevant pages in addition to the page itself is one part of the seo onpage, and the benefits of linking it can also make visitors who read your article more able to get more information.

You’ve seen Wikipedia right? The site has dozens of links on each page to its own page as well as to the relevant external page. This will allow some things i.e;

    1. In order for visitors to get more complete information.

    2. Visitors can open many pages so Bounce Rate site is very small.

    3. And a small Bounce Rate makes every wikipedia page can rank high.

Why almost all wikipedia pages have a PR of at least 4?
That’s because the site is linking each page, and it creates a flat pagerank flow to all pages.

Creating a Good Emphasize
An example of emphasize is to give Bold (Italic), Italic (Italic), Underline (Underline) on the desired text. This is useful for visitors more easily understand what you describe.

If for example I ask, if you read the article, what you better read the article that there is emphasize or just plain text? Obviously if in my opinion that there is a more emphasize is more readable and user friendly.

So that’s a short discussion on How to Create & Write Qualified Articles SEO & User Friendly Hopefully this article useful for you, and Greetings Success..