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10 Ideas To Become A Millionaires: How To Turns Your Passion To Wealth


Although not everyone will openly state it, basically everyone wants to have a successful and well-established life with great income. Nominal is not a guarantee of happiness, but financial stability is a guarantee of comfort and security in the future. That”s right, is not it?

That”s why many people are getting business literate. At least, this can be seen from the increasing trend of online business, including in the branch reseller and dropship #tokoonline. As long as it”s lawful, grabbing a great gift is fun and reassuring. If you want to compare, those who earn hundreds of millions of dollars per month, would have a tendency to live with more comfortable and happy, huh?

Recipes Have Income of Hundreds of Million Dollars

The good news, not just a child entrepreneur who can have hundreds of millions of dollars. You can also just know the recipe and want to work hard. While opportunities are there, let”s do our best to improve our lives. You can try 10 successful steps to earn hundreds of millions of dollars today.

Dig an Idea and Get Started in Action

If there is something amazing that deserves attention and take action, then that is an idea. This idea does not have to originate originally from your own imagination, you can get it by reading a book, a famous entrepreneur”s success story, a friend or relative. Is it hard to get a good idea to create our own chances? It depends on how hard you try and try.

When you”ve got a business idea, take action as soon as possible. Any idea can not directly lead you to the door of success. It could also be that this idea is not what you expected. This is where your mental is being tested. Do not give up and quit before this idea you execute optimally. If you finally feel this idea is not in line with your passion, your journey will give birth to other business ideas that test your talents and mental.

Set Your Priority, Do not Slack in the Middle

Creating a priority scale is very important so you know which one should take precedence. Make some targets and set them according to their priorities. Conquer the target or task that is your priority, then proceed to the next priority. When a target seems difficult to conquer and takes a long time, do not stop to jump to another target. You need to keep moving in line with the priorities you have made so that your mind can stay focused and your priority scale does not go awry.

Always Analyze Your Profits and Disadvantages During This Time

Analyzes are always needed to evaluate your achievements, while minimizing potential losses. To become a millionaire, of course there are many that you will sacrifice. Try to keep track of every small step as well as the expenses to make sure your analysis is accurate. Otherwise your analysis will be chaotic and can be useless.

Invest Wisely

To become a millionaire, you may think that diligent saving is one of the important components to achieve the predicate. No one actually, just not quite right. Saving is a good habit, but to become a big millionaire, saving is not enough.

So what is the solution? Learn about investing! Not a few millionaires in the world who claim that the results of this growing business because they make a smart investment. If saving is to raise funds, then with investment, you have a bigger goal. The investments you should learn are stock and property investments.

Patience and Optimism When All Is Difficult

No successful people never stumble. Instant success that comes in just one night is almost impossible. This means, no matter how precious you are, you will surely experience ups and downs. Enjoy with patience and keep upbeat, as this is part of your successful journey. The important thing, always remember to evaluate what you have and can not achieve.

Beware of Iming-Iming

Not a few smart people are easily tricked by the lure of investment under the guise of fraud, money machines and the like. Many are indeed lure that offer such beautiful dreams at the surge. But know, there is no great result without effort. Any career that, will certainly demand hard work and persistence.

Always Have Desire to Learn and Increase Insight

Stay hungry, stay foolish, so says Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Anyone who wants to go into the business world and want to have hundreds of millions of dollars must apply this quotes in his life. Learn, learn and keep learning to improve your insights, not just about business, but also life science. By having a broad insight, whenever the competition feels more bite, you are always alert and have a trick to handle it well.

Get used to Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts not only help you address the problem better, but also help you to see many ways to get ahead and conquer every challenge. There are times when our motivation declines in our career or business. It is this positive mind that can easily help us to stand up and want what great goals we want to achieve.

Never Make Your Purpose a Load

Never consider your target as a heavy burden you should bear. If this mindset still exists within you, pessimism will come easy and this can be an inhibiting factor that comes again and again. Have fun with your goals. Think of it as a fun challenge fun to conquer.

Do not Lose Focus Against Your Purpose

Do not lose focus on the goal you want to achieve. With focus, it will be easier for you to consistently optimize your skills. Focus, thorough, cerman and diligent. Do it continuously until your target income hundreds of millions of dollars is reached.

Do it now!
What is the next important step after reading these tips? Take actions now! Your dream to earn hundreds of millions of dollars will only be realized if you are diligent to work for your dreams, not just dreaming. Let”s burn his spirits! Let”s be optimistic and achieve your success with preparation from now on as well!

5 Tips to Become a Successful Insurance Agent


insurance agent

Jobs into sales, agents or consultants can be a fertile and lucrative field of income. One of them is an insurance agent. A successful insurance agent always places the client”s needs at the top and also has a deep knowledge of the insurance policy and the coverage of the protection it offers. Are you interested to join here ??

Yes, for some people, job as an insurance agent is not easy. Not infrequently some people avoid this job because it is prejudiced about the difficulty of getting sales. To be sure, as long as you are diligent and consistent to keep learning, achieve success as an insurance agent can.

Key Tips To Become A Success As An Insurance Agent

An insurance agent must be reliable, be it by the insurance company, and also the client. When clients need, insurance agents are always willing to communicate with them through effective communication. They realize that customers are their priority, and deserve good service, even though the deal has been done long ago.

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Then how to be a successful insurance agent? Try following these key tips.

#1 Have Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills must be owned by every insurance agent. They are able to offer not-to-the-point deals, but subtle, through warm conversations, in order for potential customers to build confidence. After the customer”s trust was awakened well, he also did not hurry to make the closing, unless 100% sure.

An insurance agent is required to win the client”s trust properly and be able to explain the ins and outs of the policy and other insurance information to the client. Through a light discussion session, he was able to explain exactly how a polisher can help solve a client”s problem, whether that has happened or is predicted to happen.

With full confidence in the agent, it”s easier for potential customers to agree with your offer.

#2 Be a Good Listener

What happens if an agent is talkative and nerocos nonstop? You will instantly read is being aggressive selling. On the other hand, customers will also be bored and feel not accommodated their needs. The fact is, when you do bidding, you also need to listen to customers and speak from heart to heart, to know what they need.

Invite them to speak their complaints and listen carefully, then prospective customers will feel cared for and arise sympathetic. Being a good listener here also includes one of the essential skills that an insurance agent must have. Have and grasp this ability, then any closing will feel easier.

#3 Do not Ignore Credibility

Every job guides credibility. No exception the profession of an insurance agent. Be an agent who can establish identity as someone who looks mature and experienced in your field. You must master the product material and provide professional services. When credibility builds up, the next step becomes easier.

#4 Active and Organized

It is important to have a regular to-do-list and database to find out how many new policy targets you have, prospects to follow-up and an ending policy that needs immediate renewal. To help your work effectively and be organized, you can use a variety of mobile apps specifically for insurance agents.

#5 Confidence

Confidence is of course a compulsory capital in any profession, especially an insurance agent. You are required to master the product and are confident that every business you will deliver optimum results. Confidence is not instant, often you have to train it from experiences within a certain period of time. With a good sense of confidence, it will be easier for you to walk to achieve success.

How to Make The Most of Your Annual Insurance Review


When was the last time you reviewed your insurance?
Since then, if you’ve gotten married, had a baby, added a four-legged friend to your family, sent a kid off to college, finished your basement, bought a trampoline, replaced your roof or made a big purchase like a diamond ring or a set of golf clubs, your insurance is most likely out-of-date and it is time for a review. As a good rule of thumb, when there’s a change in your life, more likely than not, your insurance will need to change, too.

There are many benefits to an annual insurance review. First of all, in the instance of a loss, you’ll want your policy to be up-to-date to ensure that you’re covered. During an insurance review, your agent will go over specific details about your life and insurance policies to make sure that all your needs are met. Secondly, you may find something that you don’t currently have covered, a discount that you aren’t taking advantage of or an extra coverage to add at no additional cost. Finally, your agent can help you understand your current coverages and go over any changes in your premium cost.

An independent agent is a valuable resource and will be able to guide you through the process. However, there are a few things you can do to be sure you get the most from your next insurance review.

1. Come prepared

To ensure both an efficient and beneficial review, it is wise to come prepared. Bring information on all of your cars, including make, model, year, drivers and primary use. When it comes to your home, know the age of features, like your roof and furnace, along with details of any major remodeling efforts.

Also, bring a home inventory with you and be sure to make note of valuable items, like jewelry or instruments, that may not be fully covered by a typical homeowners or renters policy. A home inventory can sound like quite a task, but there’s a variety of apps that can help make the process easier. Bringing current and accurate information on these details can give your agent a good idea of what your needs are and what kind of policy is best for you.

2. Ask questions

Insurance-speak can be confusing. So don’t be hesitant to speak up when you don’t understand your policy. Your agent wants you to be aware of your needs and what your policy does and does not cover. The bottom line is, you should understand what you’re paying for. And your agent can help you by answering any questions you may have.

3. Think in scenarios

Insurance is there to protect you during the “what-ifs.” What if my tree falls on a neighbor’s fence? What if one of my kid’s friends gets hurt on our trampoline? What if my newly-finished basement floods? Present these scenarios to your agent to learn more about your insurance and be confident in what risks your policy covers.

4. Have a coverage-over-price mindset

We’re not saying that price isn’t important. Cost is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing anything. But you don’t want to sacrifice adequate coverage for a cheaper policy. It has the potential to really hurt your finances in the long run. To get the best results, go into your review with a quality-over-quantity mindset. Determine your needs first, and then work on finding the best price.

5. Ask about discounts

Once again, cost is important. So after you’ve found the best coverage, why not try to get a few extra perks or a discount? Often, insurance companies will provide incentives for renewing your policy with them. For instance, companies may offer accident forgiveness to good drivers who have been customers for a certain number of years.

Discounts are another way to save on your premium. From having a good student with a great driving record to bundling multiple policies from the same carrier, there may be discounts for reasons you wouldn’t expect. Always ask your agent about additional ways to save.

6. Don’t be afraid to call your agent for a review

Part of the value of your policy is that it comes with an insurance agent. And your agent can help you understand your policy, while making sure that you have proper coverage at the best price. When you finish your review, you will be in a better position because your insurance will reflect your current needs, you’ll have a better understanding of your policies and you may even save a buck or two along the way.

If you’re a Grange customer, you can arrange an annual insurance review with your independent agent by logging in to your My Grange Account and submitting a request for an annual insurance review.

Thank to John Dawson Associates, Verne Hart Insurance Agency and Williamson Insurance for providing an agent’s perspective and advice for this article.

7 Simple Step by Step Guide to SEO Success



In the world of internet marketing must be sure to know the workings of SEO (search engine optimization) to be applied to the website. Karna when wrestling in online sales that will be many people who use google search engine. The advantage of using seo itself has many benefits such as cheaper cost with a very broad and epektif target market.

To get the top 10 rankings from google search engine, must have a hard work effort to get it and is not easy, apalgi level competitors very tight.

However, all there are weaknesses or entry gaps to get the top ranking.

To find out how SEO work is an important step not to skip can get the best results. It feels without doing the right way and startup, it will be difficult to get the top position of search engines.


    What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Without further, I will explain the important steps that still must be done to bring the website from google search.

1. The First Way: Research keywords

The first way seo work that you must do to improve keyword search in google is learn how to research first the content you will write on the blog. You can use some paid tools like google adword, google research planner and others.

2. Use Domain keywords

Some people think that the keyword domain is already considered a scam for google search engine. Somehow the issue is circulating until someone believes it. But for myself the benefits of using keyword domain is one of the ways to help SEO (search engine optimization) in the search keyword and to help google in the divorce in the content of the website.

3. Use the Leading Platform

If you have continued using another platform actually it does not matter. However I recommend to use wordpress platform, many advantages of using wordpress platform is one of them is the number of tools for their own SEO needs.

If we use wordpress wp it is like killing mosquitoes using mosquito rackets and if using another platform like killing mosquito wear cannon. But all that back again from the user more comfortable and master where.

4. Use SEO Plugin

In the advantage of using wordpress platform is the number of SEO tools one of which plugin that I will mention below.

    4.1. WP SEO yoast plugin or all in one SEO pack
    4.2. Image SEO friendly
    4.3. Google XML sitemap

5. Qualified Articles

Many different opinions about how many quality articles are like and how many words. But for me personally the number of articles about 500 words is enough SEO and updated regularly, the more new URLs contained on our website, it will be a plus for google itself and of course the quality of writing should also be good and original.

Quality Articles are basic things that must be understood first. However search engines read the cash of articles written on the website page. And to create a quality article can read other explanations on how to create articles that like googledihalaman, and you can understand it easily to apply on your website.

6. Social Media

When talking internet most people will remember social media like facebook, instagram, twitter and others. The advantages of using social media itself many benefits for the website to improve the SEO for more and more widely known and will get visitors from social media when it is shared to social media.

7. Backlinks

Using backlinks is the last SEO approach I will discuss. To anticipate the changes of google search engine algorithm, because we will never know the development will continue and if left behind in that case our website will even be drowned. Should build a quality backlink, you can get backlinks in forums that already have a good rating or traffic on the internet.

To get started from the beginning on understanding how SEO works you can read other articles on. Learn SEO – Basic SEO Tips..

CPATrend – CPA Network Reviews – How To Make Money From CPATrend


CPATrend.com, CpaTrend Networks – Scam Or Legit CPA?

Earlier than becoming a member of any program or network today, we all search for ideal records in different now not to fall on scammers hand. Perhaps when you have been deliberating joining the cpatrend program, i probable welcome you, because that is your exceptional and healthy. here are a few step to enroll in this network.

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What is CPA Trends

CPATrend Affiliate Network is a top notch performance-based Internet Marketing company that thrives upon the success of our advertisers and affiliates. CPATrend is extremely proud of their industry best support team, by their extremely high paying offers and campaigns, as well as prompt Net-15 payments.

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Working alongside CPATrend will not only be a very profitable experience for both advertisers and affiliates, but it will also be a pleasant experience dealing with their friendly, and eager to help staffs.

About CPATrend – Since 2010

CPATrend was founded in January 2010 and has developed into a leader of the internet marketing industry. With a strong focus on customer support, prompt payments, and a carefully selected network of affiliates and advertisers, CPATrend has been voted a Top 20 CPA Network.

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Why CPATrend Network?

– CPATrend has a wide variety of global dating and adult offers, including exclusives and private offers.

– CPATrend has never missed a payment in almost 6 years of doing business. Seriously, do your research!

– Each affiliate receives a dedicated account manager to help you meet and exceed all of your business’ goals.

– CPATrend provides flexible payment terms and various payment options including ACH, Wires, PayPal, Check, etc.

– CPATrend is a New York based company with an office in Queens, NY.

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CPATrend Payment Options and Information

CPATrend is the most reliable network in the industry, and their payment history is impeccable. There is not one affiliate who has not been paid for their traffic. CPATrend payment information is below.

*. All affiliates start on Monthly NET-15 terms.

Bi-weekly Threshold: $500.00 per week.

Weekly Threshold: $1,000.00 per week.

Wire Payment Threshold (FREE): $2,000.00

Wire Payment Fee (If under $2,000.00): $40.00

CPATrend Payment Options

This method is available to US Publishers only.
This method is available to All Publishers.
This method is available to All Publishers.
This method is available to All Publishers.
This method is available to All Publishers.

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Contact Information

You can contact cpatrend staff for any queries and recieve absolute respond in zero time.

If it is before or after business hours, try using their contact form!.

Phone: (646) 652-6619
Email:andrew@ cpatrend.com

How to Join CPATrend
Follow This link to join the program: http://login.cpatrend.com/affiliate_signup.aspx., Fill in your neccessary details and wait for approval.

Done, Feel free to drop comment below for any queries. I”m ready to respond you.

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast [New] 2017


How to Install and Settings SEO Plugin by Yoast [New] For WordPress Website or Blog in 2017 – Yoast Last SEO Version

SEO by Yoast has experienced many advances and updates very often so that many changes that brought both of the feature.
yoast wordpress seo plugins

SEO plugin by Yoast is one of the few free plugins located in the WordPress.org library that you can find, SEO plugin yoast is the best SEO plugin that is widely used by WordPress users, There are also other SEO plugins that are also used by many users of WordPress Namely All in One SEO. For those of you who use the plugin All In One SEO must also know about a version that is much more advanced than WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

This SEO Yoast plugin has been integrated with many important features like Meta robot Plugin, RSS Footer Plugin, and many more. Since this plugin brings many new features, of course to make SEO plugin settings by Yoast is not easy, especially for those of you who just use WordPress or for users who will migrate from plugin All in One SEO to SEO by Yoast. For this reason, I am here to share this complete tutorial that will help you to configure the SEO by Yoast plugin correctly and generate optimal site performance.

    How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Easily

SEO Plugin By Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a very powerful plugin to make it easier for WordPress users who want to optimize the WordPress site to be friendly with the search engines. However, setting up this plugin may be difficult for some new people and bloggers or anyone who still lacks basic SEO skills. You need to know that doing the wrong configuration can stop search engine bots indexing your blog, or you might let bots crawl your site in what might not be important. Before you read the configuration section, you should first know some of the SEO features offered by this plugin;

    1. Site verification in Google, Bing, and Yandex
    2. Meta title settings
    3. Hide RSD, WLW, shortlinks from the header
    4. Meta Control for Taxonomy and author pages
    5. Supports Facebook Open Graph
    6. Can create a sitemap
    7. Advanced control permalink
    8. Breadcrumb Support
    9. Footer settings RSS feed plugin
    10. Import settings from other SEO plugins.
    11. Editing .htaccess files
    12. Hide Date in Search engine results
    13. Add Google author for a single author

How to Use SEO Plugin by Yoast

Now let”s start for the complete guide of this free SEO Yoast plugin configuration tutorial.

If you use the SEO plugin installed on your WordPress like All In One SEO, Headspace 2, wp SEO or Woothemes SEO framework and want to migrate to SEO by Yoast should import your settings to this plugin. (For new users you skip the import section of this guide).

After you install and activate WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast it will appear new menu in your WordPress admin sidebar with name “SEO” please click menu SEO » Tools » Import and export in The bottom of the left panel, and select the plugin settings you want to import. I recommend first backing up from your database, and then check the option to “Delete the Old Data After Import? (Recommended)”

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The first step to get started with this plugin is to submit your site to Google, Bing, and Yandex. After installing the plugin and getting the verification code, click on the SEO menu » General » Webmaster Tools.

You do not have to submit your site to all those lists, you can send for Google and Bing only, for the way you can read my tutorials list Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools. After you do this, let”s move to the other settings section of this plugin:

Download Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Bellow

Yoast Wp SEO Plugin (Free Version)
Download Here!!

Yoast Seo Plugin: Pro Version
Purchase Pro Version Here!

Title And Metas

This is one of the most important parts of this plugin, and I will describe and brief explanations.

After you click on Title and Metas, in the General menu tab section below the link click “Help Center” to see what operators are used and what operators are not used. This will help you quickly setup your Title and meta SEO.

Homepage Settings

Click on the Homepage tab and configure settings for your site title and meta description. Here is an example of a screenshot to fill it:

    *. Title Template: The home title you want to display in Google search.
    *. Meta Description: Your site”s meta description to display in search engines.
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Post Type SEO Settings

This is where you will configure SEO for all types of your posts. By default you will have Post, Pages & media type. If you use more custom types in WordPress, you will see a section here. Here you can define SEO for posts, pages and media sections of your WordPress blog. As I mentioned above, be sure to check out the Help Center for easy understanding of what templates you can use. Also, by default WordPress SEO by Yoast hides dates from search engines, this is useful for blogs that do not always update publish articles every day. If you run a news blog and want to display the date of your post in the search engine, you can choose “Show” on the choice of “Date in snippet preview“.

Taxonomies & Archives

In Categories and Tags I choose as noindex and dofollow. However, this depends on your blog SEO plan. If you want to use the settings I use, just select “noindex” and “hide”. But keep in mind again that this arrangement can depend on with your needs. Since I do not index tags and categories, you can add more users and brand-centric title templates.
“% | %term_title% | %Archives% | %page% | %sitename% | %author%” e.t.c.

Here you can set indexing for authors and date-based archives. Also, you can disable or enable the date and author of the archive. I suggest you choose “noindex” and “Enable“.


This is the last setting in the Title and Metas settings. You can select “noindex” in Archives and “Disable” on Meta keyword Tags and noodp. Meta keywords why choose disabled because Google does not currently use meta keywords to crawl your site.

Click “Save Changes” after the settings are complete.


The new Yoast SEO plugin has added the Google Knowledge Graph feature. This will display your social media profile in the search engine every time someone searches for your brand name. Configuration is very easy, you just need to add all your social media profiles in the fields provided.

Here you can configure Facebook Open Graph meta tags, default images for Facebook, and Twitter Meta Cards. I suggest you add a default image, which will help Facebook to display images when your post has no pictures when in like or shared to Facebook.

XML sitemap

Enabling the Sitemap feature and this plugin will take care of your blog sitemap. After creating the Sitemap file, submit Sitemap to Google, Bing & other search engines that accept Sitemaps file.


Go to the Advanced menu » Permalink Tabs, you can configure permalink settings using 2-3 settings from here to avoid indexed parameters in Google search.

Internal links

Breadcrumbs is useful to make it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your site, and breadcrumbs is also useful in helping users to navigate your site. This is indeed proven to be very easy for users to navigate.

Once you have finished setting up all your SEO configurations with the Yoast plugin, please try the search results with the Rich Snipet Google test tool to check the author, and see how Google will display your blog posts in Google search results.

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This RSS setting is in the Advanced menu, this section integrates the feature of the RSS footer Plugin. When using it you can add a link back to the original article in the RSS feed. You can also use it to add ads to your RSS feeds. In this setting I just add the following line after the content post section; “The post %%POSTLINK%% appeared first on %% BLOGLINK%%“.

Edit File

This feature is very important that brought by WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. You can edit the .htaccess WordPress and robots.txt files from the dashboard. So with this edit file, you do not need to login to cpanel hosting or access via FTP to edit the two files, but if you do not have more knowledge in suggest not to change the file because if an error occur, it may cause your site to be un-accessed.

Setting SEO by Yoast in Post and Page

In the latest version of SEO by Yoast, they have made enormous design changes that are confusing for older users, when it comes to adding meta titles & descriptions. Actually you only need to click on META Description and enter your meta description, and in fact it is just changed in a new way by clicking on meta DEFAULT and when you click the standard META taken from the initial post and you can edit it to fill it as you wish own. Actually the block concept has been removed in the new update Yoast, you just need to click on “Edit snippet” to edit the title and click on META to edit the meta.

Above is a complete guide how to do settings or configuration of WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, I hope this tutorial will help you to setup WordPress SEO by Yoast correctly. This is one of the free SEO plugins for your WordPress blog. And always remember that you make sure your settings before making the changes are correct. The wrong configuration can bring negative SEO effects to your Blog.

What and Uses of WordPress Widgets?



A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs certain functions. You can add this widget in the sidebar, or even in the footer, also known as the widget-ready area on your web page.

WordPress widgets were originally created to provide a simple and easy-to-use way of designing and controlling the structure of WordPress themes to users. Widgets can be easy to drag and drop (drag & drop) to a specific widget area. You can find a list of available widgets and widget areas by going to the Appearance menu » Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.

Widgets in WordPress allow you to add content and features in widgetized areas of your theme that are mostly sidebar. However widget-ready areas can be in the header, footer, sidebar, under the content, and basically any other area of your theme. The widget areas available that you have in your Theme will vary from theme to theme.

Most WordPress themes have widgets ready and have some widget area. But there is also a theme that does NOT include a widget area. If you do not see the widget area, then it means that your theme does not support widgets.

There are different types of widgets. WordPress by default comes with several widgets including categories, tag cloud, navigation menus, calendars, searches, recent posts etc. If you drag the latest post widget in the widget area, it will contain a list of recent posts.

Widgets are mostly self-contained areas of code that perform certain functions. Plugins often add their own widgets to give users more control over the look of the Plugin function. An example of the wp125 plugin widget that allows you to add a 125×125 banner ad zone in your widget area by using widgets from the plugin.

How to Set Up and Customize WordPress Themes


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wordpress theme

To set and customize the wordpress theme actually depends on the theme you use for your WordPress site, because every wordpress theme has its own way depending on the developer of the theme. In this tutorial I will show you how to make some changes to your site using the Customization page. In this tutorial I will use the default Theme of the old wordpress called Twenty Fifteen.

How to Customize a WordPress Theme

To start customizing your WordPress theme, Please access the Appearance menu » Customize.

    8 Essential WordPress Plugin Your Website/Blog Needs – 2017

On this page you can use to modify your WordPress theme in real time. On the left you will see a list of options available to make changes and to the right of live preview of your site and you can see directly from your changes.

How to Change Title and WordPress Tagline

On the theme customization page you can modify your site title and tagline. To make changes, just type in the title of the site and Tagline as you wish. As you type you will see the new text appear in the preview on your right hand side. Once you are satisfied with the results, just click on Save & Publish.

WordPress also allows you to choose between two options to make your front page or your frontpage, you can choose a static page that means you display the page you have created, the second is to display a list of the latest blog posts on the front page. These are other settings you can configure from the theme customization page.

    How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Easily

By default WordPress will display your latest posts on the front page or homepage. However, you can change that with the option to display a static page. Remember if you want to display a static page or static page, you must create Page first by accessing menu Pages » New Page.

Additional Menu WordPress customization

Depending on the theme you use there may be additional options on the page. For example, Twenty fifteen also allows you to modify the background color of the site & background, add a background image and more. In this wordpress also provides a menu to manage widgets, so you can easily also to set the widget area that has been provided by the wordpress theme you use, whether it is to set the sidebar and footer. Once you’re happy with the results, just click on the Save button & Publish to save your changes.

How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Easily


blogger to wordpress

Surely you are familiar with a blog provider called Blogger or Blogspot. In addition to free, also a lot of ease and flexibility offered. Starting from content management, to easily alternate themes at will.

However, for those of you who have long used Blogger or Blogspot and your blog already has a high traffic, how about to move from Blogger and move to another blog CMS?

One alternative that you can do is to use WordPress which is installed in the hosting itself. The term is WordPress self-hosted.

However, moving from Blogspot to WordPress should be done carefully, otherwise it could cause major problems if this move causes URL changes, search traffic, google pagerank and RSS subsriber.

Then, how the steps how to move Blogspot to WordPress?

Keep reading..

    How to Start a WordPress Blog & Make Money 2017

How to Transfer Content From Blogspot to WordPress

Fortunately WordPress already provides Tools to import all old blog posts along with readers comments from Blogger to WordPress Self Hosted new blog automatically.

Here is how to move blog from Blogspot to WordPress (Self Hosted):

1. Moving Post and Comment
*. Log in to your WordPress account.

*. Click Tools > Import > Choose Blogger

*. Install plugin “Blogger Importer” then enable it.

*. After the active plugin click Authorize, then give WordPress permission to access your Blogger account.

*. Then will appear several options blog (if you have more than one blog) and then select blog which will be import to WordPress. Click Import and wait until the process is complete.

*. After import process is complete, post box and comment on imported blog will be light blue and Import button will change to Set Authors. Click and select the Author that matches your Blogger account, otherwise leave it alone and do not forget to change the Author Name when the move from Blogger to WordPress is complete (by clickingUser > Your Profile in your WordPress menu).

*. Click Save Changes. The process of moving Post and Comment from Blogger to WordPress is done.

    How to Import WordPress Posts to Another Website or Blog

2. Redirect Blogger URL to WordPress
(A). In WordPress Self Hosting.

*. Install the plugin “Blogger To WordPress Redirection”, then enable it.

*. Click Tools > Blogger To WordPress Redirection

*. Click the Start button Configuration then the plugin will soon detect Blogger blog that you have Import. Click Get Code on the right side of the Blogger blog name that appears.

*. Next will come the template code that you need to copy and paste in the HTML Editor of your blogger template.

*. Copy the code, then go to stage B (below).

(B). In Blogger

*. Log in to your Blogger account.

*. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

*. Paste the template code you copied (in step A) and paste the code into the Blogger template (recommended for backup first). Click “Save Template”.

*. Next you test first by opening one of the url of Blogger blog whether it has automatically redirected to WordPress blog page.

3. Import Images and Media from Blogger into WordPress
*. Next is all the images and any media that are in Blogger to WordPress blog storage media.

*. First step install plugin “Blogger Image Import” then enable.

*. Click Tools > Blogger Image Import

*. Write the maximum number of imported images, then start by clicking Start Import

*. Done, please open one post then note the URL in the image to make sure the imported image has been successful.

Now completed is the process of moving blogs from Blogger to WordPress.

The above way can also be done to move content to WordPress.com if you are not ready to use your own hosting and domain. And if you already feel ready, then can move to WordPress self hosted.

The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization


seo sample

Maybe before explaining how to learn SEO, I will explain what is SEO means itself.

I think Search Engine Optimization is a promotional medium from Search Engines Like Google, Bing and others by displaying the top pages of the website of the search engine itself.

There are some SEO that I will discuss this time with technical techniques that I have applied in website that I do, to get the best position from search engines.

    Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

From every search engine whether it”s google or bing, of course have rules that must be applied for someone who wants his website to appear on the top page of search engines. And basically search itself is an information search engine, so for the search company itself is only a quality website that will get the top position of the search engine. For those who have a website, maybe I will ask.

Is your website qualified and worth entering the top page of google?

Now google is a search engine that mostly use in whole world. When someone searches for information on the internet “anything” someone will use google search to find that information. Maybe you are one of these people, and this is not just in single country alone, worldwide people use Google to search for information. Not just one or two people who use google search engine, even trillions worldwide use it.

    What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization ?
What does google want?

Search google is a search engine company that wants to provide decent information and high quality. When google provide information that is not qualified and perfunctory, then of course its own loss for google, even people will move to other search engines, like yahoo and others because not satisfied using google.

Google search engine rules

There are some rules that must be applied for someone who wants to optimize their website page to enter page 1 of the search engines. One of them apply the rules that google use, like google algorithm itself.
What is this “google algorithm?”
Quiet calm! I will explain in an easy way.

    10 On-Page SEO Factors Your Blog is Probably Missing

From every year even every month or day of course from google company itself, want to become better from time to time, so the user satisfaction will increase as well.

To see the development of google search engine usually marked with update algorithm.

What is that ?
Brief explanation of any google algorithm

1. Hamming bird
To know google Humming bird algorithm is the conclusion is best in your website have a fast loading and have a good response. For example, internet users, using mobile phones, or others, users do not need to zoom in and zoom out to view your content. The algirtma was launched on September 26th, 2013.

2. Google panda
Panda algorithm is more priority to the quality of the content, and try your best your content has a high quality, and not the result of copy paste.

To know the quality content, you can see how long the internet user is to open the website page. If only a few moments, then your website has a less good quality for the users. New entry to the website has come out back (bounce rate). The panda algorithm was launched on February 23, 2011.

    What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

3. Penguin algorithm
For wesite optimization, require backlinks from other websites outside your own website. This algorithm is more focused than the backlink side. And make sure the backlinks obtained from reputable websites, whether it is a backlink that has hight traffic, relevant, or from a reputable website google.

Here are some brief explanations about google algorithm for you to apply on your website. If already in the apply, then please continue to learn SEO more deeply.

Content Is King

Content is king which in itself is a text that we optimize from every page of website.

Basically search engines read the content that we write on the website to display, even if the show, images or video. No matter how good it is the image, video or website, the text is written with words written on the content.

Quality cash is a very interesting content to read for internet users. The characteristics of a quality website we can see, people tend to long to see the contents of your content and have a useful impression itself.

There are some things to watch before creating your content on the internet. The first is google and human friendly algorithm.

Characteristics of websites that have a low quality, people tend not to feel at home in your website. This term is usually called bounce rate. If bounce rate is high, then be prepared for SERP your content will also decrease.

To find out how to create good content, then you can start by reading the previous article, on how to create a good copywriter, which can affect people to feel at home reading, even can be applied to products sold.

Creating Anchot Text for optimization of each page of the website
Anchor has an important role in optimizing the entire page website, whether it”s from baclink or from the internal website itself.

What is anchor text?
The anchor text itself is the identity of a website page. Suppose this article is made for who wants to learn SEO, each Anchor text itself is “Learning SEO” or can with “learn seo easily” And so on, which are in tuilis and marked with an active link to the anchor destination of the text.

There are many types of anchor text that you can learn, one of which is:
-Naked anchor text
– Keyword anchor text
– Generic anchor text
– Branded anchor text
– Long Tail

Seo Off Page Optimization

Optimizing the website from outside the website itself is very important to apply, because I myself have a good optimization of the off-page side, it is in the calculation of the algoriotma google. So in the calculation, then in my own opinion, has a driver from search engine that is very large, about 70% and the rest of the on page itself.

Maybe this is the only discussion here, and this article will be discussed again next time. Just wait again, to find out more.

8 Essential WordPress Plugin Your Website/Blog Needs – 2017


8 Essential WordPress Plugin Your Website/Blog Needs - 2017

One of the advantages of WordPress installed in the domain and hosting itself (self hosted), is the use of PLUGIN which allows us to add certain functions as needed.

Examples can be used to add online store functions, create moving images, create ad slots, tighten website security, and so forth.

This plugin can also we referred to as additional applications, like weapons that can be changed according to the battlefield.

    How to Create a WordPress Landing Page Under 20 Minutes

Well, to know what plugins that can be used in this WordPress, we can see in the WordPress plugin catalog already provided by WordPress.org. Try click here.

If I’m not mistaken, until now there is a range of 35,000+ plugins and made by various developers from various parts of the world. And the good news, all the plugins are there we can use for free.

Incredible yes!

One Of the many plugins that, as long as I use WordPress until now, there are some plugins that I use most on every WordPress website that I make.

    How to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

All of these plugins have largely represented the standard website creation needs that I do.

Among others;

    #1. To speed up website load.
    #2. Tighten website security.
    #3. Enable the management of SEO ONPAGE.
    #4. Create a contact form
    #5. Integration with social media

Perhaps you need, here are some recommended WordPress plugins that must be installed on our WordPress site.

    1. WordPress SEO by YOAST
    2. WP Super Cache
    3. Akismet
    4. iThemes Security
    5. Contact Forms 7
    6. Jetpack
    7. Genesis Simple Share
    8. Simple Social Icons

Yes, that’s some of the recommended WordPress plugins to use in my version. Of course you can increase or reduce it yourself as needed.

But, there’s one more plugin I want to suggest and this is important, but honestly it’s also rarely I use. That is a plugin to backup our website files and databases. I have not found a match right now. Soonest, I’ll add later there can be a review.

    How to Start a WordPress Blog & Make Money 2017

Okay, maybe it was from me. Perhaps anyone would add, please fill in the comments field.

When these tips are felt useful, please help SHARE so more people will get the benefits.

    Why Should I Use WordPress to Create a Website?

What is Online Business? – Type of Internet Business


start an online business

Still confused with what is an online business?

Business online is all kinds of business activities conducted online (via the internet).

Every business actor that some of his activities or all of his business activities is done through the internet, it can be said they run an online business.

This online business activity can include online buying and selling activities, as well as providing online services, and many other types of businesses that we can find online in various industries.

In essence, if you have a business idea or a unique product, you can immediately start selling it via the internet.

That is, everyone can just start an online business.

And if I may say, actually this is the same as we do traditional buying and selling transactions, but your office or shop is online, so later we also have to decide how to contrived the look of our business website in the future.

Type of Online Business

This online business activity can be realized in various types (display form on the internet). Among others shaped;

    *. Website
    *. Online store or marketplace
    *. Blog
    *. Social media account

Online Business Benefits and Challenges

The potential of online business is tempting, but the process and the challenges we have to face is not something light.

There are many things we can consider when starting an online business or putting in an existing business, especially if you’re not someone who is familiar with computers, or has not even built a business before.

Some of the benefits we can get are:

    1. Save the cost of renting premises and employees.

    2. The product is flexible, can be many kinds.

    3. Enhance access via the internet, anytime and from anywhere, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Nevertheless, there are some challenges that we have to face, among others:

    1. Requires technical skills regarding websites and internet.

    2. Expenses for gadgets, computer devices, and support software.
    3. The risk of online fraud.

Also read the article about how to start an online business, perhaps it can provide an overview of how its practical application.

Understand Technology

Understanding how to use the computer and some supporting software, and how to use the internet properly and correctly, will greatly help us in running an online business.

Do not be discouraged if you feel less understanding of technology, out there there is a lot of information and courses that we can get to support us to better understand about things like this.

The important thing is to keep learning and keep trying.

Well, more or less that’s a brief description of the understanding of online business. If it is still lacking, please you develop your own understanding of this by looking for sources of information that many exist on the internet.

Now, Continue Bellow:

What is Internet Marketing? (Beginner’s Guide)
Maybe all this time our understanding of internet marketing it is selling via the internet. Actually it is not wrong because if seen from the definition, internet marketing it is marketing online via internet. However…
7 Unique and Creative Business Ideas For Students
Not having to wait for an adult to start a business, a teenager with a student status, although students are also entitled and eligible to start a business….
7 Things to Do Before Starting an Online Business
There are various things you should really consider before starting an online business, if you do not want your online business run aground in the middle of the road…..

What is Fiverr? – How To Make Money On Fiverr.com



Being a freelancer is one way to work from home independently, without the need to build a business institution as in general. Generally, as long as you operate on your own behalf, you do not need to register on behalf of a business entity.

    How to Make an Interesting Fiverr Gigs – Fiverr.com Jerk

This makes it possible to start being a freelancer in “all the time” without having to think about business permits and lots of capital.

What is a freelancer?
Freelancer is someone who offers services to get paid. In general, a freelancer works independently without a long-term contract with a client.

What is the reason people become freelancers?
If you suddenly lose your job, you need to do something to keep the income awake. The sooner you do it, the more you can avoid the financial hardships that can happen.

    Ultimate Guide: How to Start Freelance Writing Jobs

While you are looking for a job and look forward to working in a company, you can decide to become a freelancer, and get a job independently.

If you also want to be your own boss, being a freelancer can be a good choice. In the meantime you can continue to look for work while doing the task as a freelancer.

What kind of work can a freelancer do?
A freelancer can be asked to do any kind of work you can imagine!

Here are some of them:
– freelance writer
– Virtual Assistant
– Graphic designer

And many others. Of the many, I have written 11 major freelancers and most profitable jobs in the freelancer world.

    12 Great Tips to Become a Perfect Freelance Writer

Basically, whatever you can do in your area of expertise while working elsewhere, you can also work as a freelancer. And in many cases, even in specific professions that require a certain license.

What do you need and how to become a freelancer?
To become a freelancer, basically, you have to have something of value that you can offer to clients, usually in the form of services.

Many people quit their jobs and start offering freelancers in their areas of expertise. Well, below are the things that can help you start a career as a freelancer;
*. Create blogs – websites to promote yourself
*. Phone connection to make it easy for clients to contact you
*. Ideally, a business address
*. Portfolio. Examples of your work in the past
*. References from others. But this is not mandatory, along with a career trip, you will get this reference by yourself.

How do I get a freelancer job?
The answer depends on the work you want to do. But, in general you can quickly find a job on the freelancer site below;
*. UpWork
*. Teacher
* PeoplePerHour
*. Freelancer

I have written 10 best freelancer top sites, please read to know more about freelancer sites.

Some freelancer sites are free, while others are cost-effective for you to bid for. In general, these sites offer both free and paid memberships, which is usually the amount of work you can ask for much less for free members. Upwork is the one that really does not ask you to pay a bit.

Some freelancers also join a team to increase the chances of getting a job.

What is the main advantage of being a freelancer?
As a freelancer, you can set up working hours freely. You can be very busy this month, and relax a bit in the other months.

Work so online freelancer
In moments of relax, you can look for other job opportunities or develop your websites for the better. It”s up to you!

    9 Freelance Job You Can Do Online From Home

Being a freelancer, with the flexibility to manage your own time, working from home, could be the dream of many people. A small amount of capital, without the hassle of starting a business, is another advantage of freelancers.

Being a freelancer, can also be the best way to save your finances, if suddenly you lose the main job. In addition to your income, by becoming a freelancer, you can still find work, train and develop skills and expertise, which can be a good capital for your next job.

But, of course, who knows you just decided to become a full-time freelancer, and stop looking for another job. That”s what I did!

What are the shortcomings of being a freelancer?
Some people believe that being a freelancer means that they will not get a satisfactory fee, while the employer also thinks that he does not have to pay for the services of a freelancer.

    Top 12 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs In 2017

It”s all due to tight competition and global nature. People from all over the world offer the same services at lower prices.

Yes, it is true! But that”s too much, and a bit misguided.

Over time, experience and evidence of your work, you will gain a high bargaining power of clients with prices and earnings you can be proud of! For 3 years as a sfreelancer, I dare say what I have produced enough to make me proud!

In addition, and one thing to keep in mind: You do not have to accept a job! If not as expected, look for other jobs that offer higher pay.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people take advantage of new freelancers, with underpayments, inadequate payments and so on. I have a new freelancer, about this.

But I am sure, as your experience increases, you will be easy to know which potential clients are and which ones are not. So you can avoid fraud attempts in the freelancer world.

With all the advantages and disadvantages (honestly, I am currently only seeing the advantages), if you have something or any skill you can offer, being a freelancer is a career choice worth doing and occupied.

Happy to work. Success is always for all of us.

How To Make Money With ClickBank in 2017 (Step by Step Guide)


clickbank website preview

Many affiliate programs are offered on the internet such as Copeac, Clickbooth, and so on. There we have to sell other people”s products. And Clickbank is a popular affiliate program and pretty good on the internet. What is the reason we should choose Clickbank? The answer is a lot because there are many benefits to be gained by joining as an affiliate and running this program.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program and Make Money

1. Proes Registration is free, fast and easy.
To register on Clickbank is free of charge. Simply register and fill out the registration form and be approved immediately when eligible. We also do not have to wait long to get started working to promote the product. Once accepted we can immediately start to choose products to promote. Compare with other ffiliate programs that must meet many requirements to register. For example must have a site that has high pagerank, must have experience as an internet marketer, must through the process of telephone interview, and so forth. With Clickbank the requirements are the easiest. Cheap and fast

2. Fast payment process.
Commissions payment system for affiliate marketers including fast. Payments are made twice in a way and can be by check or direct deposit. This means Clickbank has a stable source of income. In addition to commission payments can be set with a low limit of $50.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So we do not have to wait long to wait for the commission to be paid. As soon as our commission to the lowest limit for payout, it will be directly paid by Clickbank.

3. Number of products many.
Many variations of products from various merchants that can be selected to be marketed. Over 10,000 products listed on Clickbank. The price offered also varies from the cheapest to the most expensive. Choose with jelly in order to choose a product that is easy to sell with great benefits. Pay attention to trends, prices, commissions, sales charts and notes about the products we choose.

4. The commission given is quite large.
The commission given by Clickbank is pretty big up to 75%. This is what makes people interested in becoming a Clickbank affiliate. Try to compare with other affiliate programs.

5. The method is simple.
Clickbank method is not complicated from registration to select products and others. Everything is simple through a panel control panel that is easy to operate with simple and clear menus. Once accepted we can directly run this program.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

6. Clickbank processes
All transactions that occur, so we do not have to bother with sales data and the amount of commissions we must accept. All is governed by Clickbank.

7. Clickbank is quite safe from fraud clicks.
They have a sophisticated and reliable tracking system to avoid such harmful things.

8. To promote Clickbank products
We do not need to have a website. Clickbank promotional links can be installed on free blogs or social networks like hubpages, and many others.

Bottom line without any capital we can immediately start promoting the product. The trick is enough to write a review about the product and pairs of affiliate links.

Top 15 Highest Paying CPA Networks (Instant Approval)

9. They have a support team or customer service that can be reliable.
They are ready to serve customers at any time. The problem posed will be responded quickly.

10. Clickbank protects customers.
Items purchased can be returned for certain conditions. The process was easy and fast.

Indeed many other affiliate programs on the internet, but Clickbank is one of the popular, has a wide network, and can be trusted and provide high commissions.

For a newbie who do not know about Clickbank may not be easy because it must compete with super affiliates who have run this program first. But as long as we know how all will be easier. And we also Amazon to be super affiliate like them.

ClickBank is one way to start creating money over the Internet.

The first advantage of ClickBank is the low cost compared to starting a business from scratch. The things that are needed to start a ClickBank affiliate business are PC or laptop, Internet connection, and website or blog.

How To Earn $750 From Payoneer Affiliate Program Today

So many people are earning money through the Internet simply by selling products created by other people or a company. This product sales system is better known as affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing). Clickbank is one of the affiliate marketing business model.

Who is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who connects buyers with sellers. This person acts as a bridge and connects buyers with sellers by sending traffic to sellers” websites where buyers can place orders or transactions. In return, the affiliate earns a commission from the seller.

ClickBank could be the easiest and best way to create money from the Internet. However, we need to choose the right product and a good seller, so we can make money on a regular basis.

ClickBank could be the easiest and best way to create money from the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing Skills You Should Never Avoid

Here are some tips to successfully create money with ClickBank.

1. Choosing a product that generates recurring commissions.
Before starting to promote a product from ClickBank, we should be careful in determining what products we will promote online. We should have a good knowledge of the product or service we will be promoting. If our knowledge is still lacking, it”s good we study the product first. The goal is that we do not do the promotion blindly, Some vendors will give 50% commissions or even more for each successful sale. But the real challenge is finding a product based on registration or membership that pays commissions repeatedly. Only a few products like this where we sell once and get a commission every month.

The first thing to do is to look for products on ClickBank that provide monthly to month commissions for a single sale transaction.

2. Create quality content for your website or blog
We must always create quality website content. This component is very basic in order to pre-sales for each product for consumers. Effective affiliates provide relevant information to consumers so that consumers feel confident when they shop.

People shop online has one thing that is common, they need information. They need to be educated before reaching conclusions. We should tell consumers what they want to know so that they will make the transaction.

What is CPA Marketing? (Getting Started With CPA Marketing)

3. Build an opt-in email list
Some people do not make a purchase transaction on their first visit on the website. But by building email lists, we will get more opportunities to turn website visitors into buyers, as we can promote affiliate products to email lists later on. The email list also allows us to promote other related products.

4. Creating Traffic
The most important factor for success as a ClickBank affiliate is creating traffic and sending it to the seller”s website. Without traffic there is nothing else.

We should create traffic from various sources of traffic such as articles, blog writing, PPC, and social media.

The more traffic we send to the seller”s website, the more money we will make.