On-Page SEO Ranking Factors – 2018 Best SEO Techniques


Talking about SEO is not going to be endless. after a long buried, Verily, I’ll be sharing you 10 Perfect On-Page SEO Optimizing Tricks.

According to an Webcourse Agency Writer, SEO is an amazingly inexpensive way to advertise your business and the related products. It does not require you to invest a staggering amount to get your desired results. An SEO campaign can be arranged on a stringent budget and the return you derive from that meager investment is huge. SEO is a sure shot way to achieve success and money in business.

Baze on my own knowledge and experience, there are major 10 important on page SEO factors that must be considered. Let get started, with my little, I’ll Share with you! No Gimmick!.

seo tips

1. Always Insert Keywords In Post Title

Factors number of first and foremost at Onpage SEO is to place the targeted keywords in the title. These keywords provide an overview to the search engines about the content of the blog or post.
Keywords that are placed in the rightful post title will be automatically bold why look at the post title. However, not so with keywords for the title of the blog. If you are using WordPress, you can place keywords in the title of the blog by using the plugin All in One SEO Pack or Yoast’s WordPress SEO.

    Where your keywords should be placed on the title?
    If possible, place your keywords in the beginning of your title to be easily recognizable by potential visitors and search engines. When laying the keywords in the beginning of the title is not possible, for example, create a title becomes ambiguous, put the keyword in the title naturally.

2: Format Heading

Format heading (H2, H3, and so on) can be used also to optimize the structure of post buddy. Which format is selected? I think it depends on the tastes of the blogger. For me, the format H3 is enough to explain the points-pound or subtitle postings are made.

3. Adding Tittle To Images

The search engine can detect images via alternative text for images (alt text). For this purpose, create alt text as possible. Some SEO practitioners suggest an alt text is filled with the targeted keywords. However, I ignored such advice because I filled the alt text with words related to the targeted keywords.

4. Position Keywords in Posts

Next factor is the composition of the keyword. The intended mix of keywords is the percentage of keywords to the total number of words in a posts. In order not to spread indicated excessive keyword (keyword stuffing) by Google, a writer expected to create keyword position between 1% to 5%.

For example, if you are targeting the keyword “SEO Onpage”. The keyword appears five times in a 500 word posts you make. Thus, the density of SEO Onpage on these postings is 1% or 5% divided by 500.

5. Internal Link

Do not forget to link to an earlier post. In addition to providing a signal link to the search engine posts, internal links also provide additional information to visitors.

6. External link

Creating a link to another trusted web-page. The goal of giving signals to the search engines that post refers to the source or a reliable reference. Of course, external link references also provide additional options to visitors who want to know more about the topic of the post buddy.

7. Targeted Keyword In The First & Last Paragraph

Besides the title, the keywords that shot should be placed well in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. In my opinion, this placement will provide an overview of topics beginning and end of the search engines.

8. Text Counting

In conducting on-page SEO, you also have to pay attention to the number of words writing. SEO According to some observers, the number of words have an important effect on the position in the search results of search engines.

If aiming for a high keyword competition, then you should make a post with a minimum length of 1,500 words. In terms of people and search engines, the number of the word is enough to give more detailed explanations of keywords or topics covered. In other words, your post is rich in meaning or benefit.