How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program and Make Money


One of the most promising online business types today is the affiliate marketing business.

Talk about online business affiliate, have you know what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of offering other people’s products to earn commissions.

In short, in the affiliate business online, you will be paid when successfully sell other people’s products, in this case is a seller product (seller).

How to start an online business affiliate marketing, especially for overseas markets such as Amazon or Clickbank actually bother easy, hard if we do not really understand English but it will be a little easier if we already have good English skills.

Although it should be recognized that in starting an online business affiliate marketing is not just a matter of English ability, more than that we also need to learn internet marketing is good.

In addition to affiliate marketing, of course there are many other types of online business, more you can read and learn in the following article kind of Online Business Type.

Through this article I would like to try to share a complete guide for friends who want to learn how to start an online affiliate marketing business both for local markets such as Toms and Jerry 😀 as well as international markets such as Amazon and Clickbank.

Affiliate Marketing Business in Amazon
We start first from Amazon, why Amazon? Because Amazon is one of the best marketplace to start an online business affiliate with the number of sellers very much and the commission given is quite large.

Immediately if you are interested to start affiliate marketing business in Amazon please do registration first, how can you see in the picture below.

1. Go to the official site

amazon website

Then click on the ‘Join Now for Free’ button to start your registration as an affiliate on the Amazon site.

2. Enter your email in the field of my email address

register amazon affiliate

Because we want to create a new Amazon Affiliate account, then do not forget to click or mark the option ‘I am a new customer’.

3. Fill in all requested data

filling amazon affiliate details

Please fill in the name and password that you will later use to log into your Amazon Affiliate account.

4. Enter details about yourself

signup to amazon network

As if to create a new ID, you will be asked to enter various information regarding your personal data. After all filled click Next.

5. Enter details about your website
At this stage we are required to fill all the data related to the website, ranging from the name of the website, niche website to how we bring visitors to the website, the content only with the truth.

6. Verify Amazon Affiliate Account
The next step is verification, we need at least 1 mobile phone to complete the verification process of Amazon Affiliate account registration.

After all the process is complete, then we will get 1 amazon account that is ready to be used to start running online affiliate marketing business.

The first thing you should do if you want to succeed in running an online affiliate business on amazon is determine the product.

Fortunately, in the Amazon has been provided Top Rated feature is a special page that holds items or goods that have good quality at affordable prices.

Another feature that is not less interesting than Amazon is Today Deals. As the name implies, this page contains Amazon products that are being discounted on a large scale.

After successfully determining the product to be sold, then you need to promote the product, how or tips promote the product I will in next article.

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