Instagram vs Facebook : Which is Best for Your Brand?


facebook vs instagram

Currently social media is not only used as a medium for socializing, seeking entertainment and information sharing, but also serve as a venue to open a business venue. The large number of social media users from various circles of society, is one reason why many business people are starting to use social media as an online promotion media.

Not only is considered easier and practical, it turns out that online promotion in social media is also more interesting. Many free and paid features that can be used to capture the interest of social media users. This is what makes social media increasingly popular and began switching functionality to become an online merchant of entrepreneurs.

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Of the many social media that exists today, Facebook and Instagram is the two most prominent and most effective social media to be utilized as an online promotional media. This could be because the number of registered users and daily users in both social media is more than other social media accounts.

Approximately, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two social media? Before you follow the campaign online, you should first read the comparison between the two.

Advantages and Disadvantages Facebook and Instagram Features

Facebook Features:

#1 – Image
Although upload image has been widely applied in many social media, but the advantages of upload image by facebook is image quality that will not change. So the detail image on the product will look more clear, and of course from the side of this consumer will be more satisfying because consumers can see the product quality only from the image and facilitate them in making purchasing decisions.

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Disadvantages of the image upload feature on facebook is to edit their own photos to be uploaded with the device or other software, Editorial photos that can be given by facebook is just a picture (cut image) and picture (marking the image).

#2 – Video
This feature was initially not used much in facebook however, it is now often used because of the increasingly tight and tighter online business competition that demands many creative promotional strategies in introducing and selling products.
The advantages of uploading videos from facebook just like the image is the quality of the video will not change, even there is no limit duration on facebook because of the capacity that facebook have greater than other social media. The drawback is you have to edit through another app if you want to give effect to the uploaded video.

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#3 – Fanpage
It can be said fanpage is the best feature offered by Facebook to you who want to open an online business. Creating this fanpage account is quite easy, one of the conditions is must have a personal account on Facebook first and then can make this fanpage account.
The advantages of this fanpage for business is you can be free to update the product without fear mixed with personal content and of course facilitate the prospective consumers in knowing information about your product. There are several other advantages in this fanpage account that is;

    #3.1. The number of fans is unlimited.
    #3.2. Can be indexed by search engines
    #3.3. Free tags
    #3.4. Appears on newsfeed buyer
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And most important is the view offered by fanpage gives the impression of a professional that allows you to gain the trust of potential customers.

Instagram Features

#1 – Editorial Image
Instagram is the first social media that uses images as the main content, therefore instagram has a variety of unique and funny effects and filtration that can be applied to the uploaded image. So you do not have to bother anymore using other applications to edit the photos to be uploaded.

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The weakness of instagram is that images can not be saved (downloaded) and have to use other applications to download them. In addition, the quality of the images downloaded from instagram will decrease the quality, because instagram adjust its capacity on the use of the smartphone.

#2 – Video Editorial
As in the picture, instagram also has a variety of unique effects and filters that can be applied to the video to be uploaded otherwise it can cut (cut) the duration or the unwanted part of the live video on Instagram.

The downside of this video editorial also happens to the image, i.e the quality of the video will decrease when you want to download it. In addition, the maximum duration of the video can be uploaded only 1 minute.

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#3 – Hashtag
Just like a keyword on search engines, the functions of the hashtags on instagram are not much different from social media twitter, by using hashtag users can go directly to the topic you want to see or search. This Hashtag will certainly help you in promoting the product.

Simply include the most popular hashtags on captions of uploaded product images or create unique hashtags that are only owned by your product. Pinpointing the hashtag will speed up the process of disseminating information about the product.

#4 – Instastory
The latest features of this instagram offer additional features in image or video editing. Like put stickers or additional text on content that is uploaded either images or video. But the disadvantage of this feature is that the uploaded content will disappear within 24 hours and the maximum uploaded duration is only 10 seconds.