How to Build Your Instagram Marketing Brand?



Having millions of followers and harvesting thousands like every day on instagram like the world celebrities would be the pride of almost everyone. Yup, as we know, now social media which is a photo sharing network not only in among young people but also began to penetrate the business actors.

In addition to being accessible for free, easy access via the internet smartphone helps businesses to use instagram as a very effective promotional media.

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But unfortunately, not many business actors know how to optimize sales via instagram. Most of them just the origin of posting product photos, so that the stall sales of desert follower or like from consumers.

Well, so this does not happen to your shop. Try to follow 10 easy ways to manage brands on instagram.

1. Complete Your Profile With Clear Descriptions
Give a little explanation about the brand or business that you run. Since the description in the Instagram profile is short enough, you can specify the address, contact number, and for your most important sale do not lock your account.

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Although private account will help you get additional number of follower, but apparently not a few of consumers who eventually reluctant to make transactions after seeing your sales account locked.

2. Active Interact With Followers
How often your rinteraks with followers turned out to be a consideration of potential customers to make a purchase in your lapak. As much as possible, answer the comments on your instagram account and give the best response so they are also loyal to your sales stall.

3. Keep Promotion Politely
Quite way of promotion in instagram quite easy, just by posting photos to your account profile, But posting 10x per day will only make people choose unfollow your instagram account. Find the right time so you do not interfere with your timeline followers, and the important thing is to remember that promotion is not always a matter of spamming.

4. Do not Hesitate To Share
Occasionally give something valuable to increase your followers loyalty, Can just hold a promo or event that is happening, can also share info or tips about the field of business that you run. For example you are selling food, once in a while you can educate your followers how to make a healthy snack and practical, and so forth.

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5. Photo is visual language
Before posting a product photo on instagram, make sure to choose an adequate photo, because the picture you share represents the quality of the product you are offering. If your photo display is blurry or dark, your customers are lazy to see the postings of products you share to instagram.

6. Focus on one business area
Consumer confidence in Instagram is not only seen from every picture you post, but also from all your posts in your profile account. Just imagine, you follow an online food store account that suddenly sells women”s fashion products. Surely you will be confused, actually the food products that once posted what is still sold or have turned to the fashion business?

7. Separate your sales account with your personal story
Never mix your business and personal stories. Likewise when you sell on instagram, do not too often post photos of lovers, children, family or photo selfie that have nothing to do with your product sales. Can photos of your product sank with photos of your personal story.

8. Avoid Irrelevant Hashtags
Not that it”s okay, but the hashtag is too much even sometimes not relevant to the photo post it will only increase the number of fake followers in your account. Relevant Hashtags will help your sales photos easily searchable for consumers, but avoid irrelevant hashtags like #followforfollow #likesforlikes even if you are following a free promo event on instagram.

Search Engine Optimization

As I explained earlier, the policies of Google on the one hand make healthy competition, but will have a detrimental effect for websites that do not have great content due to company policy. But if you do not have these obstacles, search engine optimization through off-site and on-site will greatly affect your website”s trafficking. Surely you want your company to appear on the first page of search engines is not it? Same, I also so 😀

Let stop here!