4 Best SEO Practices To Follow For Getting Effective On-Page Optimization Results

Guest Post By: Sofia Lemon

There are many who would like to carry out optimization of their web page or website, but probably could be of the wrong opinion that it is complicated. But the truth is just the opposite.

Several SEO providers do exist in the market who have been in the domain for a long time and have worked on the SEO aspects of different types of companies, providing them with the best online results.

The reputed providers, offering professional seo services India Outsourcetechnologies, are known to follow consistently appropriate SEO site design. They offer optimized pages, which can position the client’s site with a greater advantage against the majority of the sites that the business is competing with. Basically, a good and functional SEO is said to comprise of two major components, which are:

1: On Page
They are the things that the entrepreneur can control on his own like the site home page, every post/page of the site.

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2: Off Page
It relates to the authority level and a number of other sites that are linked back to the site.

Perhaps, let discuss about the four major seo techniques you probably needs to increase your brand…

Know The Top Five Best SEO Practices

1. Incorporate Target Keyword Phrase Into The Domain Name URL

The domain name URL, within the perfect world, is likely to incorporate the target keyword phrase. It offers distinct benefit to get the site to better rankings for the targeted keyword phrase. If the target keyword phrase, for instance is “piano tuning”, then selecting a domain name like “pianotuningservice.com” is likely to give the business a significant advantage. Almost all the best .com (dotcom) names have been taken.

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However, with some creativity, it is possible to identify a wonderful name to incorporate with the target keyword phrase.

2. Include Optimized Title Meta Tags

The title tag is undoubtedly the most crucial element on the page. It is said to be maintained within 70 characters.

The title is not to be stuffed with keywords but have the most vital keyword phrase incorporated into the page. Hence, “Guitar Tuning: Best Guitar Tuning online service” can be a great title. Another important to understand with regards to the title tag is to prevent repetition of similar title, which is to be from one page to the other, within the site.

Every post or page on the site is to use different title and optimized for related or different keywords.

3. Include Optimized Description Meta Tags

It is within 160 characters that the description is to be kept. It needs to incorporate the title into the description. Besides having call to action or compelling reason for making people to visit the site. Since description meta tag forms part of search engine results that are displayed back to visitors having placed search phrase, typically, it is the description, which will determine if the person has clicked or not through the site.

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4. Make Use of H1 & H2 Heading Tags

Trying to incorporate heading tags in the web page content does help to reinforce the search engines to know what the page content is all about.

They are used for formatting the page content as heading, instead of regular text. Moreover, the search engines try to find the H1 tag for reinforcing to know what this page is all about.

Besides this, the H1 tag is to be used on the page just once and is to incorporate the primary targeted keyword phrase.

It is more than once that H2 tag could be used. It needs to be placed on the page after h1 tag. It also needs to incorporate the targeted keyword phrase in single or more than one.

NB: It will be wise to hire the best seo services in India who will follow the above ethical practices and offer the desired results.