7 Simple Step by Step Guide to SEO Success



In the world of internet marketing must be sure to know the workings of SEO (search engine optimization) to be applied to the website. Karna when wrestling in online sales that will be many people who use google search engine. The advantage of using seo itself has many benefits such as cheaper cost with a very broad and epektif target market.

To get the top 10 rankings from google search engine, must have a hard work effort to get it and is not easy, apalgi level competitors very tight.

However, all there are weaknesses or entry gaps to get the top ranking.

To find out how SEO work is an important step not to skip can get the best results. It feels without doing the right way and startup, it will be difficult to get the top position of search engines.


    What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Without further, I will explain the important steps that still must be done to bring the website from google search.

1. The First Way: Research keywords

The first way seo work that you must do to improve keyword search in google is learn how to research first the content you will write on the blog. You can use some paid tools like google adword, google research planner and others.

2. Use Domain keywords

Some people think that the keyword domain is already considered a scam for google search engine. Somehow the issue is circulating until someone believes it. But for myself the benefits of using keyword domain is one of the ways to help SEO (search engine optimization) in the search keyword and to help google in the divorce in the content of the website.

3. Use the Leading Platform

If you have continued using another platform actually it does not matter. However I recommend to use wordpress platform, many advantages of using wordpress platform is one of them is the number of tools for their own SEO needs.

If we use wordpress wp it is like killing mosquitoes using mosquito rackets and if using another platform like killing mosquito wear cannon. But all that back again from the user more comfortable and master where.

4. Use SEO Plugin

In the advantage of using wordpress platform is the number of SEO tools one of which plugin that I will mention below.

    4.1. WP SEO yoast plugin or all in one SEO pack
    4.2. Image SEO friendly
    4.3. Google XML sitemap

5. Qualified Articles

Many different opinions about how many quality articles are like and how many words. But for me personally the number of articles about 500 words is enough SEO and updated regularly, the more new URLs contained on our website, it will be a plus for google itself and of course the quality of writing should also be good and original.

Quality Articles are basic things that must be understood first. However search engines read the cash of articles written on the website page. And to create a quality article can read other explanations on how to create articles that like googledihalaman, and you can understand it easily to apply on your website.

6. Social Media

When talking internet most people will remember social media like facebook, instagram, twitter and others. The advantages of using social media itself many benefits for the website to improve the SEO for more and more widely known and will get visitors from social media when it is shared to social media.

7. Backlinks

Using backlinks is the last SEO approach I will discuss. To anticipate the changes of google search engine algorithm, because we will never know the development will continue and if left behind in that case our website will even be drowned. Should build a quality backlink, you can get backlinks in forums that already have a good rating or traffic on the internet.

To get started from the beginning on understanding how SEO works you can read other articles on. Learn SEO – Basic SEO Tips..


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