7+ Creative and Effective Ways to Make Money on Youtube


Youtube is a free site from Google that presents videos. Today Youtube has become one of the most promising business fields. This is evidenced by the number of successful Youtuber. How to get money from Youtube is actually not difficult but it takes hard work and consistency for Youtube users. The successful Youtuber can be one example for you who want to wrestle the world of Youtube. Youtuber takes a long time to earn a big income.

Success Tips How To Make Money From Youtube

How to earn money from Youtube is not just by uploading videos but also showing ads from Google Adsense. This ad is one of the main money makers in Youtube videos. Well, for those of you who want to make money from Youtube or want to join a Youtubers, must know how to become a successful Youtuber tips and can make a lot of money. Here are tips to become a successful Youtuber:

1. Separate Youtube account with blog account.
This needs to be done for those of you who have blogs. Youtube account separation and blog account is the most effective way to earn money from Youtube. This separation of email will make it easier for you to manage your Youtube account and earn money from Youtube. To create an account on Youtube is very easy, that is you can register by using email address. Make sure if the email address you use is an active email address.

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2. Upload as many videos as possible.
Tips on how to get money from Youtube next is to upload as many videos. Video uploaded is not a video, this is because the uploaded video must be original video made by itself. You can create this original video by recording it yourself or by using the slide method using photos. The videos created should also contain interesting things that can lure many viewers. This is because Youtube earnings per view larger.

As already explained video uploaded must be the original video so that it can make money from Youtube. Videos uploaded for money from youtube also can not contain copyright and violence. Also, avoid creating videos that contain the copyrights of others. Let”s say you include images or music that have copyright protected. If you do this then you can not make money from Youtube.

3. Choose the right time when associating ads with Youtube.
How to earn money from Youtube is to install ads from Google Adsense. Yet many Youtubers fail to get much from Google Adsense. This is because they do not choose the right time when advertising. In order for money earned from Adsense more, then you must choose the right time in advertising. Before placing ads with Adsense, then you should upload as many videos as possible then view the viewer of every video you have uploaded on Youtube.

To install Adsense or ads on your Youtube videos then you need to upload at least 3 videos. Once there are 3 videos, then you can join Google Adsense and put an ad on your video. In addition, for the money generated from Adsense is a lot then you also have to choose the right time on the video to put an ad. Make sure that the ads you”re installing also do not interfere with the video. How to earn money from Youtube with Adsense is very effective.

4. Select a timeless topic on the created video.
How to get money from Youtube with a lot of money is to create a video that has a timeless topic. What is meant by timeless topics is topics that will not be stale or will not always be sought. One easy topic that can make your video always sought is video tutorials that are related to everyday life. In addition, music video arrangements can also be selected as the topic of your Youtube video.

This enduring topic will certainly continue to be searched by Youtube users, so your video will continue to be seen and have many viewers. If the video can make money then you just take money from Youtube. How to take money from Youtube does not need to come outs from Google, this is because every income earned by Youtuber will be transferred directly to the account entered at the time of registering as a member of Adsense Program.

5. Video title must contain well-known keywords.
One way to make money on youtube in large quantities is to provide a title that contains the famous keywords. If you”ve uploaded a lot of videos but still can not generate, then you need to change the title of the video you upload. The title of a video must contain well-known popular keywords. By using titles containing these well-known keywords, your video chances will be seen by more people.

6. Create a video with quality content and search for subcriber.
The quality of video content is also one of the easiest ways to make money from Youtube. One of the things that make you can earn money from Youtube is by installing Google Adsense. Although you already put an ad from Google Adsense but you can not earn money, this is because the number of viewers and your subcriber a little because the video content is less qualified. Therefore, in uploading videos on Youtube to make money then you must make a quality video.

With good quality video it will be easier for you to find viewers and subcriber. In addition, you also need to know how to create an Adsense account in order to install an ad if your video already has many viewers. The number of subcriber and viewer also affect the amount of your earnings in how to make money via youtube. Therefore, look for as many subcriber as possible to increase your income from Youtube.

7. Optimize the video.
How much money do you get from Youtube if you install Adsense and get lots of subcriber and viewer? Of course the number can not be ascertained, the more viewers and subcriber you will be the more your income. To get optimal revenue, you must also optimize the uploaded videos. This optimization is the number and quality of uploaded videos.

How to earn money from Youtube does look easy, but for those of you who want a big income from Youtube must have consistency in uploading video. In addition, uploaded videos must also have good quality. This is because with quality video, then your video will see more and you can make more money from Youtube.