What is Website SEO? – Benefit of Search Engine Optimization


What is Website SEO? – Benefit of Search Engine Optimization

What is a SEO Website?

Many businesses are willing to spend money to build a website to taste the enormity of online business earning. It”s expensive to pay for attractive website pages and attract prospective buyers, oddly the number of online sales is not encouraging although potentially large. Why is that? It turns out the website promotion tactics have not run completely and therefore we need to learn and know the ins and outs of SEO website in depth.

SEO stands for word from Search Engine Optimization, a process or campaign to increase the “value” of a website to be easy to find and look natural when typing certain keywords on search engine sites (search engines) Such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Therefore a website should be given a “special blend” to be more friendly to search engine site services.

The determination of relevant and selective keywords is the key to success in an SEO campaign. Keywords are optimized to the maximum extent possible for easy viewing on search engine algorithms. According to a brief description of Google, SEO websites are judged on two basic areas of on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Both affect each other so difficult to separate.

    What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization ?

On-page SEO optimization is closely related to the elements of a website”s pages such as HTML code, textual content and images. While off-page SEO optimization is mostly closely related to Backlink, ie links or links to websites that are being optimized from other relevant websites.

Success in SEO campaigns depends on the method chosen, unfortunately there are still many people wrongly make a decision.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Method

SEO can be broadly divided into two methods namely white hat SEO and black hat SEO. So what distinguishes the two? Simply we can divide the SEO method of the website into two seo methods that are done honestly, correctly and obediently the principle, as well as seo methods are done in a haphazard manner, cheating and breaking many rules so deserve punishment.

White hat SEO relies on a variety of techniques and methods to boost the ranking of a website in search engines without breaking the rules largely set by Google. Most white hat SEO techniques include high quality content development, restructuring and optimization of HTML websites, backlink or quality links to targeted websites supported by high quality content, manual keyword research, and website optimization in terms of load speed, speed and Website security using the https or SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Meanwhile Black hat SEO rely on the weakness of search engine algorithms for a web to get high ranking. Most of the techniques and methods of Black hat SEO conflict directly with Google”s rules. Some techniques include concealment of links and text (hidden link & text), cloaking, keyword stuffing and spam links. The results of the black hat SEO method is much faster on the search engine rankings, but the effectiveness tends not to be easy to predict and the website ranking lasts only briefly. While the results of the white hat SEO method is able to be stable although somewhat gradual in the ranking process, but much more durable in the ranking. Therefore, choose white hat rather than black hat SEO.

In addition to white hat and black hat, there is still a gray hat method called as a blend of white and black without violating Google”s rules. This method is often offered by SEO companies at a much more affordable price than pure white hat due to minimal high quality campaign activities. The effect of using gray hat on a website also varies, depending on a number of factors.

Based on the brief description above, it turns out SEO has an important position on a website. Then, why online businessmen need to try it?

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Benefits of Website SEO for Online Business!

Digital competition has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, but website SEO is still considered an important and effective marketing strategy. The preparation of a neat and targeted SEO strategy has many great benefits, but there are only five that have been proven to give undeniable results. What are the benefits of SEO for an online business? Here”s the translation.

    What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

1. Boost the number of visitors
Web pages that occupy the first page of search engines with specific keywords will receive more impressions and clicks from visitors. It can be concluded that the top ranking position has a positive impact on increasing the number of visitors. SEO websites that focus on tag titles along with meta descriptions that contain relevant and informative keywords will more easily appear on search engine pages than other unoptimized websites. Descriptions and tags optimized with quality content will boost the number of visitor clicks that result in quality web traffic.

2. Return Of Investment (ROI)
The great benefit of SEO is to provide quantifiable results that can be traced, whether it is for the purpose of ecommerce or not. SEO services companies are able to track every aspect of strategy implementation, ranging from increased ranking, traffic and conversions. Comprehensive analysis can view demographic information and other measures against visitors who interact with the website.

SEO services companies can also see the series of roads taken by visitors when completing a purchase on the ecommerce site. Thus can know “main keyword” to make a purchase. While on non-ecommerce sites, SEO services companies will report all valuable attributes to boost conversions while analyzing strategies.

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3. Cost-Effective Marketing Campaign
SEO optimization is currently considered one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets visitors who are actively searching for products or services online. SEO optimization also greatly helps businesses save marketing costs for outbound strategies such as phone offers.

It is true that the offer via telephone is still considered an effective strategy, but the cost is much more wasteful about 61 percent compared to inbound strategies such as SEO. SEO Excellence is looking for target visitors who are actively looking for products and services, resulting in more quality traffic than other marketing strategies.

4. Increase Value “value of use” Website.
Optimization of SEO participate to make the website more easily traced by visitors through search engines. As is known, SEO Optimization aims to rearrange the architecture of sites and links (Links) so that all web pages are easier to find or search. Not only makes it easier for search engines to find sites and pages, but makes it easier for users to find information on the site.

5. Enhance Brand Awareness (Brand Awareness)
Because the top rankings generate significant impressions, the website that controls the first page tops for a particular keyword will get more traffic. The positive impact of SEO website is to boost popularity and brand awareness (brand awareness) associated with certain keywords. Generally visitors assume that sites on the first page and top positions are much more reliable than others. The more pages and content are in the highest ranking on search engines, the more visitors will see the content or similarities associated with the brand.

Building a website to increase online sales would end up in vain if not optimized through SEO optimization. Therefore, this strategy must be applied with proper and mature planning. Instead of learning it yourself, it”s much easier to trust all of the leading SEO services companies that carry a number of methods, whether it”s white hat or gray hat. So automated the company will contribute greatly to the increase of website rankings in search engines organically (naturally). The main products of this service is not limited to on page and off page optimization, but the link building (link building), development and design of quality websites and content-friendly content writing services to search engines.