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Being a freelancer is one way to work from home independently, without the need to build a business institution as in general. Generally, as long as you operate on your own behalf, you do not need to register on behalf of a business entity.

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This makes it possible to start being a freelancer in “all the time” without having to think about business permits and lots of capital.

What is a freelancer?
Freelancer is someone who offers services to get paid. In general, a freelancer works independently without a long-term contract with a client.

What is the reason people become freelancers?
If you suddenly lose your job, you need to do something to keep the income awake. The sooner you do it, the more you can avoid the financial hardships that can happen.

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While you are looking for a job and look forward to working in a company, you can decide to become a freelancer, and get a job independently.

If you also want to be your own boss, being a freelancer can be a good choice. In the meantime you can continue to look for work while doing the task as a freelancer.

What kind of work can a freelancer do?
A freelancer can be asked to do any kind of work you can imagine!

Here are some of them:
– freelance writer
– Virtual Assistant
– Graphic designer

And many others. Of the many, I have written 11 major freelancers and most profitable jobs in the freelancer world.

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Basically, whatever you can do in your area of expertise while working elsewhere, you can also work as a freelancer. And in many cases, even in specific professions that require a certain license.

What do you need and how to become a freelancer?
To become a freelancer, basically, you have to have something of value that you can offer to clients, usually in the form of services.

Many people quit their jobs and start offering freelancers in their areas of expertise. Well, below are the things that can help you start a career as a freelancer;
*. Create blogs – websites to promote yourself
*. Phone connection to make it easy for clients to contact you
*. Ideally, a business address
*. Portfolio. Examples of your work in the past
*. References from others. But this is not mandatory, along with a career trip, you will get this reference by yourself.

How do I get a freelancer job?
The answer depends on the work you want to do. But, in general you can quickly find a job on the freelancer site below;
*. UpWork
*. Teacher
* PeoplePerHour
*. Freelancer

I have written 10 best freelancer top sites, please read to know more about freelancer sites.

Some freelancer sites are free, while others are cost-effective for you to bid for. In general, these sites offer both free and paid memberships, which is usually the amount of work you can ask for much less for free members. Upwork is the one that really does not ask you to pay a bit.

Some freelancers also join a team to increase the chances of getting a job.

What is the main advantage of being a freelancer?
As a freelancer, you can set up working hours freely. You can be very busy this month, and relax a bit in the other months.

Work so online freelancer
In moments of relax, you can look for other job opportunities or develop your websites for the better. It”s up to you!

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Being a freelancer, with the flexibility to manage your own time, working from home, could be the dream of many people. A small amount of capital, without the hassle of starting a business, is another advantage of freelancers.

Being a freelancer, can also be the best way to save your finances, if suddenly you lose the main job. In addition to your income, by becoming a freelancer, you can still find work, train and develop skills and expertise, which can be a good capital for your next job.

But, of course, who knows you just decided to become a full-time freelancer, and stop looking for another job. That”s what I did!

What are the shortcomings of being a freelancer?
Some people believe that being a freelancer means that they will not get a satisfactory fee, while the employer also thinks that he does not have to pay for the services of a freelancer.

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It”s all due to tight competition and global nature. People from all over the world offer the same services at lower prices.

Yes, it is true! But that”s too much, and a bit misguided.

Over time, experience and evidence of your work, you will gain a high bargaining power of clients with prices and earnings you can be proud of! For 3 years as a sfreelancer, I dare say what I have produced enough to make me proud!

In addition, and one thing to keep in mind: You do not have to accept a job! If not as expected, look for other jobs that offer higher pay.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people take advantage of new freelancers, with underpayments, inadequate payments and so on. I have a new freelancer, about this.

But I am sure, as your experience increases, you will be easy to know which potential clients are and which ones are not. So you can avoid fraud attempts in the freelancer world.

With all the advantages and disadvantages (honestly, I am currently only seeing the advantages), if you have something or any skill you can offer, being a freelancer is a career choice worth doing and occupied.

Happy to work. Success is always for all of us.