How to Add Donation Button in Blogspot Blog



How to Add a PayPal Donate, Donation Button in Blogger Blogspot

How to create Donate-Donate button in Blogger, This time I want to share tips how we make donation/donate button on blogger blogspot.

The existence of a donation button on the blog will provide an opportunity for blog owners to get donations and make it easier for visitors to donate donations to blog owners.

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Before I discuss the core. Perhaps you should make sure in advance whether you already have a Paypal account yet, if you do not have a paypal account please visit the previous article here. Furthermore you can also read the article Easy Paypal Verification with Payoneer.

Making a donation button Paypal is not difficult, we just need to login-login to paypal account with your email address and password, then we can set and take the script that we will put on the blog. To step-down the making of Paypal donation button following is the step;

How to create Paypal Donate button;

*. First, visit page.

*. Next log in with your email address and password.

*. After login click Merchant Service-Merchant Service tab and select Donation-Donations.

How to create Donate-Donate button in Blogger

1. On the Service Name of the Organization (Please fill in the name you want as the blog-website name)

2. On Donate Donate is empty
3. Dadjust the look of your paypal Donate button or leave the original view only

4. At number 4, specify the type of currency you want to use

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5. Specify whether you want to let donations decide their own donation or you want to arrange by determining a fixed amount

6. This stage, select your paypal account ID.

7. Next click the Create Button button

After you click the button “Create Button” will open a new page, at this stage you will get the script button donation that you made earlier. Copy the code and install it on your blog.

How to put Donation button on blog

1. Log in to your blogger account

2. In your blog dashboard choose Layout

3. Click Add Gadget then select HTML-JavaScript

4. Paste the script you just copied

5. Last Save

After following the above steps, it means making your paypal donation button is complete, then you can check on your blog. If you still have questions about making paypal donation button, please fill in the comment box below.