7 Powerful Ways to Optimize SEO for Blog & Website


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As a blogger of course we want the best for our Blog, one of them is to be ranked 1 in Google, is not it? However, the problem is to achieve this is not an easy thing, as we all know that science or SEO Techniques no one dared to guarantee that our Blog or Website will directly skyrocket to page 1 Google.

I think that”s natural, because as far as I know SEO is not an exact science, it means you can not claim that the SEO Techniques you use the best, and also there is no guarantee that SEO techniques will continue to be the best, given Google never stops Updating their algorithm for the better.

However, while SEO is not an exact science, we can experiment to find out exactly what Google and other search engines are up to, and you can do this experiment yourself, or read other people”s experiments like Moz, and other SEO sites.

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

And here I will try to summarize How SEO is the best, a total of 7 Points I will inform to you. The seven points I mean are as follows;

    1. Backlink
    2. Interlink
    3. Robots.txt
    4. Content
    5. RSS Feeds
    6. URLs
    7. Page Speed

I”m sure some of you may be very familiar or well understood with the seven terms above, but for you who are still a little confused, then I will explain in detail to you.


What is Backlink? If interpreted literally, Backlink means Link Back, but in the world of SEO we interpret it as a link from outside the site is very powerful to improve the position of a Blog & Web in SERP.

But it should be noted, that not all Backlinks are good, just like humans, Backlinks also have bad or evil. Where if we choose the wrong Backlink bad, then the position of the blog is not increased it could potentially to go down.

Well, the question is how to distinguish good and bad links? And how to find good links? All the questions you can get the answer in the article How to Get Quality Backlink in the article about the backlink, I have thoroughly explored about how to get quality and natural backlinks in the eyes of Google.


Interlink is not much different from Backlink, the concept is the same place just place it different, where Backlink is a link that is placed outside the site, while Interlink is a link that is in the site or article.

What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization ?

I do not know how many times I said that Interlinking is Important.Because there will be 3 advantages that we can:

    *. Minimize Bounce Rate
    *. Improve Pageview
    *. Increase PA (Page Authority)

And one more Interlink can be regarded as a quality Link, because it comes from within the article, this is clearly different if we look for Backlink out there, which notabenya taste from the comments column.


For wordpress users I do not think there will be any problems with Robots.txt because there are already many plugins to manage it, but for Blogspot users like me, then we need to set Robots.txt (default) to be more SEO Friendly.

To improve robots.txt please follow the steps below:

1. Sign in Blogger dashoard, go to the blog dashboard that you want to change robots.txt.
2. Click Search Preferences, First go to Settings tab, then select or click Search Polling.
3. Enter the following code.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /?=1

A little explanation of the robots.txt syntax above, that it says disallow, it”s a command for Google”s Bot or Spider not to crawl or index the url, because if it”s indexed it might be potentially duplicate content, even if it”s not proven true But it is much better to prevent.


Content or content (articles) that SEO is containing 3 Elements, namely Text, Image and Video (optional). But that does not mean Articles that do not contain the above three elements are not SEO, not like that, but this is more like a lot better if in the article you created also included supporting such as pictures and supporting videos.

Besides the word count, and keyword density is the main factor of On-Page SEO, meaning that the number and placement of keywords is very important to rank or position the page on Google.

One thing to note is Google never ranked a site from the number of keywords in the article. This is definitely a hard slap for those of you who like to write keywords at the beginning of the paragraph, honestly it”s not necessary, and will even just make your article seem keyword stuffing that could impact Penalty from Google.

Top 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Quality articles are not only favored readers but also Google, please read the complete guide here: How to Create & Write SEO Articles.

RSS Feeds

Short or full feeds are actually the same when viewed in terms of SEO, but when viewed in terms of Subcribers then it will be much different, where full Feeds are preferred by subcribers rather than short ones.

However there are many factors you need to consider before deciding to use full Feeds of which are:

    *. Potential for scraping
    *. Prone in copy paste
    *. Ready if visitors switch to feeds rather than reading on blogs

All three things you should consider carefully, if you are ready then please you use RSS Feeds are full, but if not please change to short Feeds, for Blogger how to go to Dashboard > Settings> Other.


Things that look trivial but actually powerful enough to improve SEO a blog page / Web page, yes he is the URLs. Writing good URLs is one that uses keywords, and not letters or symbols like question marks and so on.

    Examples of SEO URLs;

    Examples of less SEO URLs;

Looks clear is not which is more comfortable to read? For Blogger users – Blogspot may have been spoiled with the automatic features available, but for WordPress users I hear it seems to be in the settings.

Page Speed

Page Speed or a lightweight site speed will help a Blog or Website Blog to be indexed faster on Google. But that does not mean that the index will quickly rank us up, not like that how it works, site speed may indeed not directly affect the Ranking of a blog (just the speed of indexing it). But if you”re writing a seasonal article then a fast Index will really help you to rank 1 Google, so the term before the site competitors indexed, your web or blog has been indexed first.

Blog or Website site, please visitors comfortable when accessing (not heavy) and just off the widget that is not needed (widget decoration). For consideration you can try PageSpeed Insights.

How to Maximize SEO Blog & Website that I give above, also I apply in this blog www.karlexpert.com and the results are very powerful, where some keywords with the level of competition is succeeded I submit, I think quite so of me, remember After reading do not forget to practice it.