5 Highly Effective Ways to Promote a Product Without Website


Highly Effective Ways to Promote a New Product

There are many media that we can use to market products online on the Internet, and in this article I will explore some ways of promoting products online so that your goods can sell quickly.

In total there will be 5 Online Media we will use:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. Google
5. Shop Online

Next let us discuss one by one of the five media campaign above.

How to Promote Products via Facebook

Using Facebook as a medium to market products online is the most appropriate choice, the statement is not without reason, given the number of social media users this one has reached billions of lives and in most countries alone Facebook users have reached millions of lives. This is certainly a very profitable market for those who are smart to read opportunities.

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For those of you who find it difficult in promoting products on Facebook, here I provide how to market products using Facebook to quickly sell;

    1. Create 1 Facebook account with Women”s gender

    2. Put the photos you think are beautiful

    3. Sign in – Join to the group related to your product

    4. Promote your product in the group

However, before doing this way, you should first see the rules in the group, whether to allow promotion or not, if allowed please continue, if prohibited, find another group.

How to Promote Products via Twitter

Not much different from Facebook, Twitter is also one of the best online media to market the product. Although it should be acknowledged that Twitter users are under Facebook, but that does not matter, because Twitter has its own advantages over Facebook, including the feature tweets schedule that allows us to schedule Tweets..

To use the schedule feature, you need to install Twitter application for windows 8 or alternatively you can use Twitter Client like:

    *. Twuffer
    *. FutureTweets
    *. LaterBro

The use of the three Twitter Client above is very simple, even spelled out very easy because we only need to write a tweet and then schedule when the tweet is published. More details can you directly try yourself.

How to Promote Products through Instagram

Online promotion using Instagram is perfect for you who have target, middle and upper market, because the majority of Instagram users are young people with above average economic level. Promoting products on Instagram is also quite easy, because instagram site itself has a display that accentuates the pictures, so the products we sell will be obvious.

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Promotion of products through Instagram is fun, but hard to do especially for PC users, because as we all know, that Instagram only provides applications for mobile users, especially iOS and Android. As for desktop users should bite the fingers.

But now you do not need to bite the finger, because now has been available Instagram Client website devoted to PC users/Desktop. So you can still run all activities such as giving comments, giving love or other activities.

As far as I know there are 3 Instagram Client which is quite popular among Instagram users, the third instagram client is:

    *. PhotoDesk
    *. Pixsta
    *. Iconosquare

Of the three instagram clients above, my choice fell to Iconosquare, because in terms of appearance, Iconosquare present more modern, with a black background that does not make the eyes glare, but it also features a very complete.

How to Promote Products via Google (SEO)

Google I mean here is google.com or Google Inc.”s search engine. This way of online promotion is also commonly referred to as SEO (search engine optimization), the way of online promotion using Google media is the most I like, because our target can be more clear, clear in the sense that people who really need.

For example, we want to promote Korean clothing products, then we can create an article entitled How to Dress Korean Clothes Good and True and at the end of the article we tuck our product, that is by putting pictures about korean clothes.

How to promote online with Google media is to use AdWords. However, this way of online promotion is not free, in fact I think it”s quite expensive, although online promotion using AdWords is the most effective and efficient way of online promotion. Ad calculations in AdWords average using PPC (pay per click) the cost we spend depends on the number of clicks earned.

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Other Google media that you can use to promote products online is;

    *. Google+ (social media)
    *. Blogger (blogging platform)

Unlike AdWords, using both of the above media will not cost you anything from Google, but make sure you do not spam while promoting the product.

How to Promote Products via Online Store

Online Store is the best way to market products online, because by creating an online store we not only make the media for online promotion but also able to increase credibility. Because people assume, if someone has an online store site that means he is serious in selling online.

To create an online store is actually quite easy, all you have to do is;

    1. Buy hosting
    2. Buy a domain
    3. Upload cms online shop

That”s it.

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Of the five ways of online product promotion above, as I said above, my choice and at the same time be the best recommendation for you is to use Online Shop media / SEO, because this will not only generate sales are abundant but also can we use for business, for example We can sell advertising slot to Advertiser (advertiser).

I think enough of the discussion about How to Promote Online Product Promotion To Be Fast Selling, hopefully what I write this can be useful for you who want to sell products online.