My Blogger Blog Redirects to Specific Contry URLs, What to do ?


My Blogger Blog Redirects to Specific Contry URLs, What to do ?

You have got observed right? even as the use of blogspot blogger free sub-domain, your website frequently redirect to local top level domain much like sample bellow.

From:, to: or

Its quitely uninteresting right? And frequently ruin your business gradually.

Perhaps if you continue to feel adequate with it, but right here i’ll listing few purpose it kill your business continously.

    #1: Low incomes
    Had you ever noticed ?, this decrease your earning hugely, maybe you idea you are cause low visitors, but truly incorrect, its specific country redirecting hold waisting your traffic since the url you use for the advertisements isn’t like the particular country url in which a visitor redirected to.

    #2: Low Alexa Rank
    Yea! It frustrating having no rank, that likely indicates, the website isn’t always recieving any visitor daily. What if every visitor are redirecting unique to country of their very own. likely, your alexa rank could be waisting. And you understand, exact alexa rank often growth your sales and different advantages.

    HTML Dis-own
    You know, an html targetting .com, meanwhile the vacationer has been redirected to a selected local extension like or entification, such readers or visitors may not be able of see everything on your web site even it’d include comment box.

Simply to say view, their are numerous motive it kill your blog continously and here is how to forestall it.

How To Stop This ?
1. Log in to your Blogger account.

2. Click on Template → Edit HTML.

3. Find the <<head> tag in the HTML editor using Ctrl F. 4. Copy the html redirection code bellow and paste after after the <head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
if (!blog.match(/ {
blog = blog.replace(/.blogspot..*?//, ".");

5. Click “Save Template”.