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50 Traffics Tips for Blogger

SEO and Traffic entitled 50 Ways to Drive Big Traffic To Web Site/Blog Quickly – Thinking to drive traffic to your blog? Be patient in reading this article because what we will focus on becomes our goal.

6 Mistakes That May Reduce Your Blog Traffic

Buddies may not agree with me that without traffic no blogger or websmaster can earn money online. Either through adsense, amazon, ebay or even selling their own products. Traffic is also measurement for your income, Without traffic there is absolutely no need for a blog or to have a website for the purpose of making money, Google Adsense will not promote to be manager otherwise they will just keep placing ads on your blog. Your success depends on the traffic you can drive and your driving traffic depends on you. Newbie Bloggers tend to spend more time in posting articles than promoting them, this is fine, but when you do not go for growth exposure it will be slow. Better buddy start exposing your hard work buddy rather than keep posting and hope that someday you will get to the top. Getting to the top is more than just posting articles.

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If you have searched for a list of sites where you can promote your articles, then today is your lucky day.

1. Describe your Goal
Just like any other business to start, you must find out what your true target is. You need to understand yourself who to target. Once you know who can be your potential readers and from where to get them from, you can then apply the remaining tips to improve your blog traffic and earnings!

2. Offer Quality Posting
No other good example can make a point clear here, to keep your living room attractive, you need interesting furniture too, right? Now, the quality of your content reflects all of your blogs, more interesting for readers to stay connected.

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3. Comment on Blog and Come in Attention Center
You should accept the fact that when you plan to make money online, you have to interact with readers on different blogs having the same niche. Like having expertise in your niche, you can always leave your suggestions on other blogs, it is very interesting to readers of that blog to learn more about you.

4. Optimizing Your Blog For Search Engines
Although most beginner Bloggers find this one as the toughest part of the story, it”s the most important, to be quite accurate. Try learning more about how to make your SEO friendly post.

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5. Use Forums
Have you heard about “invisible – from the mind policy” ?, If not then you should start considering it. As a blogger, you need to achieve some popularity-enough to drag people to your blog to find out more from you. Join forum and take active part. Don forget to add your blog signature (link) at the end of your comment.

6. Say “Yes” to Guest Posting
Guest posting is an effective way to get back links for your blog. While you offer guest posts on blogs, have great traffic, you really introduce your buddies, ask them to come and visit your blog-so follow your buddy!

7. Using Tracking
You can always take help Tracking is widely available on the internet, one of which is Copyblogger. Its a miracle do in increasing your blog traffic.

8. Play with Series List
About 70% of total internet users are not bloggers. You need to keep the post invite yourself to attract readers and the best results are achieved with the list series, where you provide quality information in terms of lists like, Top series, best series, etc. Readers do not find long, dry piece of information without attraction in the content.

9. “Top 10” Posting
Show flexibility and generate top 10 Series, readers looking for them.

10. “Top 50” Posting
Too many ingredients to make it as top 50? Please, it will bring more readers, generate more traffic.

11. Best 100
Big numbers increase your credibility. If you are sure to share a lot of interesting information, it”s better to share your posts in two or three sections, like 100 ways to earn money-part1 and also for other parts.

12. Buddies Share Secrets to Get More
Talk about strategies that work best for you. People are looking for a working formula and there”s a chance they”ll get what they”re looking for on your blog.

13. Writing Links Post Links
“Link bait” is basically the type of work others will want to link to.

14. Creating Mailing Lists
Use email marketing for your blog traffic promotion.

15. Trying to Obtain a Grip from the Media
Publicity of your blog through media that can generate massive traffic for your blog.

16. Technorati
Submit your blog to Technorati.

17. Writing Tutorial – Being Authentic
Writing tutorials for tutorial sites is again a great idea. You can tutor people in your domain and can increase your blog traffic by leaving links there.

18. Blogger Club Secrets
Other help so they help you buddy. Blogger here tweet their posts and share traffic.

19. Ping Your Blog
Ping your blog after writing your post, for example pingomatic.

20. Taking Help from Blogging Community
There are communities managed by professional bloggers like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage.

21. BlogCarnival.com
Carnival Blog is a good platform to get traffic from. A Must join site.

22. Creating Video
Create videos related to your niche and promote your blog with them.

23. Your Site – Your Identity
Professional bloggers recommend to Include your blog URL as a signature in your email.

24. Use Social Media
Use social media to promote your blog like your blog ads with Facebook Ads. It”s a miracle.

25. Offer Contest
Start a contest on your blog bringing more realistic targeted customers.

26. Advertise with Google Adwords
Your blog ads use Google Adwords.

27. Feed-Feed Directory
Submit your blog to this feed directory.

28. Free Press Release
Free press release sites are looking for press releases. Write to your blog and send it to them.

29. Use Newspaper
Ready for some investment? Your blog ads in your local newspaper

30. Stay Updated
Visit great blogs like techcrunch and mashable to keep checks on the latest happenings so you can share them quickly with your readers as well.

31. Conduct Video Posting
Entertaining your readers by sharing video posts reading great articles sometimes becomes too boring.

32. Probloggers Interview
Provide the importance of professional bloggers by interviewing them. This will bring their followers on your blog too.

33. Use Images
Optimize the use of Images and make sure to name them before upload.

34. Use Google News
Get your blog listed in Google news.

35. Goal Celebrities
Your readers have the other side of the personality as well. They always take ken flowers in the news share about celebrities. Do focus on that too.

36. Television
Publishing your blog on local television is the best way to attract maximum subscribers. This method is very useful if someone has the best resources.

37. Radio
With the rejuvenation of radio channels, marketers now tend to advertise their blogs on these channels by making live calls, sending text messages about your blog or through a deal different from the radio organization.

38. Twitter
Twitter welcomes all types of bloggers to market their blogs as tweets using #hashtags.

39. Yellow Pages Online
Online yellow pages can also be used to make your blog available to your readers.

40. Like, tweet, Googleplus, etc.
One of the best ways to attract traffic for your blog is to add social sharing buttons like and share. Through this, hundreds of people will come to read your blog when you share your post.

41. Blog Directory
The Blog Directory helps in directing large amounts of traffic to newly turned bloggers and therefore adds publication of your blog.

42. Site Directory
By sharing your article to website directories you can get traffic.

43. Using Article Directories
People can also know about your blog when you submit your post to Article Directory.

44. Write about controversial topics
Diplomatic statements and controversial topics always help in achieving traffic for your writing. Writing in famous controversies like Steve Jobs, Facebook Timeline, etc. can be very effective for marketing your blog.

45. Google attack or Large Company
Once you reach your target to get enough traffic to talk about after a big hit article, all you have to do is keep moving with the stream as a big platform like Google is bound to cover your blog!

If you want to upgrade your blog rankings, then get yourself registered in DMOZ, a google-affiliate directory that improves your blog rankings on various search engines and you can get massive traffic.

46. Tags – The Most Important
Having tags is very important to attract traffic. When you develop tags that are in hand with tags used by the best search engines, you are bound to get traffic for your blog.

47. Yahoo Answers
Being a proactive and reactive blogger is very important. If you prove to the reader that you are a reliable blogger, your traffic will stop going elsewhere and you will enjoy permanent blog-faith traffic.

48. Stumbleupon
Stumble Upon is one useful resource for driving traffic, the entire blogger talks the internet about it. It”s a miracle, try using SU and you will not regret using it.

49. Blogger Put on Questions
Compile various frequently asked questions from different bloggers and write them in one post. Certain posts will serve as an added bonus for your readers.

50. Consistency
Consistency of many things if you dream of getting up someday upon. Normal in anything that you do is sure but in blogging is very important. You should be consistent if you dream of getting something good.

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