How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog (9 Quick Steps)


Promoting affiliate products is one way of monetizing blogs I recommend earlier.

The reason, because the commission is large and the process is not difficult. Promoting affiliate products on blogs is as easy as creating new content. For those of you who want to understand more how, continue reading.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog (6 Steps)

Making blogs as an affiliate marketing platform means you will be promoting various products on your blog. If you are wrong in doing this campaign, your loyal readers may escape.

Although I said before that easy, many bloggers who do not have the right mindset to become an affiliate marketer. Therefore, keep in touch with the following concepts.

Connect with readers

The more visitors you trust with you, the more likely they are to buy the product you are promoting.

So it is important to establish rapport and build trust between blog owners and readers.

Build traffic first

It’s good if your blog has a permanent visitor first before starting to monetize with any technique, including affiliate marketing.

Imagine if in the first article you have directly promoted the product, people who just visited your website will not be comfortable.

Promote a good product

No matter how hard your business promotes the product, if the product itself is not good then no one will buy.

Do not be tempted by the percentage of commissions offered by affiliate products. Make sure the quality is good and the people who use the product are satisfied.

Even better if the product you are promoting is already or is being used.

Do not distraction

Many blogs that I see like this. Every blog article is created to promote a product. Moreover, the blog is deliberately created just to put affiliate links.

As a result, your visitors will not benefit from your blog.

Relevant products with blogs

It’s useless if your blog is about guitar but you are promoting fitness products. Which one is willing to buy.

Promote products that are in the same category. For example if your blog about WordPress tutorial, promote WordPress plugin.

Well, that’s 5 tips you have to hold and apply. Now let’s start the steps from 0.

Steps to promote affiliate products

Option 1. Register on the affiliate network
First of all we must do of course is to register on the affiliate network. There are several networks I can recommend for beginners:

    1. Amazon physical products
    2. Clickbank digital products
    3. Warriorplus internet marketing products
    4. JVZoo internet marketing products
    5. Envato template, script, plugin, graphic design

Registration in the affiliate network above is not difficult and does not require any requirements.

Option 2. Select an affiliate product
After registering an account on the affiliate network, select the affiliate products that you will promote. Of the 5 concepts above, then there are some guidelines that you can use in choosing a product.

Hints: Choose a product that matches the topic of your blog, and choose the best one.

Good products are usually seen from the number of reviews, total ratings, number of buyers, etc. Almost all affiliate networks also have the feature to sort the product from the most in demand.

Option 2.1. Alternative ways of choosing products and registering
If the way 1 and 2 before we choose the network first register, we can also turn by selecting the product first register on the network.

For example because I am on this blog using premium blogghiamo template that provides affiliate program, so I want to recommend this product. How, find out details about affiliate programs on the product website and then list on the network.

For the Some Affiliate Website, they use the ShareASale network. So to promote this product, just register there. There are also products that do not use affiliate network, just the same.

Option 3. Save the afilliate link
Each product and network have different links. Save the link for all the products you want to promote to notepad or other documents to make the process easier.

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Option 4. Create content
Because we use blogs as media to promote products, then we have to create content. Commonly used forms of content are usually articles or videos.

Follow the guidelines in this article to create a good article.

Here are some types of effective content to be inserted in affiliate links, along with tips to use it.

Content review products
The most common and most effective way is to create content in the form of product reviews. People looking for a review of a product are usually ready to buy. Your job is just to convince them.

Here are the rules of creating content reviews that you must hold to create content that is effective and trustworthy to others;

    1. Honest. Do not lie about the product that you review, do not just mention the advantages. If there is a shortage of products, also convey.

    2. Personal. In reviewing the product, use a personalized tone “and” “you”. So the content you create is really the reviews and recommendations of your own.

    3. Do not review products that are not good.

Content aggregate and comparison
With collection and comparison content, you can promote more than one product at a time in an article. Here are examples of collection content as well as product comparison:

    30 Tool for Blogger
    2.5 Best Responsive WordPress Templates
    3.7 Plugins to Prevent Your Blog from Hacking

Option 4. Genesis Framework vs. Thesis Framework – What’s Better
Content tutorial
Content shaped tutorial also sometimes you can insert affiliate links. Example of tutorial content suppose “How to Create a Professional Blog with WordPress”.

In that article I can include some affiliate links for example;

    Bluehost as a blog hosting provider,
    NameCheap as a domain service,
    plugin recommendations,
    template recommendations.

Discounted content
Discounts are also very effective because it means they are ready to buy. There are affiliate products that do provide cheaper prices when purchased from links or affiliate coupons rather than buying directly.

4.1. Banner ads
In addition to content, affiliate products can also be promoted with pictorial banners such as AdSense. Some products provide the exact same banner size as AdSense for example 336×280, 300×250, 468×60, and others.

If it is not provided, you can also create your own banner.

There are two advantages of promoting affiliate products with blogs compared to advertising. First, do not damage the look of the website, and secondly, the commission you get is much higher.

A good affiliate product and properly promoted will get a great conversion rate. The reason is because as you can see from the tutorial above that this product “merge” with website and content.