How to Create Facebook Ads: (13 Beginner’s Guide)


How to Create Facebook Ads: (13 Beginner’s Guide)

Basically, there are two ways to get traffic. Free and paid way. Both utilize sites with the largest traffic in the world.

The first free way is with SEO that rely on traffic from Google to some stop by our site or offer, while the second way is a paid way that relies on traffic from Facebook so that some drop by to our site or offer.

how to set-up facebook ads

I’ve tried to explain at length about this SEO topic on my SEO tutorial, and maybe SEO is one way of bringing traffic that I am most mastered.

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However, I know not everyone likes or matches SEO, so today I will try to make a tutorial on other ways to bring traffic that is not less magic.

This way is to advertise on Facebook using Facebook ads …

Facebook ads are famous for their ability to target your potential customers to very specific, so it is super effective if you can use one of these features well. Facebook ads are also very popular because advertising on Facebook is very cheap compared to advertising on other platforms. Our basic tutorial this time will not discuss too much detail to the technical aspects of making Facebook ads targeted, but especially on how to make your first Facebook ads.

NOTE: Remember that like all other social media, Facebook is also very hobby to change its interface, not to mention the interface to create ads.

This tutorial I created partly with my Facebook account, which may have a slightly different interface to your Facebook account. Nevertheless, I am sure more or less the stages you need to make your first ad will not be much different from what I wrote in this tutorial.

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And well.. without much more time.

How To Create Your First Facebook Ads

Step #1. Create an Ad

When you sign in to your Facebook account (With Chrome/Firefox), at the top right of your browser screen. You’ll find a green button that shows “Create An Ad” (Create Ad). Click the button to create your first Facebook ad.

If you do not see the button, please click the “gear” button at the top right of your screen, then click “Create Ads” or “Create Ad” or something similar.

Step #2. Choose what you want to advertise

In this case, you have many choices. You can promote any URL (either for pages that are within Facebook or outside of Facebook), eg Facebook pages, Facebook applications, Facebook events, Facebook places, or external URLs such as your own sites or affiliate links.

You can lead Facebook users to an external URL containing a sales letter or opt in form for example, or you can also promote your fanpage to get a lot of “like” – to get more fans in your fanpage faster.

Step #3. Set Up Your Ads

For ads on Facebook, you are usually asked to write down some short sales copy and also confirm the URL.

The ad preview will be displayed on the right side live, so you can see how your ad will be displayed instantly when you edit it. For certain ads, such as ads to get like for your fanpage, you usually do not need to write additional sales copy.

Sales copy I mean is the text you enter that aims to make your prospective mng-click your ads.

The three elements in this ad, headline, text, and image. Headlined and the goal to attract attention and cause curiosity.

The testmark should include the sales copy you created in such a way that people would want to click on your ad to satisfy their curiosity. Make sure you includecall to action in this section.

Step #4 Target by Geography

Choose a particular country, region or city where you want your ad to be displayed.

Consider the box containing several other cities with a distance of about 10, 25, or 50 miles from where you choose, if for example you want an additional target.

You can make your ads very targeted with this option because of Facebook’s advertising capabilities that allow you to target places like country, province, city, and even zip code. For starters, you can try to type the city you are targeting as I do below by typing the city “Boston”.

Step # 5. Target by Age and Gender

Select which group of genders and what age group you want your ad to show. You can check the box on the right, to give Facebook the freedom to show your ads to people slightly outside of the gender group and age group you specify.

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If you already have certain and specific data from certain age groups and gender groups that you want to target, make sure you do not check the box on this right.

Step # 6. Target by Category and Precise Interest

At this stage, you can target your ads to Facebook users based on your hobbies, status, interests, cultural background, and so on. Super sakti, is not it?

These options cover the broad categories (categories of broad) and the prize interest (some interest), some of which you can see below. You can target as specific as possible using this option.

Want to target married and cooking women? You can use this feature to narrow down your ad targets and get more responsive ads.

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Step # 7. More About Precise Interest

If the particular interest you are targeting for a reason does not exist in the above broad categories option and is not in the precise interest option above, then you can choose this option.

Type in keywords that are relevant to what your ad is likely to target, and Facebook will instantly show you some choices.

For example, I type the word “marketing” below and the results will appear exactly matching the keywords I type as well as other relevant keywords that I might also want to target.

You can be even more precise with this function, such as targeting people who like certain fanpage. Super powerful!

Step # 8. More About Broad Categories

Facebook provides a huge selection of padabroad categories.

If you see a category here that matches your targeted target market, you can check the small box next to it and your ads will automatically be included in your chosen segment.

Step # 9. Target by Connection

Although you can target your ads by interest, age, and location, Facebook also offers you to target ads based on the connection (connection).

For example, you can target people who are connected to your business fanpage (ever like your fanpage for example), or certain apps (ever play ant fight for example), or even you can target “friends” from someone (friends of people who Like a Facebook page ‘Learning Online Business with Karl‘).

This strategy is used so that you can target users who may be interested in your company or yourself – or anything like your company.

Additional targeting features also include sexual orientation, relationship status (marriage, fiance, singles, etc.), language, education level, and occupation.

Step # 10. Set Goal and Ad Pricing

This part is rather complicated.

In essence, there are two types of ads – CPM and CPC.

    CPM – Cost per mile means you will be charged every time your ad is displayed 1,000 times – whether someone clicks or not.

    CPC – Cost per click means you will get paid every time your ad is clicked by your prospect.

Each one is useful. If you think your targeted ad is less specific, it may be wise to choose a CPC to ensure that you only pay people who are interested in your ads and click on them.

However, if you feel you’ve created a very specific targeted and targeted ad, so you are very sure that you see your ad is likely to click on your ads, then you can use CPM to further minimize advertising costs.

I personally usually create ads in CPC first, I change until a good conversion. If the conversion is good I change it to CPM without changing the ad content.

To change CPM to CPC in this section, change the Omnibox to “click on my ad or sponsored story” in the drop down menu.

NOTE: Facebook changes the look of its ads setup page from time to time. The appearance of this ad setup page may also vary by country. Therefore, maybe your pricing section might look like this.

If your ads setup page look like this, click the radio button (round button) of the type of ad you want. Want CPC, click “Pay per clicks”, want CPM click “Pay per impressions”.

Or if your ad setup page looks like this, to convert CPC to CPM or vice versa, change the “Bidding” option from “Bid for clicks” to “Bid for Impressions” or vice versa by clicking the dropdown menu in “Bidding”.

Step # 11. Review your Ads

Make sure you’ve reviewed your ads before you advertise them.

Review your ads by clicking on the “Review Order” button next to the “Place Order” button.

And check everything to make sure you know what type of ads you buy (CPC or CPM) when the ads are published, who your target is, and what else you want.

Step # 12. Launch your Facebook Ads

Click the green “Place Order” button that you can see below to start launching your ad.

Make sure you pay attention to your Facebook ads during launching to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and make sure your advertising costs come out wisely.

Study data from your ads for a day or two, find out which ads are profitable – have a high clickthrough rate (CTR), have high conversions, and focus and keep improving those ads.

While finding out ads that only suck your money, pause the ad or change so profitable based on the data you have obtained.

The key to advertising everywhere is continuous testing, create lots of ad versions, find the best version and keep improving from it. Facebook ads are not exceptions. And well.

I think so of the tutorial how to setting up this Ads Ads, I hope you learn a lot from this tutorial.

Another tutorial article might be more about targeting, as targeting is one of the keys to getting cheap ads on Facebook. But, of course it’s for another time …

Greeting smile! 😀