How to Add/Verify Blogger Blogspot to Google Webmaster Tools

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How to Add Blogger Blogspot to Google

Webmaster google we should look carefully if you want the article on our web-blog indexed by google. Webmasters can not be underestimated for SEO website or blog enthusiasts to improve their index quality. As I mentioned earlier related to GOOgle Webmaster. This time we will learn to register our blog to google webmaster tool.

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Previously complete the first creation of your blog, so you know the placement of html code that affects other SEO.

How to Add Blogger Site to Google Search Console

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger Blog

1. First log into your Google Webmaster Tools account. Find yourself on google.

2. Next add your blog URL, like the following picture.

input google webmaster url
Input Google Webmaster URL

3. Then click Add A Site.

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4. Then click on the gear icon next to the top right corner of the webmaster’s page, continue to select the Verification Detaills menu.

google webmaster verification
Google Webmaster Verification

5. Next you will be taken on the verification page.

6. Then select Verify using a different method.

google webmaster verification method
Google Webmaster Verification Method

7. Click the go to the blog verification option page. Well, for blogs choose the HTML Tag option.

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8. Then copy the code in the image above the arrow number 2.

9. Then save the code in your blog, exactly on the blog template under the code <head>. So later as the code below that you have coopy from webmaster.

<meta content='Gsfq_4AnJRGBRuDzRTGdD0EpXoxxxxxxxxxxxxx' name='google-site-verification'/>
All your head meta tags here

10. Next step, click save.

11. The last step you just click Verify to verify your blog on the Google Websmaster Tools page.

12. Done

That’s how to verify blogger blog to google webmaster tools.