CPA and Affiliate Marketing Optimization Principles


CPA and Affiliate Marketing Optimization Principles

Talking about CPA marketing is inseparable from a process called optimization. The main duty of a CPA and Affiliate marketer is to promote offers and optimize campaign (campaign) promotions. Optimization must be done continuously in order to always get the best results.

CPA and Affiliate Marketing Optimization Principles
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This is the fifth chapter of the CPA guide series for beginners.

There are three main elements in a CPA process;

    1. Ads
    2. Landing page
    3. Offer

These three elements must each be optimized as the process of promotion. For those of you who do not use paid traffic may not need to bother with ad optimization.

Know the split test
Split test or also sometimes called A/B test is testing two or more variables under the same conditions. Suppose testing the landing page element between variation A and variation B. From the test we will find out which variant gives better result.

The worse results will be discarded, while the better results are re-tested with variation C. So on.

Of the three elements above, each of us must do split-test.

Get to know the tracking tool
To know which variations are performing better, we need to know some data such as the number of ads shown, the number of clicks, and the number of offer conversions. This is the function of tracking tool or tracking tool. There are 2 good tracking tools for beginners;

    1. Prosper202, 100percent free but we have to own hosting

    2. Voluum, free up to a certain usage limit, no need to bother thinking about hosting

Know the angle
Angle is the point of view or approach we take to offer an offer to others. Angle is very important in CPA marketing. Using different angles with the same offer, you can get much different results.

Angle is a reason we give them to be interested in our offer. If I promote an anti-virus app, then angle is the reason why they should download the anti-virus.

Approaches that we can take in the example above suppose the benefits of anti-virus (cleaning the virus, speed up computer), consequently if not using anti-virus (will be infected with the virus, the computer becomes slow, the computer will be damaged), and others Each angle will give a much different result, to get a good angle you have to be creative and have to do split-test test.

Ad optimization
There are three kinds of ads; In the form of text, images, or text-images. Moreover, an ad contains one angle.

To create a great ad, you must take advantage of all three elements (text, image-design, angle) to create an engaging ad.

In the split-test ad optimization process, these three elements must be included as variables. So you need to create multiple ad variations that have different angles, different text, and different design images.

Optimization of landing page
In the previous chapter, I’ve explained the main components in a landing page. These five components should each be tested as a variable to get the best ad design.

As for the angle, landing page would follow the ad. So we recommend that the angle of the landing page be equated with your ad.

Optimization offer
There are 3 kinds of optimization offer.

    #1. In a CPA Network, there are several offers that are essentially similar. Suppose the offer is a shopping voucher A, B, and C. You can do a split-test for each of these similar offers.

    #2. There is the same offer but with different target countries. You can test which country gives the best results.

    #3. If you have an account at 2 or more CPA Networks, you can test the same offer on 2 different CPA Networks. Although the offer is the same, but the difference CPA Network can issue different results.

When to stop optimizing?
A difficult question to answer because the one who knows exactly is yourself as a marketer. You can stop optimizing if in the end your penguijan no longer brings significant results.

The end result, can be a profit or loss for you. The condition that occurs if the cost of per-conversion is lower than the commission, otherwise for the condition of”

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When testing has not given significant results and you are in a profit condition, continue this ad campaign. That means you have managed to earn income from your business. But if you are in a loss condition and testing is stuck, stop immediately and switch to another offer. Cover CPA Marketing with paid traffic is a profit-loss game. Although it is a financial loss, but you have nothing to lose as you learn something new.In split-test testing, you will find more failures than those that work. This is normal. You will spend some money in a split-test. But when you get to the point of profit, all these losses will soon be covered very quickly. So, dedication and unyielding traits play an important role here.