7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


Social media is crazy.
If we look at big brands that have accounts in social media, they have a lot like and retweet each time publish new posts.

7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

In addition, many people claimed to successfully utilize Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc. To sell.

From there we are interested.
But when we try, the results are disappointing.

Already created account-page, the profile is complete, already have a lot of interesting content, but the follower is also in the number of hundreds.

Or already have a follower but the buyer does not increase.

In order not to be disappointed with your social media marketing strategy, let’s see what mistakes are often done in social media.

#1: Wish direct sales from social media
Last time you open a Facebook application, Twitter, or Instagram on smartphone, what is your goal?

Want to buy something.
Or just look at photos of friends and family?
Usually the second one.
Take a look;
94% uses social media for family and friends purposes. Whether it’s seeing photos, chatting, or reading status.

Even 62% felt social media did not affect their decision to buy. Such is the fact.

So if you are active in social media as a brand, do not expect your accounts to be updated 10x a day can directly increase sales.

Wait a minute
If it is like that, then why there are many accounts of the social media brand that managed to get a lot of followers? This is the reason;

Solution # 1 error;
We already know that most people use social media not to buy directly. Although there is also a small part who immediately immediately buy, the term impulse buyer.

But only a small part, very small.
Therefore, our goal is active in social media not to sell. Rather to build a brand.

Indeed Facebook and friends are not active in generating sales, but social media can make them know and feel closely with us.

This is what in the long run will have a positive impact.

Now, look again at successful brand accounts using social media. What are they doing there?

#2: Always talk about yourself
Actually this second mistake is not only common in social media marketing, throughout the marketing strategy is also like this.

But we focus first on social media.

First of all, we have discussed about what people do in social media.

Most (almost all) for friends and family.
More details, this is what we do in social media;
This is a translation of the infographics created by GlobalWebIndex.

See the list.
Of the top 10 uses, is there any “searching for the latest products sold by the company”

There is no. They do not care about us.
They stop by social media to find news about friends or family, or search for interesting content.

So, if you just make a post every day about the latest products, product price lists, and the like, no one will be interested in you.

Solution error # 2;
Do not fight the flow.
We already know what people search for in social media. Provide what they are looking for.

One of them, interesting content.
Since nobody wants to know about your business, you have to create content that interests them.

That way, your account is eligible for follow-up.

The content they create has always attracted many people, but the topic remains relevant to the product being sold.

Just look at the amount of his likes.

    All published posts always get more than 10 thousand like.

#3: Assuming content is king
“Content is king” this phrase we often encounter in other marketing fields. Because it is true, without quality content it is impossible to get good results. In social media is different.

Quality of content is still important, very important.

But there is more important.
The context of the content.

    Context is something that lies behind an event, idea, statement, or idea so that everything is connected and can be clearly understood.
    1. List-post; Article in the form of a list [22.14%]
    2. Why-post; Article explanation why [22.3%]
    3. Videos: [18.94%]
    4. How-to; Article guide [18.42%]
    5. What-post; Article explanation what [17.88%]

So in conclusion, the post that gets the greatest reach in social media is a link. The most popular links are those that contain articles in the form of a list (example).

There is more.
Based on an analysis conducted by OKDork and BuzzSumo on 100 million articles, it turns out that who get the most share is that can evoke feelings.

This is the feeling that gets the most share;
The highest feeling is;

    1. Awe (amazed)
    2. Laughter (funny, laugh)
    3. Amusement (entertainment)
    4. Joy (happy)
    5. Anger (angry)
    6. Empathy (empathy)

The best post type is a link to the list article (post list) that included photos and can generate awe.

Ideally like that,
But in practice, you should combine yourself. Because not all industries, target markets, and demographics have the same interests.

Frequency and time of posting
As mentioned earlier, the optimal frequency for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is different. There are better if many, there is also a better not too much.

This is the optimal frequency for each social media:

    *. Facebook; Maximum 2x a day and 5-10x a week
    *. Twitter; 5x a day or more
    *. LinkedIn; 1x per day and 20x per month
    *. Googleplus; Maximum 3x a day
    *. Pinterest; 5x a day or more
    *. Instagram; 1-2x a day or more

It’s for frequency, it’s time.
Rush hour or empty hour, which one is more optimal?

Not that easy.
If we write during peak hours, then our content will be quickly covered by others. Finally not seen. While in the empty hours only a few people are active.

The answer varies depending on who your target is.

It’s the best time to tweet to get the most number of clicks, based on Buffer:

There is no specific research for Indonesia, but at least this can be used as a reference.

For Facebook, you can see directly from the Page that you have.

Like this example for Page GuideIM on Facebook;
From the picture above, it turns out the most frequent GuideIMIM online at 9 pm. Because it’s the best time to make a post about 0-2 hours earlier.

Again, this number varies depending on the demography.

Therefore, we recommend that you check the optimal time of your post.

3. Create a regular schedule for social media

Social media marketing is not a one-time, but sustainable job.

No matter how good your content is, it’s never going to work once in a while. The follower will forget you.

One more.
Social media marketing is not just creating content.

There are other jobs that MUST do, some of them;

    *. Interact with the follower and influencer
    *. Content planning
    *. Statistical analysis and goal
    *. Planning and experimentation

To simplify the process, please follow this daily, weekly, and monthly task;

Daily tasks;

    1. Replying mentions, messages, and comments that come in
    2. Monitoring keywords
    3. Publish-schedule new content
    4. Search for material for new content
    5. Looking for people who have many followers (influencers)
    6. Interact with influencers
    7. Interacting with the follower
    8. Create images for content
    9. Create content for the community

Weekly assignments;

    1. Analyze the content in the past week
    2. Analysis of the increase and decrease that occurred
    3. Analysis of goals and targets that have been determined
    4. Hashtag analysis
    5. Hold events (webinars, Twitter chat, etc.)
    6. Seeking new communities
    7. Website optimization for social media

Monthly duty;

    1. Checking the goals that have been made
    2. Create a new goal
    3. Plan a new experiment for next month
    4. Update your profile photo, description, biography
    5. Adjust the frequency and schedule of posts

The chapters in this guide will continue to be added. If you have any additional suggestions or ideas on the subject you want to learn about social media marketing, please contact me.

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In error; number 2 was already mentioned that one of the use of social media is to get interesting content.

But not just interesting.
If it’s just interesting, we take funny pictures from sites like 9GAG or Thai advertising videos that make me touched is also done.

Many will share, like, retweet. Because it is interesting.

But does this have a positive impact on marketing?

Quite the opposite.
If what we share through social media does not fit the context, then the people who are interested are not the right people to target.

Those who come are those who are not interested in buying products or using your services.

Although many like-follower, but useless.

Solution error # 3;
Create a buyer personal.
Buyer personal is the profile or description of the people who will be interested and able to buy from you.

For example if you market a fitness supplement product, then its persona is the people who routinely to the gym to train muscles. Not other people.

After that find out what content they are interested in.

Do not create content that is too general, let alone content that is unattractive to your buyer personel.

#4: Using social media the wrong way
Try to be impregnated for a moment; Social media – media social
media where people socialize.

That is, in social media marketing you also have to socialize with others. Not just posting itself to his own account.

This is the mistake most often made by people who just jumped into social media marketing – cuma make post, without socializing.

If you do not have traffic from outside, have no follower, and you do every day just create new content without socializing out.

Like yelling in an empty room.

It will not be heard by others, how interesting your content is.

Solution error # 4:
Most people do social media marketing with the aim of getting traffic, which ends up being a buyer.

If you already have other traffic sources, such as blogs-websites, ads, etc. Then make social media a place to communicate with them, it does not matter.

But if the goal is to get traffic, you have to socialize

Out and inside.
Socializing out means we are looking for a place that many people in social media, such as Facebook Groups for example. Here’s what we do there:

    *. Make an interesting post
    *. Answering other people’s questions
    *. A useful discussion
    *. Invite them to your place

Thus, you will start getting traffic and follower. While socializing into the meaning we communicate with people who write comments and mention for your account.

Show that you are a human, not a robot.

#5: Use cunning ways to get follower and like
There are people who sell followers on Twitter and like on Facebook for a very cheap price.

Like this:
Actually this is not a fraud, they will actually provide hundreds, even thousands of followers and like on Twitter and Facebook at $1.

Delicious right?
Is not at all.
This is the reason;

Facebook has an algorithm that analyzes the level of interaction between a page and the people who like the page.

If you buy a follower, the people you buy are not at all interested in you. They will not interact at all.

Well, when the interaction is low then the algorithm will automatically assume that your page is spam.

After that, your entire post will never go to their News Feed.

Everything is filtered automatically.

In other words, if you buy like on Facebook you kill your own page.

Solution error # 5;
Do not buy like and follower.
Find the follower in a legitimate way, by creating interesting content. Do not look for followers who will not be interested in your content.

#6: Use the 4P principle instead of 4E
What on earth, 4P 4E?
4P, or any other term marketing mix or marketing mix: here:

    *. Product
    *. Price
    *. Promotion
    *. Place

Marketing mix is a method that we use to identify, where the hell “position” of our business when viewed from the four things. By knowing its position, then we can plan the right marketing strategy.

Every time there is a class about marketing, surely 4P is taught.
Unfortunately, many people misunderstand.

They assume that when doing marketing in social media (and other media) they should talk about 4P;

    *. Product; Talk about the benefits of its products

    *. Price; Inform the product price, give discount

    *. Place; Notify the location of the store

    *. Promotion; Invite them to buy

This is 100% wrong.
If you do this in social media, nobody will care. All follower will leave.

Solution Error # 6:
4P is only done behind the scenes, not to be communicated directly to others. Instead, do 4E:

    *. Engage; Invite them to interact
    *. Educate; Create informative, educational, useful content
    *. Excite; Create content that makes them enthusiastic to get them back to you
    *. Evangelize; Make them recommend your products to others

When you succeed in doing these four things, your social media marketing strategy is a success.

#7: Social as the only marketing medium
Suppose you already have 100 thousand followers on Twitter.

But what happens when something happens with your account.

What if your account is closed by Twitter?

Or what if Twitter (and Facebook) one day become an ineffective place to market a business?

The 100 thousand figure is useless.

Worse yet, you have no direct contact with the 100,000 people. If you no longer use Twitter, you can not move them to another place.

Social media does not allow you to get their contacts.

Imagine if you are accustomed to getting buyers from social media, your main source of income from social media. Then instantly in 1 day lost all.

You will repeat again from scratch.

That is the biggest weakness of social media.

Solution Error # 7:
In online marketing, we recognize 4 types of media:

    *. Owned media; Ours fully. For example website, email list, blog
    *. Paid media; Paid ads
    *. Earned media; Loyal customers who recommend your business
    *. Rented media; Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

We just ride on social media, rent place (rent). The people who follow you there are not yours, they belong to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

You should be aware that paid and rented media is just a means to develop owned and earned media, your 100% media.

Social media we use only to build the brand.
Do not let you and your customers assume that social media is your home. Create your own website (owned media), and bring them there.

Do not do this..

    *. Looking for buy buyer in social media
    *. Using FB Ads to get buyers right away
    *. Create content only in social media
    *. Opening stores in social media

Do this:

    *. Build brand in social media
    *. Use FB Ads to get their contacts
    *. Create content on your own website, use social media as a distribution place
    *. Bring people who want to buy to your website

In essence, develop your own owned media. Do not rely on a place that does not belong to you. And in the end owned media must be bigger than rented media.

Now it’s time to do the right thing.

You are already aware of the 7 most common mistakes in social media marketing, now it’s time we learn more about the right strategy.

In chapter 3, we will discuss 60 strategies to increase followers for 3 major social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Alternatively, if you just want to focus on Facebook please go straight to chapter 4.