6 Mistakes That May Reduce Your Blog Traffic


Ever experienced blog traffic down but confused what causes it? Many bloggers who make mistakes that make traffic blog fialed realize what mistakes he has done. Here I make a list of some things that ever make traffic from my blogs plummeted.

6 Mistakes That May Reduce Your Blog Traffic

This article is very important for those who are blogging to earn income, because income comes from traffic. Do not let blog traffic down without you being aware of the problem. So we just discuss the mistakes that can make your blog traffic is reduced …

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Error 1: Unhealthy Backlink Growth
Pay attention to your backlink growth. The backlink must grow consistently. Fluctuations in the amount of consistent origin are consistent. If you start looking for backlinks regularly every day, then one day you become lazy for a week or even two weeks, then your blog traffic will start to fall. No need to force yourself to get a lot if not able.

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Error 2: No Routine Update
Actually this is the most common mistake we do. Even I can not refuse the condition where the job is too much to not be blogging. After observing and discussing with some blogger friends, it turns out the factor to update periodically either once a day, or two days, can be very influential on traffic. Blogs are very routine to update can have a much better traffic than blogs that once gempur dozens of articles and after that passive for a month.

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Error 3: Installing links to site Google does not want.
There are many sites that Google does not like, such as Paid to Review sites. If you share a link to such website, it will be very felt once the interruption within a month of linking. My advice to avoid putting links to sites that dosn’t clear the status, who knows they include those that violate the provisions of Google.

Error 4: Ignore the Aspirations of Visitors
Most visitors ask certain things to serve or discuss. If you’ve already discussed, then preserve the URL, but if it has not been, then it would not hurt to discuss the issue if it is still including the niche of your blog.

Error 5: Not Having Main Article
It is a difficult thing to always make a heavy article. But at least one of the three articles you make must be weighty. Do not create too many short articles. If it can be highly recommended create articles that are more than 500 words. Short articles make your blog look no quality, therefore create a few long articles that connect these short articles.

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Error 6: Overuse of Blog Templates/Themes
Blog templates or themes are also recognized by search engine robots. If you change templates too often, then Robot will have problems to determine the default criteria of your blog. And as a result your blog could get points dropped in the eyes of search engines. Do not also put too many scripts, flash, or frames on your template.

From my personal experience to the six things above can affect the rate of visitors to your blog. If you are a blogger that relies on visitors from search engines, it’s good to avoid the six mistakes above.

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