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On-Page SEO Ranking Factors – 2018 Best SEO Techniques


Talking about SEO is not going to be endless. after a long buried, Verily, I’ll be sharing you 10 Perfect On-Page SEO Optimizing Tricks.

According to an Webcourse Agency Writer, SEO is an amazingly inexpensive way to advertise your business and the related products. It does not require you to invest a staggering amount to get your desired results. An SEO campaign can be arranged on a stringent budget and the return you derive from that meager investment is huge. SEO is a sure shot way to achieve success and money in business.

Baze on my own knowledge and experience, there are major 10 important on page SEO factors that must be considered. Let get started, with my little, I’ll Share with you! No Gimmick!.

seo tips

1. Always Insert Keywords In Post Title

Factors number of first and foremost at Onpage SEO is to place the targeted keywords in the title. These keywords provide an overview to the search engines about the content of the blog or post.
Keywords that are placed in the rightful post title will be automatically bold why look at the post title. However, not so with keywords for the title of the blog. If you are using WordPress, you can place keywords in the title of the blog by using the plugin All in One SEO Pack or Yoast’s WordPress SEO.

    Where your keywords should be placed on the title?
    If possible, place your keywords in the beginning of your title to be easily recognizable by potential visitors and search engines. When laying the keywords in the beginning of the title is not possible, for example, create a title becomes ambiguous, put the keyword in the title naturally.

2: Format Heading

Format heading (H2, H3, and so on) can be used also to optimize the structure of post buddy. Which format is selected? I think it depends on the tastes of the blogger. For me, the format H3 is enough to explain the points-pound or subtitle postings are made.

3. Adding Tittle To Images

The search engine can detect images via alternative text for images (alt text). For this purpose, create alt text as possible. Some SEO practitioners suggest an alt text is filled with the targeted keywords. However, I ignored such advice because I filled the alt text with words related to the targeted keywords.

4. Position Keywords in Posts

Next factor is the composition of the keyword. The intended mix of keywords is the percentage of keywords to the total number of words in a posts. In order not to spread indicated excessive keyword (keyword stuffing) by Google, a writer expected to create keyword position between 1% to 5%.

For example, if you are targeting the keyword “SEO Onpage”. The keyword appears five times in a 500 word posts you make. Thus, the density of SEO Onpage on these postings is 1% or 5% divided by 500.

5. Internal Link

Do not forget to link to an earlier post. In addition to providing a signal link to the search engine posts, internal links also provide additional information to visitors.

6. External link

Creating a link to another trusted web-page. The goal of giving signals to the search engines that post refers to the source or a reliable reference. Of course, external link references also provide additional options to visitors who want to know more about the topic of the post buddy.

7. Targeted Keyword In The First & Last Paragraph

Besides the title, the keywords that shot should be placed well in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. In my opinion, this placement will provide an overview of topics beginning and end of the search engines.

8. Text Counting

In conducting on-page SEO, you also have to pay attention to the number of words writing. SEO According to some observers, the number of words have an important effect on the position in the search results of search engines.

If aiming for a high keyword competition, then you should make a post with a minimum length of 1,500 words. In terms of people and search engines, the number of the word is enough to give more detailed explanations of keywords or topics covered. In other words, your post is rich in meaning or benefit.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program and Make Money


One of the most promising online business types today is the affiliate marketing business.

Talk about online business affiliate, have you know what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of offering other people’s products to earn commissions.

In short, in the affiliate business online, you will be paid when successfully sell other people’s products, in this case is a seller product (seller).

How to start an online business affiliate marketing, especially for overseas markets such as Amazon or Clickbank actually bother easy, hard if we do not really understand English but it will be a little easier if we already have good English skills.

Although it should be recognized that in starting an online business affiliate marketing is not just a matter of English ability, more than that we also need to learn internet marketing is good.

In addition to affiliate marketing, of course there are many other types of online business, more you can read and learn in the following article kind of Online Business Type.

Through this article I would like to try to share a complete guide for friends who want to learn how to start an online affiliate marketing business both for local markets such as Toms and Jerry 😀 as well as international markets such as Amazon and Clickbank.

Affiliate Marketing Business in Amazon
We start first from Amazon, why Amazon? Because Amazon is one of the best marketplace to start an online business affiliate with the number of sellers very much and the commission given is quite large.

Immediately if you are interested to start affiliate marketing business in Amazon please do registration first, how can you see in the picture below.

1. Go to the official site

amazon website

Then click on the ‘Join Now for Free’ button to start your registration as an affiliate on the Amazon site.

2. Enter your email in the field of my email address

register amazon affiliate

Because we want to create a new Amazon Affiliate account, then do not forget to click or mark the option ‘I am a new customer’.

3. Fill in all requested data

filling amazon affiliate details

Please fill in the name and password that you will later use to log into your Amazon Affiliate account.

4. Enter details about yourself

signup to amazon network

As if to create a new ID, you will be asked to enter various information regarding your personal data. After all filled click Next.

5. Enter details about your website
At this stage we are required to fill all the data related to the website, ranging from the name of the website, niche website to how we bring visitors to the website, the content only with the truth.

6. Verify Amazon Affiliate Account
The next step is verification, we need at least 1 mobile phone to complete the verification process of Amazon Affiliate account registration.

After all the process is complete, then we will get 1 amazon account that is ready to be used to start running online affiliate marketing business.

The first thing you should do if you want to succeed in running an online affiliate business on amazon is determine the product.

Fortunately, in the Amazon has been provided Top Rated feature is a special page that holds items or goods that have good quality at affordable prices.

Another feature that is not less interesting than Amazon is Today Deals. As the name implies, this page contains Amazon products that are being discounted on a large scale.

After successfully determining the product to be sold, then you need to promote the product, how or tips promote the product I will in next article.

How to Join ClickBank and Make Money

OGAds – CPA Network Reviews


About OGAds

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Mobile Rewards

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Responsive Design

Mobile Rewards is mobile responsive. It looks great on both mobile phones and tablets!

Earn Money

You decide how many points you want to give the user for each offer.

Total Control

Mobile Rewards provides advanced features for rewarding and notifying your users.

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AdCombo – CPA Network Reviews


AdCombo.com Description

We are AdCombo – a CPA Affiliate Network to monetize your traffic. It’s your final destination in the CPA world because.

We perform a new model of leads – Cash on Delivery. Conversion takes place when one completes the purchase via phone. This model is the most effective way for publishers to monetize their traffic.

The conversion rates and real EPC are extremely high. All because user pays only when receiving the product.

We only work with direct offers. And we have HUNDREDS of exclusive and premium ones! Most of advertisers are our long-time business partners, and no payment was missed since we’ve launched.

We offer a wide range of geos. We primarily work with tier-2 geos (Eastern Europe, South Asia and Latin America) as these countries may be characterized as low competitive and cheap on traffic.

AdCombo specializes in the WOW-products (for impulse buying).

We provide you with weekly payments with no holds set, and payment methods as Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Bank Wire Transfer. Minimal payment is: $50.

The types of traffic we accept: Display, Email, Social Media, PPC, Contextual, and InApp (either mobile or desktop). We deal with Adult traffic as well.

The platform of AdCombo is our in-house technology, that’s why we won’t lose a single click of your traffic.

Localized Funnels

Landings and pre-sale pages in more than 40 languages. Built-in interface for translation orders. Native speakers from 44 countries available 24/7.

In-House Platform

Real-time, reliable, user-friendly. Complete integration with most popular platforms. Not a click of traffic will be lost.

Weekly Payments

Payments every week without any annoying holds.

Payment Options

Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire.

How Your Videos Can Become a Search Engine’s Best Friend


How Your Videos Can Become a Search Engine’s Best Friend

Videos are becoming increasingly more popular every year. No longer just a niche feature, videos keep gaining momentum among businesses and marketers.

Who view them as key tools in catching the consumers’ attention and making the products or brand known. Videos are being used extensively for promotion on social media (Facebook and Twitter) but also in email campaigns, where the recipient is far more likely to watch a one-minute clip than read one paragraph of text.

Image Source : PixaBay

Videos are effective and convenient for the user. They are entertaining, accurate, succinct and fact-filled. Studies have shown that the vast majority of users prefer to watch a video with instructions in order to solve a product issue rather than call the support services on the phone.

As a result, the conversion rate among users who watch a video is impressive.

For businesses, this is a win-win situation. Their consumers not only convert but they are also inclined to share the video with their friends, family and colleagues. The largest portion of users, 76%, share a video if they find it entertaining, while more than half of users, 65%, share a video if they find it informational.

We consume branded videos on a daily basis. They are cleverly incorporated in emails, webpages, and social media. With industry mammoths such as YouTube and Facebook at their disposal, businesses have solid platforms. Where to present or introduce their products, tell the story of their brand, offer support for product-related problems or simply upload an entertaining video for huge audiences. More users are watching videos on their smartphones than ever before.

Also, Internet Marketers can now easily reach their customers whether these are on the go, at work, at school or on holiday anywhere in the world.

Videos don’t require as much concentration as reading a text. This is why the latter is losing in the favor of the former. Our brains have the ability to process videos much faster than reading a text. Another explanation for the success of videos is that users are more impressed and touched by something they see in a video rather than by something they read.

So, how can marketers fully take advantage of this trend to boost views and ultimately increase conversions?

*. Closed captions

These have the ability to significantly increase views in a short time. What is more, Google indexes closed captions, which means the videos have better chances to rank high in searches.

Closed captions are useful for thousands of viewers. Not only hearing-impaired customers use closed captions. These are also used by users who couldn’t listen to the audio otherwise, for instance people on a bus, in a library or at the office.

*. Transcripts

Like closed captions, transcripts also are indexed by Google, which helps the video gain more organic traffic.

Transcriptions are extremely useful for students who need an easy guide or for writers who need direct quotes.

This type of video support is also beneficial for people with hearing disabilities.

*. Subtitles

These can improve SEO and also have a plethora of advantages for the viewers. Subtitles help non-natives fully grasp the audio. They also enable consumers to watch video anywhere and anytime whether they’re in the library or in a noisy crowd.

Facebook videos with subtitles perform better and can boost views by 80%. As a bonus, subtitles enable viewers to remember the video easier.

4 Best SEO Practices To Follow For Getting Effective On-Page Optimization Results

Guest Post By: Sofia Lemon

There are many who would like to carry out optimization of their web page or website, but probably could be of the wrong opinion that it is complicated. But the truth is just the opposite.

Several SEO providers do exist in the market who have been in the domain for a long time and have worked on the SEO aspects of different types of companies, providing them with the best online results.

The reputed providers, offering professional seo services India Outsourcetechnologies, are known to follow consistently appropriate SEO site design. They offer optimized pages, which can position the client’s site with a greater advantage against the majority of the sites that the business is competing with. Basically, a good and functional SEO is said to comprise of two major components, which are:

1: On Page
They are the things that the entrepreneur can control on his own like the site home page, every post/page of the site.

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2: Off Page
It relates to the authority level and a number of other sites that are linked back to the site.

Perhaps, let discuss about the four major seo techniques you probably needs to increase your brand…

Know The Top Five Best SEO Practices

1. Incorporate Target Keyword Phrase Into The Domain Name URL

The domain name URL, within the perfect world, is likely to incorporate the target keyword phrase. It offers distinct benefit to get the site to better rankings for the targeted keyword phrase. If the target keyword phrase, for instance is “piano tuning”, then selecting a domain name like “pianotuningservice.com” is likely to give the business a significant advantage. Almost all the best .com (dotcom) names have been taken.

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However, with some creativity, it is possible to identify a wonderful name to incorporate with the target keyword phrase.

2. Include Optimized Title Meta Tags

The title tag is undoubtedly the most crucial element on the page. It is said to be maintained within 70 characters.

The title is not to be stuffed with keywords but have the most vital keyword phrase incorporated into the page. Hence, “Guitar Tuning: Best Guitar Tuning online service” can be a great title. Another important to understand with regards to the title tag is to prevent repetition of similar title, which is to be from one page to the other, within the site.

Every post or page on the site is to use different title and optimized for related or different keywords.

3. Include Optimized Description Meta Tags

It is within 160 characters that the description is to be kept. It needs to incorporate the title into the description. Besides having call to action or compelling reason for making people to visit the site. Since description meta tag forms part of search engine results that are displayed back to visitors having placed search phrase, typically, it is the description, which will determine if the person has clicked or not through the site.

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4. Make Use of H1 & H2 Heading Tags

Trying to incorporate heading tags in the web page content does help to reinforce the search engines to know what the page content is all about.

They are used for formatting the page content as heading, instead of regular text. Moreover, the search engines try to find the H1 tag for reinforcing to know what this page is all about.

Besides this, the H1 tag is to be used on the page just once and is to incorporate the primary targeted keyword phrase.

It is more than once that H2 tag could be used. It needs to be placed on the page after h1 tag. It also needs to incorporate the targeted keyword phrase in single or more than one.

NB: It will be wise to hire the best seo services in India who will follow the above ethical practices and offer the desired results.

Sudden Drop in Website Traffic: 5 Cause and Tips to Overcome It


Much like a business, site visitors / blog traffic now and again turns up and down. But if blog visitors drops dramatically, this is a horrific signal and have to be addressed without delay.

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How to deal with blog site visitors that drops exactly is to realize the reason. In case you are stressed in finding the cause of your blog traffic down appreciably, Maybe the subsequent commonplace purpose is one in every of them bellow.

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No. 1: Too Much Changing Blog Theme/Templates

Changing templates too often turns out to have a negative impact on SEO and blog traffic, especially when the replacement of the template is not done carefully.

Changing In Blog Design: What to Do?

Choose an SEO friendly and responsive blog template. Do a preview first before changing the template, if it has been in accordance with your wishes then change the template. Make sure the meta tags like meta keywords, meta description, etc. are included in the new template. Once installed do google fetch as google in Google Webmaster Tool so spider bot Google can instantly crawl your blog.

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No. 2: Seasonal Theme

Traffic blogs that carry the seasonal theme often dropped dramatically when the topic of the blog page will no longer be a trend. Blogs that usually have seasonal watchers are personal blogs or news blogs. For example a blog about a reality show on TV, or blog about the election.

Seasonal Themes Blog: What to do?

Choosing a niche blog that is long term or not seasonal, for example about tips or turorial. Niche/long-term blog themes will make the visitor”s arrival is independent of the season.

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If you still want to create a seasonal blog, then try to post more articles.

No. 3: Poor Content Quality

Blogs that have content of origin so will not be liked by readers and search engines. Search engines like Google have many indicators to judge the quality or notability of the content.

Quality Of Content: What to do?

Create quality content. The characteristics of quality content include the content they are useful, easy to read and understand, unique, not the result of plagiarism (copy paste).

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No. 5: The Level of Competition Increases

The more bloggers who review the same topic will make the competition on the topic increasing and may shift the position of your blog on search engines and this causes blog traffic to drop dramatically.

Drastic Drop Because Lost In Competition: What to do?

Post more quality articles and update regularly. Expand quality backlinks. Increase your blog”s popularity on social media. Over-Optimizing Doing SEO techniques can indeed improve the position of our blog in search engines, but if done excessively it will result in a decrease in blog traffic.

Lastly, How To Overcome Blog Traffic Dropped Because Of Optimization?

Perform reasonable optimization with the number of natural and relevant backlinks.

Tapgerine CPA Network Reviews – How to Make Money With TapGerine.com


Tapgerine cpa
Tapgerine cpa network program reviews – scam or legit cpa network?

Tapgerine is an international mobile ad tech company for publishers to monetize mobile traffic. Our aim is to create the most effective platform for monetizing and buying mobile traffic.

Since its establishment in 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Tapgerine has cooperated with mobile developers and ad networks, built a reputation of a trusted company with engaged dedicated account managers.

Tapgerine works on CPI & CPA basis supplying both incent and non-incent campaigns for iOS and Android. The platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources to ensure the necessary outreach and ROI.

The benefits offered by Tapgerine include:

• Top campaigns with highest payouts from over 200 countries

• Dedicated affiliate managers with 24/7 support

• In-house real-time platform

• Variety of Payment Methods (Paypal, Wire Transfer, Epayments, ACH)

• 2000+ TOP performing offers

• Exclusive promotional creatives

• Direct Offers in all verticals (Gaming, Dating, Adult, Social, Utilities, Gambling)

• Best Coverage in Tier 1 countries!

Tapgerine Info

Payment Terms: Bi-weekly, Monthly, Weekly
Payment Methods: ePayments, Paypal, Wire
Offer Types:Casino, Dating, Ecomm erce, Games, Travel, Utilities
Commission Types: CPA, CPI

Join TapGerine Network

Instagram vs Facebook : Which is Best for Your Brand?


facebook vs instagram

Currently social media is not only used as a medium for socializing, seeking entertainment and information sharing, but also serve as a venue to open a business venue. The large number of social media users from various circles of society, is one reason why many business people are starting to use social media as an online promotion media.

Not only is considered easier and practical, it turns out that online promotion in social media is also more interesting. Many free and paid features that can be used to capture the interest of social media users. This is what makes social media increasingly popular and began switching functionality to become an online merchant of entrepreneurs.

    7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Of the many social media that exists today, Facebook and Instagram is the two most prominent and most effective social media to be utilized as an online promotional media. This could be because the number of registered users and daily users in both social media is more than other social media accounts.

Approximately, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two social media? Before you follow the campaign online, you should first read the comparison between the two.

Advantages and Disadvantages Facebook and Instagram Features

Facebook Features:

#1 – Image
Although upload image has been widely applied in many social media, but the advantages of upload image by facebook is image quality that will not change. So the detail image on the product will look more clear, and of course from the side of this consumer will be more satisfying because consumers can see the product quality only from the image and facilitate them in making purchasing decisions.

    SEO vs. Facebook Ads – What”s Better?

Disadvantages of the image upload feature on facebook is to edit their own photos to be uploaded with the device or other software, Editorial photos that can be given by facebook is just a picture (cut image) and picture (marking the image).

#2 – Video
This feature was initially not used much in facebook however, it is now often used because of the increasingly tight and tighter online business competition that demands many creative promotional strategies in introducing and selling products.
The advantages of uploading videos from facebook just like the image is the quality of the video will not change, even there is no limit duration on facebook because of the capacity that facebook have greater than other social media. The drawback is you have to edit through another app if you want to give effect to the uploaded video.

    How to Create Facebook Ads: (13 Beginner”s Guide)

#3 – Fanpage
It can be said fanpage is the best feature offered by Facebook to you who want to open an online business. Creating this fanpage account is quite easy, one of the conditions is must have a personal account on Facebook first and then can make this fanpage account.
The advantages of this fanpage for business is you can be free to update the product without fear mixed with personal content and of course facilitate the prospective consumers in knowing information about your product. There are several other advantages in this fanpage account that is;

    #3.1. The number of fans is unlimited.
    #3.2. Can be indexed by search engines
    #3.3. Free tags
    #3.4. Appears on newsfeed buyer
    How to Advertise Products On Facebook Without Spending a Dime

And most important is the view offered by fanpage gives the impression of a professional that allows you to gain the trust of potential customers.

Instagram Features

#1 – Editorial Image
Instagram is the first social media that uses images as the main content, therefore instagram has a variety of unique and funny effects and filtration that can be applied to the uploaded image. So you do not have to bother anymore using other applications to edit the photos to be uploaded.

    5 Highly Effective Ways to Promote a Product Without Website

The weakness of instagram is that images can not be saved (downloaded) and have to use other applications to download them. In addition, the quality of the images downloaded from instagram will decrease the quality, because instagram adjust its capacity on the use of the smartphone.

#2 – Video Editorial
As in the picture, instagram also has a variety of unique effects and filters that can be applied to the video to be uploaded otherwise it can cut (cut) the duration or the unwanted part of the live video on Instagram.

The downside of this video editorial also happens to the image, i.e the quality of the video will decrease when you want to download it. In addition, the maximum duration of the video can be uploaded only 1 minute.

    How to Create a Free Online Store Using Instagram

#3 – Hashtag
Just like a keyword on search engines, the functions of the hashtags on instagram are not much different from social media twitter, by using hashtag users can go directly to the topic you want to see or search. This Hashtag will certainly help you in promoting the product.

Simply include the most popular hashtags on captions of uploaded product images or create unique hashtags that are only owned by your product. Pinpointing the hashtag will speed up the process of disseminating information about the product.

#4 – Instastory
The latest features of this instagram offer additional features in image or video editing. Like put stickers or additional text on content that is uploaded either images or video. But the disadvantage of this feature is that the uploaded content will disappear within 24 hours and the maximum uploaded duration is only 10 seconds.

5 Ways to Improve Your Internet Marketing Efficiency


internet marketing efficiency
The Internet has the potential to market your company brand to be great. Building and maintaining your business brand online is now easier to implement today.

But surely the competition becomes a stumbling block in every market competition. Especially with the dense information circulating on the internet, people now have control over what they see.

    What is Internet Marketing? (Beginner”s Guide)

An example of the highly structured distribution of information over the Internet is the Google AdSense ads, which are highly subjective in targeting ads directly on the product market itself, but in fact I think the results tend to be the same.

On the other hand, marketing products and services online directly to potential customers is now becoming more difficult, especially strict SEO rules and new rules in Google Policy that require us to put an ad on Google Adsense if it wants to be emblazoned on the first page of search engines.

Especially if our website does not have a lot of content because the company policy in limiting the public content space.

I am not explaining what media is suitable for use, but I will describe more to the plans and targets in financial efficiency in online marketing.

Target Specific Markets

Your marketing strategy will never work if you do not choose the right market. For that, before doing a marketing strategy, set your target market first.

There are times when we have to pay a third party to determine the right keywords and targets.

However, in fact it is not difficult. If you really know your product, you are definitely able to determine your own target market, even before your business plan is created.

Examples of questions that may arise are like;

    *. Who is most interested in your products and services?

    *. Male or female?

    *. What age range are they in?

    *. What is their financial condition?

    *. And others.

Once you get the specific profile of your customers, determine how and where you can find them.

    Top Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Yes, this process takes time. Sometimes you will find the right pattern after the annual size in your website marketing process.

But the sooner, the better. Do not let your money go out to potential customers who are not on the market specifications that you specified earlier.

Define Your Achievements

Decide what you want from this online marketing process.

Increased corporate turnover? Or is your product or service recognized by the public?

While you may have some desired target achievement, but keep an eye on your target so you can measure your success.

When you reach your initial target for example, create a new target so your company can continue to grow.

Market the Company Name

Elevate company value, leave your competitors.

Psychologically, a well-known brand company will be trusted and has a higher selling value than a less recognizable product.

There are thousands of companies who want to sell their products on the internet. And you should be able to make your brand hard to forget. Of course this is not an easy matter.

But there are several ways, such as on your website domain name selection, choose which is really your company name if you can. In fact you should think again if there is a domain name similar to the domain you choose, especially if the domain is your competitors.

How you want your brand to appear in the eyes of your customers, it all comes back to you. However, when you find an effective way over time, defend the method. Having a professional website and extensive social media network will help you immensely.

But you should also continue to market your products and services to potential customers who have not even heard of your company.

Marketing in this way is very manual once so it does not require significant cost.

Search Engine Optimization

As I explained earlier, the policies of Google on the one hand make healthy competition, but will have a detrimental effect for websites that do not have great content due to company policy. But if you do not have these obstacles, search engine optimization through off-site and on-site will greatly affect your website”s trafficking. Surely you want your company to appear on the first page of search engines is not it? Same, I also so 😀

Let stop here!

What Is The Internet Marketing Business Actually? – How Does Online Marketing Works


internet marketing
Perhaps during our understanding of internet marketing it is selling via the internet. Actually it is not wrong because if viewed from the definition, internet marketing it is marketing online via internet. However, if we already talk marketing, it means not only sales but also including promotions, branding, and build relationships with customers (customer service) is done online.

Then, what”s the point of us doing internet marketing (online marketing)? Obviously every businessman, whether offline business owners or online business owners, would want to increase their sales results or want to make their brand more famous again. Well, the internet is one of the excellent media to provide information to internet users (netter) about their business, and also as a medium to sell their products.

In order to facilitate us to better understand about internet marketing, I will try to explain in a more simple way and provide some examples of forms of internet marketing commonly done by the internet marketers. Forms internet marketing that we can divide into 2 parts, namely as Source of Income, and Way of Promotion. What is done in internet marketing is actually only two of it, but the type of business is very much.

Here is a simpler explanation of internet marketing.

I. Internet Marketing For Sources of Income (Source of Income)

Currently, the Internet has become one of the lifestyle of people, especially for those who have gadgets with the latest technologies such as, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Look around you, almost everyone already has a smartphone, even carpenters already have a BlackBerry in order to be able to directly promote dummy merchandise. Live Broad Cast, his promotion to his customers who also have a BlackBerry, his dad sells hehehe hard.

Running internet marketing to earn money can be done with several types of business, including PPC (Pay Per Click), PPS (Pay Per Sale), PPL (Pay Per Lead), sell their own products, and online auction business.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click)
PPC (Pay Per Click) program is mostly done by website owners, blogs to earn revenue from their site. Income earned from this PPC program is derived from clicks made by visitors, visitors who are interested in an ad on the site. The publisher or owner of the site will be paid per click made by the visitor of the site, where the price per click is pre-determined by Advertiser, the advertiser. The amount of earnings depends on the number of clicks on the ads and also the price of clicks that are bid by the Advertiser.

Some companies that offer PPC programs include:
– Google Adsense
– Bidvertiser
– Chitika
– Infolinks

2. PPS (Pay Per Sale)
From the name alone we may be able to understand about this program. We will be paid every time a purchase of products originating from our affiliate link. The amount of income is very dependent on the number of goods sold, and also the percentage rate of the commission from the owner of the goods.

Companies that offer PPS programs include:
– Amazon.com
– Clickbank.com

3. PPL (Pay Per Lead)
This is an affiliate program where the seller, the vendor will give you a commission every time we successfully send leads to the vendor, vendor. For example we are directing visitor to register on email newsletter, free trial, or fill out the form, through our affiliate link.

One company that offers PPL programs are:

4. Selling Your Own Products or Other Products
Right now, selling something over the internet is not something extraordinary. We can sell anything via the internet whether it”s a physical or digital-shaped product. In addition, our offline business can also be marketed via the internet. For example we have a business selling fried onions, just selling via the internet, there must be buy. In addition to selling their own products, we can also earn money by selling other people”s products, be they physical products or digital products. One of the internet marketing process by selling other people”s products is by becoming a reseller or dropshipper product of others. So also with the digital products, we can become an affiliate marketer for a product sold by others.

5. Auction (Online Auction)
On the internet there is also a place to sell something ours or someone else”s property that we help sell, by way of auction. Surely this can be profitable because we can sell our goods to people who bid with the highest price.

A well known company that provides online auction facilities.
*. EBay.com
*. Flippa.com

II. Internet Marketing For Online Promotion (Traffic Generation)

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, online promotion is one form of internet marketing. No matter what product or business to promote, the internet is one of the most effective medium to build brand and make our business website known to many people.

There are many ways to promote business through internet media, such as through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), through PPC Advertising (PPC Advertising), Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

1. PPC Advertising (PPC Ads)
Unlike the PPC program for publishers, this PPC Ads program is intended for advertisers who want to promote their business. In this case we as an advertiser must spend money for the PPC Ads organizer company to display our ads on the network of their publisher sites. Of course we can set the price of advertising in accordance with the existing budget.

Some companies offering this program are.
*. Google Adwords
*. Yahoo Advertising
*. MSN Advertising Center

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is a form of online promotion that I like very much because it”s free. However, SEO requires a special skill, requiring a process with a short time. That is why there are many website owners who are willing to spend money to hire SEO services to make their business site entered in the main page of search engine search results.

3. Email Marketing
As the name implies, email marketing is the process of marketing a product or service by using email as a tool. Email marketing is also a variety of types, there are direct email, email retention, and advertise in other people”s email. Marketing via email is usually very effective because the promotion or sales letter can be directly sent to the owner of the email account.

Important note to remember is we can not do SPAM because it will disturb others, and of course will harm our own because the owner of email can make unscribe or enter our email into SPAMMER list.

4. Mobile Advertising
Mobile advertising is, advertising services through mobile devices. Smartphone users are already a lot, and usually their phones are taken wherever they go. This is what makes mobile advertising very effective for business promotion media. Some models of mobile ads are through SMS, MMS, Banner Ads, Games, and others.

5. Social Media Marketing
Just as with SEO, online promotion by using social media can be done for free. As we know, users of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube, the number is very much. And this is a very effective promotional media to market any product via the internet.

6. Marketing Through Forums
There are now a lot of forums created specifically to discuss certain topics. An example is warriorplus. The forum addresses topics ranging from politics, business, national, and more. One of the sub forums in warriorforum is special for online merchants who want to market their products through warriorforum. In addition to warriorforum, there are still some more forums that can be used as an online marketing medium, will be discussed in another article.

So a little explanation of what it is internet marketing, and the media that can be utilized for online marketing. There are many ways to do internet marketing, but we do not need to do it all because not all marketing methods can work we do. Therefore, choose only some that are effective and suitable to make money online or marketing products that want to be promoted. Thank you for reading my article, hope this helps a little.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business


domain  name

How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Business

You as an online businessman or a professional blogger, having a site with a unique domain is something you want to be your identity and your site. A lot of online discussions that discuss about how to choose and buy a good domain for a site.

But wait, what is the domain understanding? Below is a sense of domain according to Wikipedia.

Seems, that is a nice introduction of what domain name is all about.

Choosing a Domain Name For a Personal Website or For Your Business

1. Domain As Your Name or Business

Choose a domain name that matches your name or your business.

If you create a website, blog for promotional purposes or sell products, services – for example selling perfume products, it would be better if you choose a domain name associated with the perfume. Examples, such as creating a website, blog for promotion or selling original perfume, then you should choose a domain; Perfumoriginal.com – dailyperfume.com – perfumemakesbeauty.com – and others. We recommend that you do keyword research first before choosing a domain name, try to make your domain contains your business keywords, have a lot of searches on search engines, and the competition is not too difficult. Use Google Adwords help, Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner to help you find the right keywords for your domain name.

Secondly, When you create a website, personal blog, then you should use your name or your nickname as a domain, for example {Karl}Expert.com.

2. Choose an Easy to Remember Domain Name

Use a domain that is easy to say, understand, and remember. When you tell someone your domain name is verbally – for example by phone, a domain that is too long or difficult to understand will be difficult to remember or even to confuse others.

3. Using Top Level Domain (TLD)

You should use a TLD (Top Level Domain) extension dot com for your domain name. TLD .com is the most easily remembered domain exetence. For example when there is a domain with the same word. for example: “the original perfume” usually people will try to open the site dot com extension first. To check the availability of domain names, you can use the help of this site www.domainsbot.com.

4. Avoid Bad Domain Name

Never use a domain name with ADULT, N*DE or PORN because this will have a bad impact on your site and of course your own image. Search engines like google are usually keyword-oriented, if your domain contains ADULT-speaking words, this can result in your site being reject by search engines, which will ultimately impact the number of visitors to your site.

5. Avoid Adding Character In Domain

Whenever possible, avoid adding unnecessary words or characters to your domain. For example the use of minus signs, numbers, or additional letters, this can affect the SEO power of a site. But if it should be forced to add characters to the domain, then you should use the minus sign (-), its more highly recommended.

6. Do not Use Other Company Trade Marks

Do not buy a domain name that is already a trademark, for example: amazon.com, do not ever think of buying a domain similar to that domain because you will most likely be sued by the trademark owner company.

7. Buy Domain From Trusted Registrar

Buy a domain only from a trusted registrar at an affordable price. One of the domain registrars that I often recommend are namecheap and godaddy, in addition to the cheap price is also very profitable facilities. Namecheap offers standard domain price of about $ 9.98 per domain per year will be cheaper if you have a discount coupon while godaddy often sell domain starting at $1 for the first year. In addition they also provide whois guard facility for free (only in the first year), while at other registrar will usually be charged. For local services, there are some registrars that I recommend, including:

DomainKing.ng / Garanntor.ng (Nigeria)
Niagahoster.co.id / Jagoanhosting.com (Indonesia)
Bluehost.in / Domainindia.com (India)

You can also search more using google

After reading this article, hopefully you can find a domain that matches the blog or website that you will build. If any feedback and questions please send your comments!

7+ Creative and Effective Ways to Make Money on Youtube


Youtube is a free site from Google that presents videos. Today Youtube has become one of the most promising business fields. This is evidenced by the number of successful Youtuber. How to get money from Youtube is actually not difficult but it takes hard work and consistency for Youtube users. The successful Youtuber can be one example for you who want to wrestle the world of Youtube. Youtuber takes a long time to earn a big income.

Success Tips How To Make Money From Youtube

How to earn money from Youtube is not just by uploading videos but also showing ads from Google Adsense. This ad is one of the main money makers in Youtube videos. Well, for those of you who want to make money from Youtube or want to join a Youtubers, must know how to become a successful Youtuber tips and can make a lot of money. Here are tips to become a successful Youtuber:

1. Separate Youtube account with blog account.
This needs to be done for those of you who have blogs. Youtube account separation and blog account is the most effective way to earn money from Youtube. This separation of email will make it easier for you to manage your Youtube account and earn money from Youtube. To create an account on Youtube is very easy, that is you can register by using email address. Make sure if the email address you use is an active email address.

    Youtube Guide | A-z Youtube Vlogging Tips to Make Money Quick

    Youtube video grab, youtube vlogging guide and tips..

2. Upload as many videos as possible.
Tips on how to get money from Youtube next is to upload as many videos. Video uploaded is not a video, this is because the uploaded video must be original video made by itself. You can create this original video by recording it yourself or by using the slide method using photos. The videos created should also contain interesting things that can lure many viewers. This is because Youtube earnings per view larger.

As already explained video uploaded must be the original video so that it can make money from Youtube. Videos uploaded for money from youtube also can not contain copyright and violence. Also, avoid creating videos that contain the copyrights of others. Let”s say you include images or music that have copyright protected. If you do this then you can not make money from Youtube.

3. Choose the right time when associating ads with Youtube.
How to earn money from Youtube is to install ads from Google Adsense. Yet many Youtubers fail to get much from Google Adsense. This is because they do not choose the right time when advertising. In order for money earned from Adsense more, then you must choose the right time in advertising. Before placing ads with Adsense, then you should upload as many videos as possible then view the viewer of every video you have uploaded on Youtube.

To install Adsense or ads on your Youtube videos then you need to upload at least 3 videos. Once there are 3 videos, then you can join Google Adsense and put an ad on your video. In addition, for the money generated from Adsense is a lot then you also have to choose the right time on the video to put an ad. Make sure that the ads you”re installing also do not interfere with the video. How to earn money from Youtube with Adsense is very effective.

4. Select a timeless topic on the created video.
How to get money from Youtube with a lot of money is to create a video that has a timeless topic. What is meant by timeless topics is topics that will not be stale or will not always be sought. One easy topic that can make your video always sought is video tutorials that are related to everyday life. In addition, music video arrangements can also be selected as the topic of your Youtube video.

This enduring topic will certainly continue to be searched by Youtube users, so your video will continue to be seen and have many viewers. If the video can make money then you just take money from Youtube. How to take money from Youtube does not need to come outs from Google, this is because every income earned by Youtuber will be transferred directly to the account entered at the time of registering as a member of Adsense Program.

5. Video title must contain well-known keywords.
One way to make money on youtube in large quantities is to provide a title that contains the famous keywords. If you”ve uploaded a lot of videos but still can not generate, then you need to change the title of the video you upload. The title of a video must contain well-known popular keywords. By using titles containing these well-known keywords, your video chances will be seen by more people.

6. Create a video with quality content and search for subcriber.
The quality of video content is also one of the easiest ways to make money from Youtube. One of the things that make you can earn money from Youtube is by installing Google Adsense. Although you already put an ad from Google Adsense but you can not earn money, this is because the number of viewers and your subcriber a little because the video content is less qualified. Therefore, in uploading videos on Youtube to make money then you must make a quality video.

With good quality video it will be easier for you to find viewers and subcriber. In addition, you also need to know how to create an Adsense account in order to install an ad if your video already has many viewers. The number of subcriber and viewer also affect the amount of your earnings in how to make money via youtube. Therefore, look for as many subcriber as possible to increase your income from Youtube.

7. Optimize the video.
How much money do you get from Youtube if you install Adsense and get lots of subcriber and viewer? Of course the number can not be ascertained, the more viewers and subcriber you will be the more your income. To get optimal revenue, you must also optimize the uploaded videos. This optimization is the number and quality of uploaded videos.

How to earn money from Youtube does look easy, but for those of you who want a big income from Youtube must have consistency in uploading video. In addition, uploaded videos must also have good quality. This is because with quality video, then your video will see more and you can make more money from Youtube.

How to Build Your Instagram Marketing Brand?



Having millions of followers and harvesting thousands like every day on instagram like the world celebrities would be the pride of almost everyone. Yup, as we know, now social media which is a photo sharing network not only in among young people but also began to penetrate the business actors.

In addition to being accessible for free, easy access via the internet smartphone helps businesses to use instagram as a very effective promotional media.

    SEO vs. Facebook Ads – What”s Better?

But unfortunately, not many business actors know how to optimize sales via instagram. Most of them just the origin of posting product photos, so that the stall sales of desert follower or like from consumers.

Well, so this does not happen to your shop. Try to follow 10 easy ways to manage brands on instagram.

1. Complete Your Profile With Clear Descriptions
Give a little explanation about the brand or business that you run. Since the description in the Instagram profile is short enough, you can specify the address, contact number, and for your most important sale do not lock your account.

    How to Create a Free Online Store Using Instagram

Although private account will help you get additional number of follower, but apparently not a few of consumers who eventually reluctant to make transactions after seeing your sales account locked.

2. Active Interact With Followers
How often your rinteraks with followers turned out to be a consideration of potential customers to make a purchase in your lapak. As much as possible, answer the comments on your instagram account and give the best response so they are also loyal to your sales stall.

3. Keep Promotion Politely
Quite way of promotion in instagram quite easy, just by posting photos to your account profile, But posting 10x per day will only make people choose unfollow your instagram account. Find the right time so you do not interfere with your timeline followers, and the important thing is to remember that promotion is not always a matter of spamming.

4. Do not Hesitate To Share
Occasionally give something valuable to increase your followers loyalty, Can just hold a promo or event that is happening, can also share info or tips about the field of business that you run. For example you are selling food, once in a while you can educate your followers how to make a healthy snack and practical, and so forth.

    How to Create Facebook Ads: (13 Beginner”s Guide)

5. Photo is visual language
Before posting a product photo on instagram, make sure to choose an adequate photo, because the picture you share represents the quality of the product you are offering. If your photo display is blurry or dark, your customers are lazy to see the postings of products you share to instagram.

6. Focus on one business area
Consumer confidence in Instagram is not only seen from every picture you post, but also from all your posts in your profile account. Just imagine, you follow an online food store account that suddenly sells women”s fashion products. Surely you will be confused, actually the food products that once posted what is still sold or have turned to the fashion business?

7. Separate your sales account with your personal story
Never mix your business and personal stories. Likewise when you sell on instagram, do not too often post photos of lovers, children, family or photo selfie that have nothing to do with your product sales. Can photos of your product sank with photos of your personal story.

8. Avoid Irrelevant Hashtags
Not that it”s okay, but the hashtag is too much even sometimes not relevant to the photo post it will only increase the number of fake followers in your account. Relevant Hashtags will help your sales photos easily searchable for consumers, but avoid irrelevant hashtags like #followforfollow #likesforlikes even if you are following a free promo event on instagram.

Search Engine Optimization

As I explained earlier, the policies of Google on the one hand make healthy competition, but will have a detrimental effect for websites that do not have great content due to company policy. But if you do not have these obstacles, search engine optimization through off-site and on-site will greatly affect your website”s trafficking. Surely you want your company to appear on the first page of search engines is not it? Same, I also so 😀

Let stop here!